New Fiction – May 2023

Dead Tired     /   Ailes, Kat

Fine Print     /   Asher, Lauren

Love Unwritten     /   Asher, Lauren

Don’t Let the Devil Ride     /   Atkins, Ace

Stuart Woods’ Smolder     /   Battles, Brett

Paris Widow     /   Belle, Kimberly

Peg and Rose Play the Ponies     /   Berenson, Laurien

Throne: The Machiavelli Trilogy, Book 1     /   Bernini, Franco

Collection of Lies     /   Berry, Connie

Trust Her     /   Berry, Flynn

Red Star Falling: Volume 2     /   Berry, Steve

Northern Light in Provence     /   Birkelund, Elizabeth

Bodies to Die for     /   Brand, Lori

Winter Lost     /   Briggs, Patricia

Ashes & the Star-Cursed King     /   Broadbent, Carissa

Serpent & the Wings of Night     /   Broadbent, Carissa

Cautious Traveller’s Guide to the Wastelands     /   Brooks, Sarah

Practice     /   Brown, Rosalind

Clete     /   Burke, James Lee

Nonna Maria and the Case of the Lost Treasure     /   Carcaterra, Lorenzo

Rom-Commers     /   Center, Katherine

Serendipity     /   Chalsen, Becky

Swift River     /   Chambers, Essie

Rakesfall     /   Chandrasekera, Vajra

Glassmaker     /   Chevalier, Tracy

When Cicadas Cry     /   Cleveland, Caroline

Unwedding     /   Condie, Ally

Love Letters to a Serial Killer     /   Coryell, Tasha

Eruption: Following Jurassic Park     /   Crichton, Michael

Middletide     /   Crouch, Sarah

Daughter of Fair Verona     /   Dodd, Christina

Memo     /   Dodes, Rachel

Pitch Dark     /   Doiron, Paul

Birthday Girl     /   Douglas, Penelope

Credence     /   Douglas, Penelope

Death at the Dress Rehearsal     /   Douglas, Stuart

Just Some Stupid Love Story     /   Doyle, Katelyn

Birding with Benefits     /   Dubb, Sarah T.

Housemates     /   Eisenberg, Emma Copley

Little Rot     /   Emezi, Akwaeke

Irish Goodbye     /   Ewing, Amy

Midnight Feast     /   Foley, Lucy

Love Shack     /   Foster, Lori

Art Lover’s Guide to Paris and Murder     /   Freeman, Dianne

Jackpot Summer     /   Friedland, Elyssa

Malas     /   Fuentes, Marcela

Stranger in the Library     /   Gates, Eva

Nature of Disappearing     /   Grant, Kimi Cunningham

A is for Amish     /   Gray, Shelley Shepard

Sentinel     /   Greaney, Mark

Assassins Anonymous     /   Hart, Rob

Happier Life     /   Harvey, Kristy Woodson

Meet Me at the Starlight     /   Hauck, Rachel

Not in Love     /   Hazelwood, Ali

Swan Song     /   Hilderbrand, Elin

Smoke and Mirrors     /   Hilliard, M. E.

Man in the Water     /   Housewright, David

If Love Had a Price     /   Huang, Ana

If the Sun Never Sets     /   Huang, Ana

If We Ever Meet Again     /   Huang, Ana

If We Were Perfect     /   Huang, Ana

King of Wrath     /   Huang, Ana

Twisted Hate     /   Huang, Ana

Twisted Lies     /   Huang, Ana

Hope to Die     /   Hunter, Cara

Our Little Secret     /   Jackson, Lisa

Secrets of Rose Briar Hall     /   James, Kelsey

Requiem for a Mouse     /   James, Miranda

Flashback     /   Johansen, Iris

Shanghai     /   Kanon, Joseph

Seaside Sisters     /   Kelley, Pamela M.

