We have numerous  digital materials available to you through your library card. See below for details about our wide-ranging eResource portfolio.

eBooks, Magazines, & Comics

Borrowing a bestseller, the newest issue of your favorite magazine, or even a comic book from the library has never been so easy.

Click here to learn about your options for enjoying these  materials on your computer and smart devices.

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eAudiobooks & Music

For our audio loving community members, we have the goods for you too. Today’s bestselling books and top music hits are included amongst what is there for the downloading.

Check out our great digital audio platforms here.

eLearning, Research & Personal Interests

Whether it’s academic, professional, or for personal growth, we have plenty of eResources to offer that can expand your knowledge and skillset. There are even tutors available free of charge.

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eReference & Databases

We have over 75 databases at your fingertips provided by Northern Tier Library and the Allegheny County Library Association. From newspapers to career help resources, from business insights to health and medical information, from legal forms to delving further into your hobby, our online reference and database collection almost certainly has what you need. Just go to to browse what’s there for you.