New Children's & Young Adult Books – Summer 2023

Children's Books

Breaking to the Beat!     /   Acevedo, Linda J.

Year My Life Went Down the Toilet     /   Arlow, Jake Maia

Mr. S: A First Day of School Book     /   Arnaldo, Monica

Sometimes, a Tiger     /   Asterplume, Z. B.

Desert Jungle     /   Baker, Jeannie

Cake vs. Pie     /   Bardhan-Quallen, Sudipta

Night Sky     /   Bauer, Marion Dane

I Am a Tornado     /   Beckmeyer, Drew

Roll, Roll, Little Pea     /   Bergame, Cécile

In the Night Garden     /   Berger, Carin

You Go First     /   Bernstein, Ariel

Bad Guys in Let the Games Begin!     /   Blabey, Aaron

Gossamer Summer     /   Bouwman, H. M.

You Can’t Be a Pterodactyl!     /   Breakwell, James

I Love You, Little Shark     /   Burton, Jeffrey

Biscuit and Friends: A Day at the Aquarium     /   Capucilli, Alyssa Satin

Greenlight     /   Carzoo, Breanna

Cloud Babies     /   Colfer, Eoin

Smart, Smart School     /   Creech, Sharon

Arthur, the Always King     /   Crossley-Holland, Kevin

Our Pool     /   Cummins, Lucy Ruth

Mouse & Giraffe     /   Dipucchio, Kelly

Eyewitness Ancient Greece     /   DK

Eyewitness Crystal and Gem     /   DK

Eyewitness Insect     /   DK

What Matters Most     /   Dodd, Emma

Baby Feels     /   Dol, Thalita

Baddies     /   Donaldson, Julia

Welcome to the Wonder House     /   Dotlich, Rebecca Kai

B Is for Bellies     /   Dyball, Rennie

Will on the Inside     /   Eliopulos, Andrew

I’m Your Ice Cream Truck     /   Eliot, Hannah

Danny Phantom: A Glitch in Time     /   Epstein, Gabriela

Bath Time Physics     /   Esbaum, Jill

First Words with Cute Crochet Friends     /   Espy, Lauren

Skeleanor the Decomposer: A Graphic Novel     /   Ettlinger, Emily

Probability of Everything     /   Everett, Sarah

Islands of Elsewhere     /   Fawcett, Heather

Once in a Blue Moon     /   Flake, Sharon G.

Mine!     /   Fleming, Candace

Penny & Pip     /   Fleming, Candace

Spanish Is the Language of My Family     /   Genhart, Michael

Spy Camp the Graphic Novel     /   Gibbs, Stuart

Roblox     /   Green, Sara

Youtube     /   Green, Sara

Puppy, Puppy Peekaboo     /   Habib, Grace

Art and Life of Hilma AF Klint     /   Hillstram, Ylva

Science Comics: Electricity: Energy     /   Hirsch, Andy

Two New Years     /   Ho, Richard

Red Jacket     /   Holt, Bob

Brick or Treat! (Lego)     /   Huntley, Matt

Pinkalicious and the Pinkamazing Little Library     /   Kann, Victoria

Only Only Marisol Rainey     /   Kelly, Erin Entrada

Bear with Me     /   Kerascoet

Tail of Emily Windsnap     /   Kessler, Liz

Train Home     /   Kim, Dan-ah

Yukie’s Island: My Family’s World War II     /   Kimura, Yukie

Skull: A Tyrolean Folktale     /   Klassen, Jon

Little Dumplings     /   Kuhlmann, Jekka

Land of Broken Promises     /   Kuo, Jane

Luminous: Living Things That Light Up     /   Kuo, Julia

Who Was Frank Sinatra?     /   Labrecque, Ellen

Happy Birthday to Me     /   Lam, Thao

Order of Things     /   Langley, Kaija

Summer Is for Cousins     /   Larocca, Rajani

Fire of Stars     /   Larson, Kirsten W.

A is for Australian Reefs     /   Lessac, Frane

Ruby Lost and Found     /   Li, Christina

Karen’s Haircut: (Baby-Sitters Little Sister #7)     /   Martin, Ann M.

Caterpillars: What Will I Be     /   McCloskey, Kevin

I See a Bat     /   Meisel, Paul

Out There (a Graphic Novel)     /   Miller, Seaerra

Book of Turtles     /   Montgomery, Sy

Kindest Red: A Story of Hijab and Friend     /   Muhammad, Ibtihaj

Camp Sylvania     /   Murphy, Julie

Meet Twitch and Thrash!     /   Nakamura, May

Ember and the Island of Lost Creatures     /   Pamment, Jason

Monster Mac and Cheese Party     /   Parr, Todd

Big Nate: No Worries!: Two Books in One     /   Peirce, Lincoln

Bluey and Bingo’s Fancy Restaurant Cookbook     /   Penguin Young Readers

Bluey: All about Bingo     /   Penguin Young Readers

Bluey: Barky Boats     /   Penguin Young Readers

Bluey: Mum School     /   Penguin Young Readers

Three Little Guinea Pigs     /   Perl, Erica S.

