New Children's & Young Adult Books - November 2023

Children's Books

Get on the Ice, Mo!     /   Adler, David A.

Super Space Weekend: Adventures in Astronomy     /   Almeras, Gaelle

Stories of the Islands     /   Angkasa, Clar

Duel     /   Bagley, Jessixa

Three Little Mittens     /   Bailey, Linda

Wildfire (a Graphic Novel)     /   Bard, Breena

Stone Is a Story     /   Barnard Booth, Leslie

My Incredible India     /   Bilan, Jasbinder

Magicians     /   Blexbolex

Together We Swim     /   Bolling, Valerie

Hooky     /   Bonastre Tur, Miriam

Hooky Volume 2     /   Bonastre Tur, Miriam

Hooky Volume 3     /   Bonastre Tur, Miriam

Last Kids on Earth and the Monster Dimension     /   Brallier, Max

Wild Robot Protects: Volume 3     /   Brown, Peter

Secret of the Ravens     /   Cacao, Joanna

Little Match Girl Strikes Back     /   Carroll, Emma

Can’t Get Enough Horse Stuff     /   Cavanaugh, Neil C.

Ten-Word Tiny Tales     /   Coelho, Joseph

Maisy’s Snowy Day     /   Cousins, Lucy

Lolo and Birdie: I’m Not Sleepy! / ¡ No Tengo Sueño!     /   Dominguez, Angela

Can’t Get Enough Space Stuff     /   Drimmer, Stephanie Warren

My Bollywood Dream     /   Dwivedi, Avani

Save the Duck!: An Acorn Book     /   Fang, Vicky

All the Small Wonderful Things     /   Foster, Kate

Littlest Yak and the New Arrival     /   Fraser, Lu

What You Need to Be Warm     /   Gaiman, Neil

Match Point!     /   Gallegos, Maddie

Red Fruit     /   Gee Eun, Lee

Thank a Farmer     /   Gianferrari, Maria

Spy School Project X     /   Gibbs, Stuart

Can’t Get Enough Dog Stuff     /   Gibeault, Stephanie

Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library     /   Grabenstein, Chris

Concrete Garden     /   Graham, Bob

10 Dogs     /   Gravett, Emily

I Don’t Want to Read This Book Aloud     /   Greenfield, Max

Falling Out of Time     /   Haddix, Margaret Peterson

I Am a Dragon!: A Squabble & a Quibble     /   Hahn, Sabina

What If One Day…     /   Handy, Bruce

My Little Pony: Detective Hitch     /   Hasbro

Alebrijes     /   Higuera, Donna Barba

Kati’s Tiny Messengers: Dr. Katalin Kariko     /   Hoyt, Megan

Kitten Story: A Mostly True Tale     /   Jenkins, Emily

Creep, Leap, Crunch! a Food Chain Story     /   Jensen Shaffer, Jody

Being Brave     /   Jin, Cindy

Big Cheese     /   John, Jory

Decorate the Tree     /   Jones, Amanda Jane

No Brainer (Diary of a Wimpy Kid Book 18     /   Kinney, Jeff

Bone Wars: The True Story     /   Kurtz, Jane

Apartment House on Poppy Hill: Book 1     /   Lacour, Nina

Splish-Splash Puddle Dance!     /   Lakin, Patricia

What Music!     /   Lawlor, Laurie

Superbaby     /   Ledyard, Stephanie

Can Blue Hide?     /   Lehrhaupt, Adam

Can Clam Go?     /   Lehrhaupt, Adam

Dubious Pranks of Shaindy Goodman     /   Lowe, Mari

Santa Shark: A Great White Christmas     /   Lowery, Mike

Mnoomin Maan’gowing / The Gift of Mnoomin     /   Luby, Brittany

When the Stars Came Home     /   Luby, Brittany

Wilderness     /   McCarthy, Steve

Ways to Play     /   Miller-Lachmann, Lyn

Mossheart’s Promise     /   Mix, Rebecca

Balto and Togo: Hero Dogs of Alaska     /   Moss, Helen

Weird But True! Disney: 300 Wonderful Facts     /   National Geographic Kids

Cookies!: An Interactive Recipe Book     /   Nieminen, Lotta

Spaghetti!: An Interactive Recipe Book     /   Nieminen, Lotta

Ink Girls     /   Nijkamp, Marieke

They Hold the Line: Wildfires, Wildlands     /   Paley, Dan

Who Would Win?: Ultimate Showdown     /   Pallotta, Jerry

Who Would Win?: Wild Warriors Bindup     /   Pallotta, Jerry

Horse Named Sky     /   Parry, Rosanne

Snow!     /   Patricelli, Leslie

Maybe a Whale     /   Pendreigh, Kirsten

Skating Wild on an Inland Sea     /   Pendziwol, Jean E.

