New Fiction – January 2024

Uncharted Flight of Olivia West     /   Ackerman, Sara

Not Your Crush’s Cauldron     /   Asher, April

Fourteen Days: A Collaborative Novel     /   Authors Guild, The

Fangirl Down     /   Bailey, Tessa

Hidden Life of Cecily Larson     /   Baker, Ellen

Right on Cue     /   Ballard, Falon

Paper Cage     /   Baragwanath, Tom

Death of a Spy     /   Beaton, M. C.

Atlas Maneuver     /   Berry, Steve

Deepest Kill     /   Black, Lisa

Killer Romance     /   Blackburn, Maggie

Three-Inch Teeth     /   Box, C. J.

Book of Doors     /   Brown, Gareth

Mercury     /   Burns, Amy Jo

Friendship Club     /   Carr, Robyn

Storm We Made     /   Chan, Vanessa

Acts of Forgiveness     /   Cheeks, Maura

Fox Wife     /   Choo, Yangsze

Turtle House     /   Churchill, Amanda

Catered Quilting Bee     /   Crawford, Isis

First Lie Wins     /   Elston, Ashley

End of Story     /   Finn, A. J.

Good Half Gone     /   Fisher, Tarryn

Seamstress of Acadie     /   Frantz, Laura

Split     /   Frick, Kit

Day Tripper     /   Goodhand, James

Green Dot     /   Gray, Madeleine

Chaos Agent     /   Greaney, Mark

Foxhole Victory Tour     /   Green, Amy Lynn

Women     /   Hannah, Kristin

Bride     /   Hazelwood, Ali

Everyone Who Can Forgive Me Is Dead     /   Hollander, Jenny

Other Valley     /   Howard, Scott Alexander

Painter’s Daughters     /   Howes, Emily

Sisters of Fortune: A Novel of the Titanic     /   Huber, Anna Lee

Followed by the Lark     /   Humphreys, Helen

All the Rage     /   Hunter, Cara

Lone Wolf: An Orphan X Novel     /   Hurwitz, Gregg

Dictator Calls     /   Kadare, Ismail

Kamogawa Food Detectives     /   Kashiwai, Hisashi

Step Past Darkness     /   Kurian, Vera

Leave No Trace: A National Parks Thriller     /   Landau, A. J.

Sun of Blood and Ruin     /   Lares, Mariely

Once Upon a Murder     /   Larsen, Samantha

Catch     /   Lea, Amy

Road from Belhaven     /   Livesey, Margot

Summer Book Club     /   Mallery, Susan

Tatae’s Promise: Based on the true story     /   Maysonave, Sherry

You Only Call When You’re in Trouble     /   McCauley, Stephen

Murder by Lamplight     /   McDonough, Patrice

Fatal First Edition     /   McKinlay, Jenn

Antique Hunter’s Guide to Murder     /   Miller, C. L.

Murder at an Irish Chipper     /   O’Connor, Carlene

Wild and Heavenly Place     /   Oliveira, Robin

Wandering Stars     /   Orange, Tommy

Guest     /   Paris, B. A.

Blowback     /   Patterson, James

Crosshairs     /   Patterson, James

Northwoods     /   Pease, Amy

Price You Pay     /   Petrie, Nick

Simply the Best: A Chicago Stars Novel     /   Phillips, Susan Elizabeth

Phoenix Crown     /   Quinn, Kate

This Disaster Loves You     /   Roper, Richard

Pie to Die for     /   Rue, Gretchen

One Wrong Word     /   Ryan, Hank Phillippi

Framed Women of Ardemore House     /   Schillace, Brandy

Last Days of Lilah Goodluck     /   Scott, Kylie

Expiration Dates     /   Serle, Rebecca

Wishing Game     /   Shaffer, Meg

Nightwatching     /   Sierra, Tracy

Cahokia Jazz     /   Spufford, Francis

Christmas Guest: A Novella     /   Swanson, Peter

Burma Sahib     /   Theroux, Paul

To Woo and to Wed     /   Waters, Martha

Cleaner     /   Wells, Brandi

Love Song for Ricki Wilde     /   Williams, Tia

Murder in Masquerade     /   Winters, Mary

Valley Verified     /   Zhao, Kyla 


Murder at the Blarney Bash     /   Hannah, Darci

Talisman     /   King, Stephen

Fur Love or Money     /   Ryan, Sofie


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