New Nonfiction Books - June 2023


Jackie: Public, Private, Secret     /   Taraborrelli, J. Randy

Mayor of Shantytown: Life of Father James Renshaw Cox     /   Gazarik, Richard

Moby Dyke     /   Burton, Krista

The Book of Charlie     /   Von Drehle, David 


500 Great Ways to Save for Dummies     /   The Experts at AARP

Chaos Kings: How Wall Street Traders Make Billions     /   Patterson, Scott 


Good Enough Job: Reclaiming Life from Work     /   Stolzoff, Simone


What Is ChatGPT Doing …     /   Wolfram, Stephen


Baking Yesteryear     /   Hollis, B. Dylan

Deliciously Cheesy Cookbook     /   The Coastal Kitchen

Flavor Thesaurus: A Compendium     /   Segnit, Niki

Flavor Thesaurus: More Flavors     /   Segnit, Niki

Food, We Need to Talk     /   Gjata, Juna

Immunity Food Fix Cookbook     /   Mazzola, Donna Beydoun

My America: Recipes from a Young Black Chef     /   Onwuachi, Kwame

Taste of Home All-American Cookbook     /   Taste of Home

Taste of Home What Can I Bring?     /   Taste of Home

Tenderheart: A Cookbook about Vegetables     /   McKinnon, Hetty Lui 


Cognitive Drawing: Learn the Female Figure     /   Brubaker, Jason

Cognitive Drawing: Learn the Male Figure     /   Brubaker, Jason

Drawing Cute Birds in Colored Pencil     /   Akikusa, Ai

Epoxy Resin     /   Crow, Jess

How to Sew Clothes     /   Greenhall, Amelia 


Daily Dad: 366 Meditations on Parenting    /   Holiday, Ryan

Disentangling from Emotionally Immature People     /   Gibson, Lindsay C.

Measure of Our Age     /   Connolly, M. T.

Self-Care for Adult Children of Emotionally Immature Parents /   Gibson, L. 


Newcomb’s Wildflower Guide     /   Newcomb, Lawrence


Birth Control: The Insidious Power of Men Over Motherhood   /   Yarrow, A.

Deeper Mindfulness   /   Williams, Mark

Fragmented: A Doctor’s Quest     /   Yurkiewicz, Ilana

Random Acts of Medicine     /   Jena, Anupam B.

Rethink Your Position: Reshape Your Exercise     /   Bowman, Katy

We’ve Got You Covered: Rebooting American Health Care     /   Einav, Liran 


Flags of Our Fathers     /   Bradley, James

Lexington: America’s Legendary Racehorse     /   Wickens, Kim

Paved Paradise: How Parking Explains the World     /   Grabar, Henry

Rise and Fall of the Third Reich     /   Shirer, William L.

Road to Surrender     /   Thomas, Evan

The Soldier’s Truth: Ernie Pyle     /   Chrisinger, David

Under the Eye of Power     /   Dickey, Colin 


Living the Vanlife     /   Grevemberg, Noami


We’re All in This Together     /   Papa, Tom

You Can’t Joke about That     /   Timpf, Kat


The Shadow Docket     /   Vladeck, Stephen


How to Say Goodbye     /   Macnaughton, Wendy

Time Is a Mother     /   Vuong, Ocean


Holding the Note: Profiles in Popular Music     /   Remnick, David

Political Science

The Big Break     /   Terris, Ben

When Race Trumps Merit     /   Mac Donald, Heather


Encounterism: The Neglected Joys of Being In Person     /   Field, Andy

How Minds Change     /   McRaney, David

The World Behind the World     /   Hoel, Erik


Hope Is the First Dose     /   Warren, W. Lee

Qur’an     /   Ali, Abdullah Yusuf

Spirit Wheel: Meditations from an Indigenous Elder     /   Charleston, Steven


Beastly: The 40,000-Year Story of Animals and Us     /   Carew, Keggie

Blight: Fungi and the Coming Pandemic     /   Monosson, Emily

Chasing Shadows: My Life Tracking the Great White Shark     /   Skomal, Greg

Eight Bears     /   Dickie, Gloria

In a Flight of Starlings: The Wonders of Complex Systems     /   Parisi, Giorgio

Science of Spin     /   Ennos, Roland

The Deepest Map     /   Trethewey, Laura

The Heat Will Kill You First     /   Goodell, Jeff

The Underworld: Journeys to the Depths of the Ocean     /   Casey, Susan

Three Ages of Water     /   Gleick, Peter


A Pity Party Is Still a Party     /   Garner, Chelsea Harvey

All the Gold Stars: Reimagining Ambition     /   Stauffer, Rainesford

Four Thousand Weeks: Time Management     /   Burkeman, Oliver

Look: How to Pay Attention in a Distracted World     /   Madsbjerg, Christian

Microjoys: Finding Hope (Especially) When Life Is Not Okay     /   Spiegel, C.


Excluded     /   Kahlenberg, Richard D.

Outrage Machine     /   Rose-Stockwell, Tobias


Moon Southern Italy: Sicily, Puglia, Naples & the Amalfi Coast     /   Sarris, L.

Rick Steves Pocket Paris   /   Steves, Rick

Ultimate Road Trips: USA & Canada   /   Collins, Andrew

True Crime

Life We Chose: William “Big Billy” d’Elia     /   Birkbeck, Matt

Nobody’s Fool     /   Simons, Daniel

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