New Children's & Young Adult Books – February 2024

Children's Books

Way Past Sorry     /   Adelman, Hallee

Small-Girl Toni and the Quest for Gold     /   Anatol, Giselle

Two-Headed Chicken: Beak to the Future     /   Angleberger, Tom

Love Like Chocolate     /   Banghart, Tracy

Just a Worm     /   Boyd, Marie

Bad Kitty Makes a Movie (Graphic Novel)     /   Bruel, Nick

Oh, Olive!     /   Cho, Lian

Fighting to Belong!     /   Chu, Amy

Doomsday Archives: The Wandering Hour     /   Clark, Zack Loran

Observologist     /   Clarkson, Giselle

Which Way to Anywhere     /   Cowell, Cressida

Just One More Sleep     /   Curtis, Jamie Lee

Birthday Bling     /   Daly, Catherine

School for Invisible Boys     /   David Hutchinson, Shaun

Brilliant Ms. Bangle     /   Devins, Cara

I Want to Be a Scientist     /   Driscoll, Laura

Looking for Peppermint     /   Eaton, Maxwell

Tasty: A History of Yummy Experiments     /   Elliott, Victoria Grace

A Unicorn, a Dinosaur, and a Shark Walk In     /   Fenske, Jonathan

Amazing Abe     /   Finkelstein, Norman H.

Strongheart     /   Fleming, Candace

Everywhere Beauty Is Harlem     /   Golio, Gary

Moon Remembers     /   Goodale, E. B.

