Nature Days Introduction & iNaturalist

What can you find in your own backyard or local park? Track your sightings in iNaturalist to help scientists with their research and join the Northern Tier Library Naturalists group!

Nocturnal Animals & Firefly Watch

So many creatures are active at night while we’re sleeping. Learn about them, and how you can help track fireflies with Firefly Watch. 
Links mentioned in the video:
All About Birds
Pennsylvania Firefly Festival
Firefly Watch

Pollinators & Project Bee Watch

Pollinators are important to plants and to us! Look at some pollinators you might see in your yard and help track them with Project Bee Watch.
Links mentioned in the video:
Audubon Society of Western PA Events
Latodami Nature Center Events
Project Bee Watch
Monarch Waystation

Birds & Hummingbirds at Home

Birds are all around us, all year long. Discuss our feathered friends and learn how to help researchers with Hummingbirds at Home and various other projects.
Links mentioned in the video:
All About Birds
Hummingbirds at Home
Christmas Bird Count
Project FeederWatch
ASWP’s Chimney Swift Tower Program
PA Wild Turkey Sighting Survey

Invasive Species & The Lost Ladybug Project

What do invasive species do to the local environment? Discover their impacts and how you can track them with The Lost Ladybug Project.
Links mentioned in the video:
PA DCNR Invasive Plants
Penn State Extension Spotted Lanternfly
Spotted Lanterfly Reporting
The Lost Ladybug Project

Reptiles and Amphibians & FrogWatch USA

Which reptiles and amphibians can you find in this area? Learn about them and track frogs and toads with FrogWatch USA.
Links mentioned in the video:
FrogWatch USA
Pennsylvania Herp Identification
Pennsylvania Amphibian & Reptile Survey