Finn’s Little Fibs     /   Percival, Tom

Holy Night and Little Star     /   Perkins, Mitali

Cat Kid Comic Club: Influencers     /   Pilkey, Dav

Science Comics: Frogs: Awesome Amphibian     /   Prince, Liz

Pass the Baby     /   Reich, Susanna

Drawn to Change the World Graphic Novel     /   Reynolds, Emma

Super Magic Boy: I Am a Dinosaur     /   Rosello, Jarod

Tagging Freedom     /   Roumani, Rhonda

Dragon’s First Taco     /   Rubin, Adam

Dork Diaries 13: Tales from a Not-So-Happy Birthday /Russell, Rachel Renee

Hornbeam All in     /   Rylant, Cynthia

Mai and the Missing Melon     /   Sakai, Sonoko

Can’t Get Enough Shark Stuff     /   Silen, Andrea

Let’s Go to Color Camp!: Beginning Baby     /   Slater, Nicola

Down the Hole     /   Slater, Scott

Nothing Ever Happens on a Gray Day     /   Snider, Grant

North Wind and the Sun     /   Stead, Philip C.

My First Baby Signs: Over 40 Fundamental Signs     /   Steyns, Lee Ann

One More Jar of Jam     /   Sumovich, Michelle

Sweetness All Around     /   Supplee, Suzanne

Sir Callie and the Champions of Helston     /   Symes-Smith, Esme

Sir Callie and the Dragon’s Roost     /   Symes-Smith, Esme

Mole Is Not Alone     /   Tatsukawa, Maya

Story Orchestra: The Planets     /   Tickle, Jessica Courtney

To See Clearly: A Portrait of David Hockney     /   Turk, Evan

Bring Back the Babka!     /   Wolpin, Marilyn

Words We Share     /   Wong, Jack

Books of Clash Volume 2: Legendary Legends     /   Yang, Gene Luen 


Young Adult Books

Imogen, Obviously     /   Albertalli, Becky

Door of No Return     /   Alexander, Kwame

Plan A     /   Caletti, Deb

Blackwoods     /   Colbert, Brandy

Night and Dana     /   Davidson, Anya

Curse for True Love     /   Garber, Stephanie

Foul Heart Huntsman     /   Gong, Chloe

All That Shines     /   Hagan, Ellen

Check & Mate     /   Hazelwood, Ali

Hockey Girl Loves Drama Boy     /   Hicks, Faith Erin

Silence That Binds Us     /   Ho, Joanna

What about Will    /   Hopkins, Ellen

Weight of Blood     /   Jackson, Tiffany D.

Heat Wave     /   Klune, TJ

Before the Devil Knows You’re Here     /   Krause, Autumn

Thieves’ Gambit     /   Lewis, Kayvion

Davenports     /   Marquis, Krystal

Gone Wolf     /   McBride, Amber

Monstrous: A Transracial Adoption Story     /   Myer, Sarah

Loveless     /   Oseman, Alice

Murtagh: The World of Eragon     /   Paolini, Christopher

Forest Grimm     /   Purdie, Kathryn

Little Like Waking     /   Rex, Adam

Ain’t Burned All the Bright     /   Reynolds, Jason

Rock Gods of Jackson, Tennessee     /   Roberts, Rafer

Divine Rivals     /   Ross, Rebecca

Charming Young Man     /   Schrefer, Eliot

Queer Ducks (and Other Animals)     /   Schrefer, Eliot

Gallant     /   Schwab, V. E.

Impossible Thing to Say     /   Shahi, Arya

All My Rage     /   Tahir, Sabaa

Daughters of Snow and Cinders     /   Tamarit, Nuria

Bad Medicine     /   Twin, Christopher

Peach Rebellion     /   Van Draanen, Wendelin

Their Vicious Games     /   Wellington, Joelle

Spirit Bares Its Teeth     /   White, Andrew Joseph

Look on the Bright Side     /   Williams, Lily


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