New Fiction – June 2023


Cheat Sheet     /   Adams, Sarah

Match     /   Adams, Sarah

Forget Me Never     /   Albert, Susan Wittig

Confidence Games     /   Amy, Tess

Fiance Dilemma     /   Armas, Elena

Au Pair Affair     /   Bailey, Tessa

It Happened One Summer     /   Bailey, Tessa

Honey     /   Banta, Isabel

Last Dance     /   Billingham, Mark

Wrong Hands     /   Billingham, Mark

Next of Kin     /   Bonam-Young, Hannah

Next to You     /   Bonam-Young, Hannah

Out on a Limb     /   Bonam-Young, Hannah

Shades of Mercy     /   Borgos, Bruce

Business Casual     /   Borison, B. K.

Until Next Summer     /   Brady, Ali

It Had to Be You     /   Brazier, Eliza Jane

Novel Summer     /   Brenner, Jamie

Long Island Compromise     /   Brodesser-Akner, Taffy

Falling for Alaska     /   Calhoune, Belle

Bad River     /   Cameron, Marc

Burning     /   Castillo, Linda

Finding You     /   Clipston, Amy

Next Mrs. Parrish     /   Constantine, LIV

Our Kind of Game     /   Copeland, Johanna

Flashpoint: An FBI Thriller     /   Coulter, Catherine

Eruption: Following Jurassic Park     /   Crichton, Michael

Calder Country     /   Dailey, Janet

One Big Happy Family     /   Day, Jamie

Five Stages of Courting Dalisay Ramos     /   de la Cruz, Melissa

Trouble Is Brewing     /   Delany, Vicki

Just One Taste     /   Dent, Lizzy

Teddy     /   Dunlay, Emily

Wedding People     /   Espach, Alison

Game Changer     /   Ferguson, Lana

Midnight Feast     /   Foley, Lucy

This Summer Will Be Different     /   Fortune, Carley

Big in Sweden     /   Franson, Sally

Next Best Fling     /   Gamez, Gabriella

Summer Pact     /   Giffin, Emily

Return to Wyldcliffe Heights     /   Goodman, Carol

Husbands     /   Gramazio, Holly

Perils of Lady Catherine de Bourgh     /   Gray, Claudia

World After Alice     /   Green, Lauren Aliza

Bright Sword     /   Grossman, Lev

Haters     /   Harding, Robyn

Black Bird Oracle     /   Harkness, Deborah

Forest of Vanishing Stars     /   Harmel, Kristin

Match Me If You Can     /   Hegde, Swati

Darling Girls     /   Hepworth, Sally

Fleeing France     /   Hlad, Alan

Astrology House     /   Jade, Carinn

Breaking the Dark     /   Jewell, Lisa

Same Bright Stars     /   Joella, Ethan

Grown Women     /   Johnson, Sarai

I Was a Teenage Slasher     /   Jones, Stephen Graham

Ex Vows     /   Joyce, Jessica

Reunion     /   Juska, Elise

Lion Women of Tehran     /   Kamali, Marjan

Body Check     /   Kennedy, Elle 

Backtrack     /   La Rosa, Erin

Better World     /   Langan, Sarah

What Have You Done?     /   Lapena, Shari

That Prince Is Mine     /   Lee, Jayci

Dallergut Dream Department Store     /   Lee, Miye

Refiner’s Fire     /   Leon, Donna

Bookshop Sisterhood     /   Lindo-Rice, Michelle

Same As It Ever Was     /   Lombardo, Claire

Faculty Lounge     /   Mathieu, Jennifer

Let the Games Begin     /   Mazarura, Rufaro Faith

Conditions of Unconditional Love     /   McCall Smith, Alexander

Like Mother, Like Daughter     /   McCreight, Kimberly

Only One Survives     /   McKinnon, Hannah Mary

Swan’s Nest     /   McNeal, Laura

This Strange Eventful History     /   Messud, Claire

Shanghailanders     /   Min, Juli

God of the Woods     /   Moore, Liz

Within Arm’s Reach     /   Napolitano, Ann

Days I Loved You Most     /   Neff, Amy

Road to the Country     /   Obioma, Chigozie

Godwin     /   O’Neill, Joseph

Confessions of the Dead     /   Patterson, James

Hard to Kill     /   Patterson, James

Wilds     /   Pearse, Sarah

Bear     /   Phillips, Julia

Briar Club     /   Quinn, Kate

Townsend Family Recipe for Disaster     /   Robinson, Shauna

Storm Child     /   Robotham, Michael

Dog Day Afternoon     /   Rosenfelt, David

Slow Dance     /   Rowell, Rainbow

Masquerade     /   Sangoyomi, O. O.

People Will Talk     /   Scott, Kieran

Welcome to Glorious Tuga     /   Segal, Francesca

Hate to Fake It to You     /   Sellet, Amanda

Four Weddings and a Puppy     /   Shane, Lizzie

Humor Me     /   Shook, Cat

Death in Cornwall     /   Silva, Daniel

One Year Ago in Spain     /   Skye, Evelyn

Look in the Mirror     /   Steadman, Catherine

Resurrection     /   Steel, Danielle

Cliffs     /   Sullivan, J. Courtney

Take Me Home     /   Sweeney, Melanie

Thousand Times Before     /   Thanki, Asha

Sleepwalkers     /   Thomas, Scarlett

Shadow of Doubt     /   Thor, Brad

Jackie     /   Tripp, Dawn

Ne’er Duke Well     /   Vasti, Alexandra

Horse     /   Vlautin, Willy

Certain Kind of Starlight     /   Webber, Heather

All the Colors of the Dark     /   Whitaker, Chris

Husbands & Lovers     /   Williams, Beatriz

Shelterwood     /   Wingate, Lisa

One of Our Kind     /   Yoon, Nicola


Murder at the Rusty Anchor     /   Day, Maddie

Forbidden Secrets     /   Jackson, Lisa

Man from Waco     /   Johnstone, William W.

Whip Hand     /   Johnstone, William W.

Wicked and the Dead     /   Johnstone, William W.

Liaison with the Champagne Count     /   Scott, Bronwyn

Alliance with the Notorious Lord     /   Scott, Bronwyn


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