The library will be holding a Farewell to Downton Abbey Tea Service on Sunday, March 13, from 2:00 – 4:00 PM. As part of this event, we are raffling and auctioning off several themed gift baskets. Winners will be chosen at the end of the Tea Service, but you do not have to attend in order to win. Raffles and auctions are open now!

These baskets will be raffled off. Tickets can be purchased for $2 each, or 8 for $5.

Patmores Tea Party
Mrs. Patmore’s Tea Party Basket: Mrs. Patmore is the cook at Downton Abbey. Enjoy a basket filled with teas, jams, shortbread, tea cups, cookbooks, and all kinds of yummy treats.


Sybils Celebration
Lady Sybil’s Celebration Basket: Lady Sybil was the rebel of the Crawley family. Celebrate her spirit with a bottle of Downton Abbey’s own wine, and a selection of upscale tidbits.


Ediths Literary
Lady Edith’s Literary Basket: Lady Edith is the family bluestocking. Relax and enjoy an assortment of Edith’s favorite reads tucked into a lovely hat box, as well as some vintage stationery.


Violets Garden
Dowager Duchess Violet’s Garden Basket: The Dowager Duchess is quite the gardener (or at least her staff is). Create your own beautiful garden with these lovely pots, seeds, glass self-watering bulbs, gardening gloves, and books.


This basket will be auctioned off, with bids starting at $50.

Roses Beauty
Lady Rose’s Beauty Basket: Beautiful Lady Rose is a Crawley cousin. Luxuriate in an elegant collection of bath salts, hand creams, scented powders, and a unique hand-crafted mirror.