Patterns Everywhere    /   Perron, Lisa Varchol

Be You! (L.O.L. Surprise!)     /   Random House

Moana’s Story Collection (Disney Princess)     /   Random House

Off to the Races! (Nintendo Mario Kart)     /   Random House

Cinco de Mayo     /   Rathburn, Betsy

Groundhog Day     /   Rathburn, Betsy

Holi     /   Rathburn, Betsy

Book about You and All the World Too     /   Reidy, Jean

Cat’s Cradle: The Mole King’s Lair     /   Rioux, Jo

Wishing Season     /   Rissi, Anica Mrose

Memorial Day     /   Sabelko, Rebecca

Presidents’ Day     /   Sabelko, Rebecca

Valentine’s Day     /   Sabelko, Rebecca

Before, Now     /   Salmieri, Daniel

Delicious Story     /   Saltzberg, Barney

Vanessa Nakate     /   Sanchez Vegara, Maria Isabel

In Between     /   Sayre, April Pulley

Scarlet & Violet Handbook (Pokemon)     /   Scholastic

Pizza and Taco: Dare to Be Scared!     /   Shaskan, Stephen

We Are Branches     /   Sidman, Joyce

Great Carrier Reef     /   Stremer, Jessica

Namaste Is a Greeting     /   Subramaniam, Suma

Fox Has a Problem     /   Tabor, Corey R.

Rise of the Goldfish: A Branches Book     /   Tan, Susan

Dia de Muertos: Numeros     /   Tonatiuh, Duncan

World’s Best Class Plant     /   Vernick, Audrey

Team Trash: A Time Traveler’s Guide     /   Wheeler, Kate

Bear Has a Belly     /   Whittingham, Jane

Hilo Book 2: Saving the Whole Wide World     /   Winick, Judd

Babylink: If Mama Sings     /   Wittner, Laura

7 Best Things about Family     /   Yee, Patrick

Because I’m Your Mom     /   Zappa, Ahmet

Crane Jane!     /   Zimmerman, Andrea


Young Adult Books

Adventuregame Comics: Leviathan (Book 1)     /   Shiga, Jason

Beautiful Something Else     /   Van Otterloo, Ash

Chain of Gold     /   Clare, Cassandra

Chain of Iron     /   Clare, Cassandra

Chain of Thorns     /   Clare, Cassandra

Coco: The Official Cookbook     /   Insight Editions

Coven     /   Dugan, Jennifer

Danger and Other Unknown Risks     /   North, Ryan

Dark Ascension Series: The Wicked Ones     /   Benway, Robin

Echo in the City     /   Song, K. X.

Fable     /   Young, Adrienne

Family Style     /   Pham, Thien

Forever Is Now     /   Lockington, Mariama J.

From Here     /   Mufleh, Luma

Frontera     /   Anta, Julio

How to Stay Invisible     /   Rudd, Maggie C.

I Am Not Alone     /   Stork, Francisco X.

Long Time Coming: A Lyrical Biography     /   Shepard, Ray Anthony

Mage and the Endless Unknown     /   Miller, Sj

Mission: Arctic: A Scientifc Adventure     /   Weiss-Tuider, Katharina

Namesake     /   Young, Adrienne

Never Vacation with Your Ex     /   Wibberley, Emily

Nigeria Jones     /   Zoboi, Ibi

Other Side of Infinity     /   Smith, Joan F.

Project Nought     /   Furedi, Chelsey

Saint     /   Young, Adrienne

Secret of the Moon Conch     /   Bowles, David

Someone Is Always Watching     /   Armstrong, Kelley

Song of Us     /   Fussner, Kate

Teen Titans: Beast Boy     /   Garcia, Kami

There Goes the Neighborhood     /   Adia, Jade

This Boy: The Early Lives of John Lennon     /   Cooper, Ilene

Threads That Bind     /   Hatzopoulou, Kika

Tiger Daughter     /   Lim, Rebecca

Unnecessary Drama     /   Kenwood, Nina

Venom & Vow     /   McLemore, Anna-Marie

Very Unfortunate Wish of Melony Yoshimur     /   Brown, Waka T.

Wild Poppies     /   Saleh, Haya

Wolfpack     /   Brunskill, Amelia

You Bet Your Heart     /   Parker, Danielle

You: The Story: A Writer’s Guide     /   Sepetys, Ruta

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