One Sweet Song     /   Gopal, Jyoti Rajan

I’m Hungry!     /   Gravel, Elise

Investigators     /   Green, John Patrick

InvestiGators: Ants in Our P.A.N.T.S.     /   Green, John Patrick

InvestiGators: Off the Hook     /   Green, John Patrick

Investigators: Take the Plunge     /   Green, John Patrick

Can’t Get Enough Cat Stuff     /   Grunbaum, Mara

Where’s Waldo Now?     /   Handford, Martin

Where’s Waldo?     /   Handford, Martin

Where’s Waldo? Awesome Adventures     /   Handford, Martin

Where’s Waldo? in Hollywood     /   Handford, Martin

Where’s Waldo? the Fantastic Journey     /   Handford, Martin

Where’s Waldo? the Wonder Book     /   Handford, Martin

Where’s Waldo?: The Great Speed Search     /   Handford, Martin

History Comics: World War II     /   Hannigan, Kate

Remember     /   Harjo, Joy

Teeny-Weeny Unicorn     /   Harris, Shawn

Friends Are Fun     /   Henry, Steve

Amazing and True Story of Tooth Mouse Perez     /   Herreros, Ana Cristina

Fry Guys: Volume 1     /   Ho, Jannie

Lost Mitten     /   Ho, Jannie

Princess and the (Greedy) Pea     /   Hodgkinson, Leigh

In the Dark     /   Hoefler, Kate

Grand Idea     /   Hoyt, Megan

Warriors Box Set: Volumes 1 to 6     /   Hunter, Erin

Warriors: Power of Three Box Set     /   Hunter, Erin

Emma and the Love Spell     /   Ireland, Meredith

Cheeky Chick!     /   Jarman, Julia

Winterton Deception 1: Final Word     /   Johnson, Janet Sumner

Where’s Joon?     /   Kim, Julie

Coretta     /   King, Coretta Scott

Pedal, Balance, Steer: Annie Londonderry     /   Kirkfield, Vivian

Sixth Extinction     /   Kolbert, Elizabeth

Newbie Fairy     /   Korsh, Kate

Make Way: The Story of Robert McCloskey     /   Kunkel, Angela Burke

Wildful     /   Kurimoto, Kengo

Vaccine Is Like a Memory     /   Larocca, Rajani

100 Mighty Dragons All Named Broccoli     /   Larochelle, David

Butt or Face?     /   Lavelle, Kari

Mighty Muddy Us     /   Levis, Caron

Hidden Gem     /   Liu, Linda

Horse & Buggy on Wheels!     /   Long, Ethan

Drag and Rex 1: Forever Friends     /   Lubner, Susan

Mother of Sharks     /   Marquez, Melissa Cristina

Ketanji: Justice Jackson’s Journey     /   Magoon, Kekla

Climbing the Volcano: A Journey in Haiku     /   Manley, Curtis

Bing! Bang! Chugga! Beep!     /   Martin, Bill

I Spy A to Z: A Book of Picture Riddles     /   Marzollo, Jean

I Spy an Apple     /   Marzollo, Jean

I Spy an Egg in a Nest     /   Marzollo, Jean

I Spy Animals     /   Marzollo, Jean

I Spy Fantasy: A Book of Picture Riddles     /   Marzollo, Jean

I Spy Letters     /   Marzollo, Jean

I Spy Little Letters     /   Marzollo, Jean

I Spy Little Toys     /   Marzollo, Jean

I Spy Mystery: A Book of Picture Riddles     /   Marzollo, Jean

I Spy Numbers     /   Marzollo, Jean

I Spy: A Book of Picture Riddles     /   Marzollo, Jean

Code Red     /   McCullough, Joy

Go Forth and Tell     /   McDaniel, Breanna J.

This Book Will Make You an Artist     /   Millington, Ruth

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie     /   Numeroff, Laura Joffe

Copydog     /   Ohora, Zachariah

Cheera     /   Opal, Paola

Darwin’s Super-Pooping Worm Spectacular     /   Owen, Polly

Milo’s Monster     /   Percival, Tom

Lucky Duck     /   Pizzoli, Greg

Awesome Tales! (Lego City)     /   Random House

Fun-Tastic Tales (L.O.L. Surprise!)     /   Random House

Not the Worst Friend in the World     /   Rellihan, Anne

Boy Who Cried Poop!     /   Requena, Alessandra

Beautiful Noise: The Music of John Cage     /   Rogers, Lisa

Grandpa Is Here!     /   Rosie, Tanya

Kozo the Sparrow     /   Say, Allen

Cardboard Kingdom #3: Snow and Sorcery     /   Sell, Chad

Ten Little Rabbits     /   Sendak, Maurice

Pizza and Taco: Wrestling Mania!     /   Shaskan, Stephen

Repeat After Me     /   Simon, Jazmyn

Artivist     /   Smith, Nikkolas

Brave Irene: A Picture Book     /   Steig, William

Remembering Rosalind Franklin     /   Stone, Tanya Lee

Adventures in Cartooning: Characters     /   Sturm, James

Adventures in Cartooning: Create a World     /   Sturm, James

Copy That, Copy Cat!: Inventions Inspire     /   Tangen, Katrina

Cupig: The Valentine’s Day Pig     /   Tattersfield, Claire

Place Called America     /   Thermes, Jennifer

Not Quite a Ghost     /   Ursu, Anne

Circus Ship     /   Van Dusen, Chris

Down to the Sea with Mr. Magee     /   Van Dusen, Chris

Hattie and Hudson     /   Van Dusen, Chris

If I Built a Car     /   Van Dusen, Chris

If I Built a House     /   Van Dusen, Chris

Randy Riley’s Really Big Hit     /   Van Dusen, Chris

Milkweed for Monarchs     /   Van Zandt, Christine

Hello: How Nuwa Created the World     /   Wang, Viola

Unflappable     /   Ward, Matthew

Are You Big?     /   Willems, Mo

Busy Betty & the Circus Surprise     /   Witherspoon, Reese

Jawbreaker     /   Wyman, Christina

Just One Little Light     /   Yeh, Kat

Ramadan Kareem     /   Yuksel, M. O.

It’s Really Cold Outside     /   Ziefert, Harriet


Young Adult Books

Dungeons and Drama     /   Boyce, Kristy

Red     /   Cardi, Annie

Artifacts of an Ex     /   Chen, Jennifer

Gorgeous Gruesome Faces     /   Cheng, Linda

Night Hunt     /   Christo, Alexandra

Fake Famous     /   Davis, Dana L.

Tag, You’re Dead     /   Foxfield, Kathryn

Hills of Estrella Roja     /   Franklin, Ashley Robin

Dark Fable     /   Harbour, Katherine

Only She Came Back     /   Harrison, Margot

Shut Up, This Is Serious     /   Ixta, Carolina

Catfish Rolling     /   Kumagai, Clara

Getaway List     /   Lord, Emma

Fall of Whit Rivera     /   Maldonado, Crystal

Just Say Yes     /   Moldavsky, Goldy

Rick Riordan Presents: A Drop of Venom     /   Patel, Sajni

Emmett     /   Rosen, L. C.

Fragile Enchantment     /   Saft, Allison

Her Dark Wings     /   Salisbury, Melinda

Give Me a Sign     /   Sortino, Anna

Didn’t See That Coming     /   Sutanto, Jesse Q.

Invocations     /   Sutherland, Krystal

Infinity Particle     /   Xu, Wendy

Houses with a Story     /   Yoshida, Seiji


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