New Nonfiction Books - April 2024


Klansman’s Son     /   Black, R. Derek

Question of Value     /   Brunk, Robert

My Mama, Cass: A Memoir     /   Elliot-Kugell, Owen

Bits and Pieces     /   Goldberg, Whoopi

I Curse You with Joy     /   Haddish, Tiffany

Trippy     /   Londono, Ernesto

White Bonus     /   McMillan, Tracie

Slow Noodles     /   Nguon, Chantha

You Never Know: A Memoir     /   Selleck, Tom

Love Is a Burning Thing: A Memoir     /   St Pierre, Nina

Reading the Room: A Bookseller’s Tale     /   Yamazaki, Paul


In This Economy?     /   Scanlon, Kyla


Is Your Work Worth It?     /   Michaelson, Christopher Wong


Brave New Words: How AI Will Revolutionize Education     /   Khan, Salman


Health Nut: A Feel-Good Cookbook     /   Damuck, Jess

Italian Snacking     /   Francese Gass, Anna

Keep It Zesty     /   Massih, Edy

Bite by Bite: Nourishments and Jamborees     /   Nezhukumatathil, Aimee

Food Is Love     /   Patel, Palak

Meateater Outdoor Cookbook     /   Rinella, Steven

Craving Vegan: 101 Recipes     /   Turnbull, Sam


The Wild Dyer: A Maker’s Guide to Natural Dyes     /   Booth, Abigail

Harvesting Color     /   Burgess, Rebecca

Modern Natural Dyer     /   Vejar, Kristine


Coddling of the American Mind     /   Lukianoff, Greg

50 Successful Harvard Application Essays     /   Staff of the Harvard Crimson


Swans of Harlem     /   Valby, Karen


Fighting for Our Friendships     /   Jackson, Danielle Bayard

How to Be the Love You Seek     /   Lepera, Nicole

Always a Sibling     /   Orenstein, Annie Sklaver


Liberty Equality Fashion     /   Higonnet, Anne


Self-Sufficiency Garden     /   Richards, Huw


Sugarless     /   Avena, Nicole M.

New Menopause     /   Haver, Mary Claire

Grown Woman Talk     /   Malone, Sharon

Good Energy     /   Means, Casey

Calm Your Mind with Food     /   Naidoo, Uma

Full-Body Fat Fix     /   Perrine, Stephen

It’s Not Hysteria     /   Tang Karen

Feel It All     /   Tanner, Casey

Tits Up        Thornton, Sarah 


Native Nations     /   Duval, Kathleen

Barons     /   Frerick, Austin

Voices from Gettysburg     /   Guelzo, Allen C.

End of Everything     /   Hanson, Victor Davis

Pirate King     /   Kingsley, Sean

The Unvanquished     /   O’Donnell, Patrick K.

Ascent to Power     /   Roll, David L.


Mathematica     /   Bessis, David

Everything Is Predictable     /   Chivers, Tom


Accordion Eulogies: A Memoir     /   Alvarez, Noe

Rebel Girl: My Life as a Feminist Punk     /   Hanna, Kathleen

New Age/Supernatural

Cunning Folk     /   Stanmore, Tabitha


I Can Fix This     /   Kuzmic, Kristina


Forever Dog Life     /   Habib, Rodney

Puppy Brain     /   Nichols, Kerry

Our Kindred Creatures     /   Wasik, Bill

Internet of Animals     /   Wikelski, Martin

Political Science

They Came for the Schools     /   Hixenbaugh, Mike

New Cold Wars     /   Sanger, David E.

Situation Room     /   Stephanopoulos, George


Sociopath: A Memoir     /   Gagne, Patric


How to Tell the Truth     /   Perry, Preston

Devil’s Best Trick     /   Sullivan, Randall


Neuroscience for Dummies     /   Amthor, Frank

Quanta and Fields     / Carroll, Sean

Twelve Trees     /   Lewis, Daniel

Determined     /   Sapolsky, Robert M.

Astronomy Handbook     /   Schilling, Govert

Backyard Bird Chronicles     /   Tan, Amy


In My Time of Dying     /   Junger, Sebastian


A Book of Balance: Kogi Wisdom     /   Buchholz, Lucas

Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself     /   Dispenza, Joe

Mind Magic     /   Doty, James R.

New Happy     /   Harrison, Stephanie

How to Smile     /   Nhat Hanh, Thich

Loneliness for Dummies     /   Wigfield, Andrea


City Limits     /   Kimble, Megan

On Sex and Gender     /   Lambelet Coleman, Doriane

Vows: The Modern Genius of an Ancient Rite     /   Mendelson, Cheryl


National Geographic Bucket List Family Travel     /   Gee, Jessica

Lonely Planet Norway     /   Graham, Gemma

Lonely Planet Japan     /   Planet, Lonely

Rick Steves Provence & the French Riviera     /   Steves, Rick

True Crime

Long Haul: Hunting the Highway Serial Killers     /   Figliuzzi, Frank

Swamp Kings: The Story of the Murdaugh Family     /   Ryan, Jason




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