Memorials & Honor Giving

Honor or memorialize a loved one, friend, family member, business associate, or group dear to your heart with a contribution to the library. Gifts in any amount are welcome and with each gift, acknowledgement cards are sent to family and respective parties.

Memorial or Honor Book Guidelines:

  • With a donation of $20 or more, you can establish a book memorial. As a lasting tribute, a bookplate is placed in the new book with the name of the honored person and the donor’s name.
  • Titles bought for memorial or honor donations are chosen according to the library’s collection needs, and if provided, your recommendation on the areas of interest that best reflect those being commemorated. 

To begin the memorial or honor book process, simply complete the form and return it to the library with your donation.


For more details, please call the library at 724-449-2665 ext. 25.


Memorial Form