Teens can enter for prizes by reading books and participating in activities. Don’t worry, all of these activities are drop-in so you can participate on your own schedule. Stop by during available hours to complete fun activities and earn stamps. Earning stamps makes you eligible for prizes!

Makerspace Weekly Programming for Tweens and Teens
Every week our PR Makerspace will highlight a different activity that will be available for tweens, teens and their families at the makerspace-designated hours:
Mondays: 1:00 – 7:00 pm
Fridays: 1:00 – 4:30 pm
Saturdays: 9:00 am – 3:00 pm
Week of June 10: Candle Making. Pour and decorate your own candles using soy wax chips. You can bring from home your own recycled glass jar to make your candle in. We’ll try to provide with as many re-used jars as possible.
Week of June 17: Sewing Project: Little Tote Bag. Using textiles make your own small tote bag
Week of June 24: Engineering Week. Discover all kinds of different toys and kits that allow you to build and create using scientific principles.
Week of July 1: Knitting and weaving. Using yarn and pieces of fabric create a unique decorative piece to take home.
Week of July 8: Silk-screen printing. Learn the basics of screen-printing. You can even bring a t-shirt to make your own design.
Week of July 15: Robotics. Discover a variety of robots and learn how to program them to do simple tasks.
Week of July 22: Cardboard Building – Spaceship. The entire community will collaborate in this week-long project to build a cardboard spaceship and decorate it.
Week of July 29: Animation. Learn and play around with basic principles in animation. Learn different techniques and try to create your very own video.

Drop-in Weekly Programming
Each engaging activity will be available all week during library hours. One new activity each week for all members of the family.
Week of June 10: Galactic Coloring pages. Enjoy a selection of coloring pages, pens and markers and enjoy some time just coloring
Week of June 17: Favorite Place in the Universe. Tell us a bit about your favorite spot in the universe and what makes it so special to you.
Week of June 24: Thumbprint Alien. Create an Alien using your thumbprint and markers
Week of July 1: Spaceship Décor. Using foam shapes decorate your own rocket ship.
Week of July 8: Make your own Space Comic. Complete one of our space themed comics or make one of your own.
Week of July 15: Universe Haiku. Use your poetic skills to write a haiku about the stars, planets or any other place in the universe.
Week of July 22: Color a Planet. Using different media design your own paper planet.
Week of July 29: Out of This World Book Review. Tell us about a book you have read recently.