Northern Tier Library, along with many other libraries across the country, are moving towards a more comprehensive summer program that involves a diverse variety of learning opportunities including, but not limited to, reading books. Our Summer Reading Club will now become a Summer Learning Program. In the last few years we have steadily increased the number of learning opportunities that we offer throughout the summer. These go beyond logging books and reading, but include opportunities offered at the library that allow participants to learn skills and explore different trades as well. There will also be changes to how we measure Summer Learning. We will still promote reading and encourage everyone to keep reading at home but we will also reward learning opportunities such as drawing, exploring new places, or going for nature walks.

Participants who complete our Summer Learning Program will receive a free book at the end of the summer, many different coupons and giveaways from neighborhood businesses, and tickets to participate in a wide variety of raffle items at the end of the program.

Makerspace Weekly Programming for Tweens and Teens

Every week our PR Makerspace will highlight a different activity that will be available during that week at the makerspace-designated hours:

Mondays: 1:00 – 7:00 pm

Fridays: 1:00 – 4:30 pm

Saturdays: 9:00 am – 3:00 pm

  • Week of June 18: Hexagon Shelves.
    Using just popsicles and glue make your own shelf to store your rock collection or other cool displayable little items.
  • Week of June 25: Rock Painting.
    Using markers and paints create rocks that you can make into cool magnets or keep around in your yard.
  • Week of July 2: Silk-screen printing.
    Create your own design in a stencil and print it on a t-shirt or paper. Must bring your own t-shirt to print.
  • Week of July 9: Sewing project: fabric pouch for your earbuds.
    Using fabric and thread make and decorate a little pouch to keep your earbuds neatly stored.
  • Week of July 16: LED Lighted Stage.
    Using cardboard and other materials create a mini stage and light it up using LED lights.
  • Week of July 23: Marble race.
    Try all kind of mediums and materials to make mazes, roads and races for marbles to travel.
  • Week of July 30: Makey–makeys.
    Use these kits to create a guitar or piano made out of cardboard that plays music using a computer or tablet.


Drop-in Weekly Programming:

Each activity will be available all week during library hours. One new activity each week for all members of the family.

  • Week of June 19: Write your favorite song chorus.
    Come up with your own chorus or just write your favorite verse in a song.
  • Week of June 26: Coloring Pages.
    Enjoy the coloring craze and visit the library to color. We’ll have different markers to use and a great variety of pages.
  • Week of July 3: Book Review.
    Tell us about that great book you just finished and loved (or hated!). Who knows? You might convince someone to read the same book.
  • Week of July 10: Make your own comic.
    Using the template provided create a short story in comic form.
  • Week of July 17: Make an album cover.
    Design and draw a cover for an album/record of your favorite band or yourself.
  • Week of July 24: Thumbprint art.
    Create a tiny rock star using your thumbprints and markers.
  • Week of July 31: Libraries Rock!
    Write something or make us a drawing to let us know what libraries mean to you.