New Fiction – July 2023

Promise     /   Griffiths, Rachel Eliza

Summer of Songbirds     /   Harvey, Kristy Woodson

Housekeepers     /   Hay, Alex

Door-To-Door Bookstore     /   Henn, Carsten

Calling for a Blanket Dance     /   Hokeah, Oscar

Lady’s Guide to Scandal     /   Irwin, Sophie

Not That Duke     /   James, Eloisa

Woman in the Castello     /   James, Kelsey

You, with a View     /   Joyce, Jessica

Morgan Is My Name     /   Keetch, Sophie

All Is Not Forgiven     /   Kenda, Joe

Summer Girl: An Avalon Bay Novel     /   Kennedy, Elle

Botanist’s Guide to Flowers and Fatality     /   Khavari, Kate

Deep Sky     /   Kitasei, Yume

Wolfsong     /   Klune, Tj

Honest Man     /   Koryta, Michael

Everyone Here Is Lying     /   Lapena, Shari

Prom Mom     /   Lippman, Laura

Do Tell     /   Lynch, Lindsay

House of Sky and Breath     /   Maas, Sarah J.

Must Love Flowers     /   Macomber, Debbie

Centre     /   Manazir Siddiqi, Ayesha

Mistress of Bhatia House     /   Massey, Sujata

Murder Wheel: A Locked-Room Mystery     /   Mead, Tom

Silver Nitrate     /   Moreno-Garcia, Silvia

Her Little Flowers     /   Morgan, Shannon

Ghost Ship     /   Mosse, Kate

Stolen Coast     /   Murphy, Dwyer

Excavations     /   Myers, Kate

Strange Sally Diamond     /   Nugent, Liz

Circle of Death: A Shadow Thriller     /   Patterson, James

Obsessed: A Psychological Thriller     /   Patterson, James

Golden Age Bibliomysteries     /   Penzler, Otto

Queen Charlotte: Before the Bridgertons     /   Quinn, Julia

Mrs. Plansky’s Revenge     /   Quinn, Spencer

Paris Agent: A World War II Mystery     /   Rimmer, Kelly

Three Deaths of Willa Stannard     /   Robards, Kate

Flop Dead Gorgeous     /   Rosenfelt, David

Somebody’s Fool     /   Russo, Richard

I Wish We Weren’t Related     /   Sanghani, Radhika

House of God     /   Shem, Samuel

Our Hospital     /   Shem, Samuel

Collector     /   Silva, Daniel

How Can I Help You     /   Sims, Laura

Glaciers     /   Smith, Alexis M.

Business or Pleasure     /   Solomon, Rachel Lynn

Forget Me Not     /   Soto, Julie

Silence for the Dead     /   St James, Simone

Guest Room     /   Sylva, Tasha

Sunset Crowd     /   Tanabe, Karin

All the Demons Are Here: A Thriller     /   Tapper, Jake

Late Americans     /   Taylor, Brandon

Dead Fall: A Thriller     /   Thor, Brad

Camp Damascus     /   Tingle, Chuck

Clearing     /   Toyne, Simon

Good Night, Irene     /   Urrea, Luis Alberto

Ebony Gate: The Phoenix Hoard     /   Vee, Julia

My Husband     /   Ventura, Maud

Covenant of Water     /   Verghese, Abraham

St. Ambrose School for Girls     /   Ward, Jessica

Blind Fear: A Thriller     /   Webb, Brandon

Crook Manifesto     /   Whitehead, Colson

Star Bringer     /   Wolff, Tracy


Fatal Fudge Swirl: An Ice Cream Shop Mystery     /   Allen, Meri

Rogue at Stonecliffe     /   Camp, Candace

Misfortune Cookie: A Noodle Shop Mystery     /   Chien, Vivien

Scaredy Cat     /   Ryan, Sofie

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