New Fiction – July 2024

Enemy      /   Adams, Sarah

Summer After Summer     /   Bailey, Lauren

End Game     /   Baldacci, David

Innocent     /   Baldacci, David

Volcano Daughters     /   Balibrera, Gina Maria

Talking to Strangers     /   Barton, Fiona

School of Essential Ingredients     /   Bauermeister, Erica

Truly Madly Magically     /   Beck, Hazel

Elizabeth of East Hampton     /   Bellezza, Audrey

Bad Tourists     /   Carver, Caro

Axeman’s Carnival     /   Chidgey, Catherine

Peach Tea Smash     /   Childs, Laura

Dumb Witness: A Hercule Poirot Mystery     /   Christie, Agatha

Close Knit     /   Colgan, Jenny

Instrumentalist     /   Constable, Harriet

Heavy Hitter     /   Cotugno, Katie

Parade     /   Cusk, Rachel

And So I Roar     /   Dare, Abi

Chamber     /   Dean, Will

Haunted Ever After     /   DeLuca, Jen

Til Heist Do Us Part     /   Desai, Sara

Strange Folk     /   Dyer, Alli

Wedding People     /   Espach, Alison

Fall of Giants     /   Follett, Ken

Stranger at the Wedding     /   Gauntlett, A. E.

Peggy     /   Godfrey, Rebecca

Daydream     /   Grace, Hannah

Summer by the Sea     /   Hale, Jenny

Not in Love     /   Hazelwood, Ali

Burn     /   Heller, Peter

Look on the Bright Side     /   Higgins, Kristan

Strangers on a Train     /   Highsmith, Patricia

Ghost Cat     /   Howard, Alex

What Fire Brings     /   Howzell Hall, Rachel

Pearl     /   Hughes, Sian

Lost Coast     /   Kellerman, Jonathan

Mr. Mercedes     /   King, Stephen

Sorceress Comes to Call     /   Kingfisher, T.

Spirit Crossing     /   Krueger, William Kent

Soulmate Equation     /   Lauren, Christina

Wren in the Holly Library     /   Linde, K. A.

Break-Up Pact     /   Lord, Emma

Apprentice to the Villain     /   Maehrer, Hannah Nicole

Someone in the Attic     /   Mara, Andrea

Love and Other Conspiracies     /   Marlowe, Mallory

I Need You to Read This     /   Maxwell, Jessa

Great Marriage     /   Mayes, Frances

How the Light Gets in     /   Maynard, Joyce

Summer Club     /   McKinnon, Hannah

Pairing     /   McQuiston, Casey

Backwater Justice     /   Michaels, Fern

All Friends Are Necessary     /   Moniz, Tomas

Seventh Veil of Salome     /   Moreno-Garcia, Silvia

Third Wife of Faraday House     /   Myers, B. R.

Worst Case Scenario     /   Newman, T. J.

Mina’s Matchbox     /   Ogawa, Yoko

Caledonian Road     /   O’Hagan, Andrew

House of Glass     /   Pekkanen, Sarah

Choice Considered     /   Peterson, Tracie

Hum     /   Phillips, Helen

By Any Other Name     /   Picoult, Jodi

Angel of Vengeance: Volume 22     /   Preston, Douglas

Farewell to Arfs     /   Quinn, Spencer

Fire and Bones     /   Reichs, Kathy

Lady Macbeth     /   Reid, Ava

Arkangel: A SIGMA Force Novel     /   Rollins, James

Jellyfish Have No Ears     /   Rosenfeld, Adele

Hera     /   Saint, Jennifer

Wordhunter     /   Sands, Stella

Body in the Backyard     /   Score, Lucy

There Are Rivers in the Sky     /   Shafak, Elif

Photo Finish     /   Silver, Elsie

This Is Why We Lied     /   Slaughter, Karin

Inquiry Into Love and Death     /   St James, Simone

Joy     /   Steel, Danielle

Where There’s a Will     /   Stout, Rex

Tell Me Everything     /   Strout, Elizabeth

You Will Never Be Me     /   Sutanto, Jesse Q.

Fire Exit     /   Talty, Morgan

Five-Star Stranger     /   Tang, Kat

Agony Hill     /   Taylor, Sarah Stewart

State of Paradise     /   Van Den Berg, Laura

in Crowd     /   Vassell, Charlotte

Moral Injuries     /   Watson, Christie

There’s Nothing Wrong with Her     /   Weinberg, Kate

All the Colors of the Dark     /   Whitaker, Chris

Enemies to Lovers     /   Williams, Laura Jane

Shelterwood     /   Wingate, Lisa

Story Collector     /   Woods, Evie

Tom Clancy Shadow State     /   Woodward, M. P.

Coin     /   Zaher, Yasmin


No Paw to Stand on     /   Cass, Laurie

Viscount in Love     /   James, Eloisa



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