Botanist’s Guide to Society and Secrets     /   Khavari, Kate

Real Americans     /   Khong, Rachel

Eyes Are the Best Part     /   Kim, Monika

We Used to Live Here     /   Kliewer, Marcus

Lies and Weddings     /   Kwan, Kevin

Tangled Up in You     /   Lauren, Christina

Murder Buys a One-Way Ticket     /   Levine, Laura

Daughter of Calamity     /   Lin, Rosalie M.

Final Act of Juliette Willoughby     /   Lloyd, Ellery

Nice Work, Nora November     /   London, Julia

Shore Thing     /   Lowell, Joanna

Tell Me Who You Are     /   Luna, Louisa

Summer of Keeping Secrets     /   Lynn, Jill

Last Hope: A Maggie Hope Mystery     /   MacNeal, Susan Elia

Come Shell or High Water     /   MacRae, Molly

For the Love of Summer     /   Mallery, Susan

Family Experiment     /   Marrs, John

Stellar Debut of Galactica MacFee     /   McCall Smith, Alexander

Housemaid Is Watching     /   McFadden, Freida

Storybook Wedding     /   Micciche, Kj

Proof     /   Michaels, Fern

Lula Dean’s Little Library of Banned Books     /   Miller, Kirsten

Oye     /   Mogollon, Melissa

Summer Romance     /   Monaghan, Annabel

Wealth of Shadows     /   Moore, Graham

What You Leave Behind     /   Morris, Wanda M.

Farewell, Amethystine     /   Mosley, Walter

Such a Bad Influence     /   Muenter, Olivia

Death in the Air     /   Murali, Ram

Coast Road     /   Murrin, Alan

Love Like the Sun     /   Neilson, Riss M.

Sandwich     /   Newman, Catherine

You Are Here     /   Nicholls, David

Rules for Second Chances     /   North, Maggie

Whale Fall     /   O’Connor, Elizabeth

To Die in June     /   Parks, Alan

Year of What If     /   Patrick, Phaedra

Bright and Tender Dark     /   Pearson, Joanna

Enlightenment     /   Perry, Sarah

How to Age Disgracefully     /   Pooley, Clare

Last to Pie     /   Popp, Misha

Dad Camp     /   Porter, Evan S.

Novel Love Story     /   Poston, Ashley

Borrowed Hills     /   Preston, Scott

Mirrored Heavens     /   Roanhorse, Rebecca

Some Murders in Berlin     /   Robards, Karen

Last Twelve Miles     /   Robuck, Erika

Seven Summer Weekends     /   Rosen, Jane L.

Middle of the Night     /   Sager, Riley

Summer Escape     /   Shalvis, Jill

Off to the Races     /   Silver, Elsie

Hazelbourne Ladies Motorcycle and Flying     /   Simonson, Helen

Moonbound     /   Sloan, Robin

One Last Summer     /   Spencer, Kate

Talent for Murder     /   Swanson, Peter

15 Summers Later     /   Thayne, Raeanne

Art of Catching Feelings     /   Thompson, Alicia

Queen of Poisons     /   Thorogood, Robert

Margo’s Got Money Troubles     /   Thorpe, Rufi

Long Island     /   Toibin, Colm

Horror Movie     /   Tremblay, Paul

Devil Is Fine     /   Vercher, John

Lovers and Liars     /   Ward, Amanda Eyre

One Deadly Eye     /   Wayne White, Randy

Passionate Tudor: A Novel of Queen Mary    /   Weir, Alison

Bitter Truth     /   Williams, Shanora

Comfort of Ghosts     /   Winspear, Jacqueline

Holy City     /   Wise, Henry

Under Your Spell     /   Wood, Laura

How to Read a Book     /   Wood, Monica

Familiaris     /   Wroblewski, David


You’ll Never Find Me     /   Brennan, Allison

Limited Edition Murder     /   Elliott, Lauren

Liar’s Point     /   Griffin, Laura

Fondant Fumble     /   McKinlay, Jenn


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