New Nonfiction Books - May 2024


Dancing on My Own     /   Wu, Simon 


On Call     /   Fauci, Anthony

Prairie Man: My Little House Life & Beyond     /   Butler, Dean

Under a Rock: A Memoir     /   Stein, Chris



Estate Planning Basics     /   Clifford, Denis

How the World Ran Out of Everything     /   Goodman, Peter S.

What’s Next Is Now     /   Pferdt, Frederik


I Hate Job Interviews     /   Owens, Sam


Code Dependent     /   Murgia, Madhumita

Dark Wire     /   Cox, Joseph

Singularity Is Nearer     /   Kurzweil, Ray

WordPress All-In-One for Dummies     /   Sabin-Wilson, Lisa


Feel Good Foodie Cookbook     /   Jawad, Yumna

Foodie Places     /   Baxter, Sarah

Gathering Boards     /   Tuthill, Sarah

Let’s Make Bread!: A Comic Book Cookbook     /   Forkish, Ken

Official Stardew Valley Cookbook     /   Concernedape


Batch Distillation: Science and Practice     /   Strickland, Matt

Cask Management for Distillers     /   Strickland, Matt


Apprentice in Wonderland     /   Setoodeh, Ramin

Murdle: Volume 1     /   Karber, G. T.


Glossy     /   Meltzer, Marisa

Graphic Novels

Puerto Rican War: A Graphic History     /   Mejias, John Vasquez


Nothing to Fear: Demystifying Death     /   McFadden, Julie

Resilience Myth     /   Chemaly, Soraya

This Ordinary Stardust     /   Townsend, Alan


Connection Cure     /   Hotz, Julia

Free to Be: Understanding Kids & Gender     /   Turban, Jack

Invisible Labor     /   Somerstein, Rachel

Matrescence: On Pregnancy, Childbirth     /   Jones, Lucy

Mayo Clinic Guide to Home Remedies     /   Kermott, Cindy A.

Reversing Alzheimer’s: The New Toolkit     /   Sandison, Heather

Your Postpartum Body: The Complete Guide     /   Macy, Ruth E.


CIA: An Imperial History     /   Wilford, Hugh

Codename Nemo     /   Lachman, Charles

Demon of Unrest     /   Larson, Erik

Light of Battle     /   Paradis, Michel

Taking London     /   Dugard, Martin

The Showman     /   Shuster, Simon

We Were Illegal     /   Goudeau, Jessica

Burma ’44     /   Holland, James

Brave the Wild River     /   Sevigny, Melissa L.

Night Flyer: Harriet Tubman     /   Miles, Tiya


I Shouldn’t Be Telling You This     /   Devantez, Chelsea

I’ve Tried Being Nice: Essays     /   Leary, Ann


Indispensable Right     /   Turley, Jonathan

Musician Memoirs

Hip-Hop is History     /   Questlove

Story of the Bee Gees     /   Stanley, Bob

Willie, Waylon, and the Boys     /   Fairbanks, Brian

Traveling: On the Path of Joni Mitchell     /   Powers, Ann


Bird-Friendly Gardening     /   McGuinness, Jen

Birds Aren’t Real     /   McIndoe, Peter

Birds That Audubon Missed     /   Kaufman, Kenn


What Are Children For?     /   Berg, Anastasia

Political Science

Democracy or Else     /   Favreau, Jon

Fall of Roe     /   Dias, Elizabeth

What This Comedian Said Will Shock You     /   Maher, Bill

What Went Wrong with Capitalism     /   Sharma, Ruchir


Price She Pays     /   Brown, Tiffany

This Is Why You Dream     /   Jandial, Rahul

Why Are People Into That?     /   Horn, Tina


Keep the Faith     /   Jeremiah, David

Life After Doom     /   McLaren, Brian D.

Why I Believe: A Psychologist’s Thoughts     /   Cloud, Henry


Accidental Astronomy     /   Lintott, Chris

Adventures in Volcanoland     /   Mather, Tamsin

Escape from Shadow Physics     /   Kay, Adam Forrest

Free the Land: How We Can Fight Poverty     /   Lim, Audrea

Frostbite     /   Twilley, Nicola

Guide to Being a Good Human for the Earth     /   Ramsey, Travis

Playing with Reality     /   Clancy, Kelly


Art and Science of Connection     / Kasley, Killam

Captive Imagination     /   Dakwar, Elias

Right Thing, Right Now     /   Holiday, Ryan

Wisdom of the Path     /   Cheyenne, Yasmine

T-Shirt Swim Club     /   Karmel, Ian


Furry Nation     /   Strike, Joe

Poverty, by America     /   Desmond, Matthew


Art of Yoga Sequencing     /   Rountree, Sage


Rick Steves France     /   Steves, Rick

Rick Steves Paris     /   Steves, Rick

True Crime

College Girl, Missing     /   Cohen, Shawn

Gentleman and a Thief     /   Jobb, Dean

There Is No Ethan     /   Akbari, Anna

When the Night Comes Falling: A Requiem     /   Blum, Howard





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