New Nonfiction Books - November 2023


Humanize: A Maker’s Guide to Designing Our Cities     / Heatherwick, Thomas

Warhol After Warhol     / Dorment, Richard


Class     / Land, Stephanie

Lead Sister: The Story of Karen Carpenter     / O’Brien, Lucy

My Name Is Barbra     / Streisand, Barbra

Paris: The Memoir     / Hilton, Paris


Made Whole     / Tiffany “the Budgetnista” Aliche


Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Algorithms     / Chinnathambi, Kirupa

Broken Code: Inside Facebook     / Horwitz, Jeff


Another Bundt Collection     / Hoffman, Brian Hart

Bake Smart     / Seneviratne, Samantha

Big Heart Little Stove     / French, Erin

Butter, Flour, Sugar, Joy     / Kartes, Danielle

Heroes’ Feast Flavors of the Multiverse     / Official Dungeons & Dragons

Snacking Bakes     / Arefi, Yossy

The Cookie That Changed My Life     / Silverton, Nancy ; Carreno, Carolynn


Customize Your Cross-Stitch     / Dabczynski-Bean, Lizzy

Retro Crochet Style     / Price, Savannah


Go Home for Dinner     / Pence, Mike ; Pence Bond, Charlotte

How to Plan a Wedding     / Pous, Terri


Eat the Weeds     / Jordan, Deane

Vegetable Gardening Made Easy     / Gala, Resh


Functional Anatomy of Movement     / Earls, James

Quantum Body     / Chopra, Deepak

Sad Happens: A Celebration of Tears     / Stosuy, Brandon ; Lazar, Rose

Strength Training for Fat Loss     / Tumminello, Nick

The Foot Book    / Rose, Jonathan D ; Martorana, Vincent J


A Day in the Life of Abed Salama     / Thrall, Nathan

A Woman I Know     / Haverstick, Mary

Founding Partisans     / Brands, H W

Gen X Pittsburgh:The Beehive and the ’90s Scene     / Rullo, David

Mistress of Life and Death     / Eischeid, Susan J

Silent Cavalry     / Raines, Howell

Strike of the Sailfish     / Moore, Stephen L

Teddy and Booker T.     / Kilmeade, Brian

The Children of Athena     / Freeman, Charles

The Hundred Years’ War on Palestine     / Khalidi, Rashid

The Money Kings     / Schulman, Daniel

The Times That Try Men’s Souls     / Malcolm, Joyce Lee


Happiness Cleaning    / Kananen, Aurikatariina

Mountain House: Studies in Elevated Design     / Freudenberger, Nina

Selling Your House: Nolo’s Essential Guide     / Bray, Ilona


Jimi and Me: The Experience of a Lifetime     / Stathakis, Jonathan


Sassy and Rude     / Mandel, Debra

The Month-By-Month Baby Book     / DK


How to Raise the Perfect Dog     / Spivey, Adam

National Geographic Birding Basics     / Strycker, Noah

The Purest Bond     / Golbeck, Jen ; Colino, Stacey


Hegel: The Philosopher of Freedom     / Vieweg, Klaus

Political Science

Breaking Biden     / Marlow, Alex

Network of Lies     / Stelter, Brian

Standing My Ground     / Dunn, Harry

Unwoke: How to Defeat Cultural Marxism in America     / Cruz, Ted


ATI TEAS Secrets Study Guide 7th ed     / Matthew Bowling


Catholicism: A Global History     / McGreevy, John T

The Great Disappearance: 31 Ways to Be Rapture Ready   / Jeremiah, David


Elderflora: A Modern History of Ancient Trees     / Farmer, Jared

Science Under Siege     / Frazier, Kendrick

The Space Shuttle     / Miller, Roland

There Are Plenty of Secrets     / McPherson, Andrew ; Chalmers, Emily

Water and Peace     / Gachet, Alain


45 Ways to Live Like an Italian     / D’Agostino Mautner, Raeleen

50 Ways to More Calm, Less Stress     / Karydes, Megy

Crystalpedia     / Perrakis, Athena

Good Flow     / Blohberger, Julia ; Neeter, Roos

Lessons for Living: What Only Adversity Can Teach You     / Stutz, Phil

Negative Thoughts Happen     / Garcia, Diana M

Remember     / Genova, Lisa

Setting Boundaries That Stick     / Shore, Juliane Taylor ; Wong, Rebecca

The Book of Boundaries     / Urban, Melissa


All the Time in the World     / Gierach, John


The Explorers Club     / Wilser, Jeff

True Crime

Hell’s Angels: A Strange and Terrible Saga     / Thompson, Hunter S.

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