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“Get In The Game: Read” is the theme for this year’s Teen Reading Club. This year, teens can enter for prizes by reading books (without answering lots of questions!) and by taking part in activities. Don’t worry– all of these activities are “drop-in” so you can participate on your own schedule. Visit the Makerspace during available hours to complete activities. Earning badges makes you eligible for prizes!

Tween & Teen Makerspace Activities
Every week our Makerspace will highlight a different activity that will be available during that week’s designated Makerspace hours (Mondays 1 – 7 pm, Fridays 1 – 5 pm, and Saturdays 9 am – 3 pm.)

Origami LED: June 20, 24, & 25
Add some electronic components to traditional origami to make them stand out and shine.

Bookend Painting: June 27 & July 1
Celebrate reading by taking old bookends and making them new again with your designs.

Squishy Circuits: July 8 & 9
Use special conductive and insulating dough to model little sculptures that can work with LED lights and other electrical components.

Button Making: July 11, 15, & 16
Pick your favorite sports team and create a themed button that you can pin anywhere!

Silk Screen Printing: July 18, 22, & 23
Learn the basics of screen printing. You can even bring a t-shirt to make your own design.

Little Pillow Warmers: July 25, 29, & 30
Learn how to use our sewing machine (or sew by hand!) and create a little heating pillow.

Makey-Makeys: August 1 & 5
These kits allow participants to create a controller to be used with a computer game or website. The goal is to design a simple controller using recycled materials and test it out while playing a computer game.


Wednesday Popcorn & A Movie

Star Wars: The Force Awakens: Wednesday, June 29, 6:00 – 8:30 PM
Use the force as the saga continues for the ultimate battle of good vs. evil. Wisely your side you must choose.

Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice: Wednesday, August 3, 6:00 – 8:30 PM
Come and see the fight we’ve all been waiting for as The Dark Knight battles The Man of Steel.


Just For Fun Drop-In Programs
Each activity will be available for one week during regular library hours. All ages and all family members are encouraged to stop by and enjoy!

Sports Haikus: June 20 – June 25
Write a haiku about your favorite sport or sports team.

Coloring Pages: June 27 – July 1
Enjoy the coloring craze by visiting the library to color. There will be markers and a variety of coloring pages available.

Design A Logo: July 5 – July 9
Design a logo for your own sports team, or redesign the logo of an existing team! You can even create a logo for a fictional sport- like quidditch!

Book Review: July 11 – July 16
Tell us about that great book you just finished and loved (or hated!) Who knows? You might persuade someone to give it a try.

Draw Your Own Comic: July 18 – July 23
Use a preset comic panel page to tell your own short story with drawings.

Blackout Poetry: July 25 – July 30
Transform a regular book page into poetry by blacking out portions of the text and leaving a poem in its wake.

Paper Football: August 1 – August 5
Practice your origami skills by folding a paper football and trying to “kick” it through the uprights for a field goal.