New Fiction – April 2024

Rule Book     /   Adams, Sarah

Tom Clancy Act of Defiance     /   Andrews, Brian

Summers at the Saint     /   Andrews, Mary Kay

Tired Ladies Take a Stand     /   Anthony, Gretchen

I Will Ruin You     /   Barclay, Linwood

Familiar     /   Bardugo, Leigh

Goddess of Warsaw     /   Barr, Lisa

I’m Afraid You’ve Got Dragons     /   Beagle, Peter S.

Garden     /   Beams, Clare

Five Year Lie     /   Bowen, Sarina

Ministry of Time     /   Bradley, Kaliane

Devil’s Fortress     /   Brown, Dale

Mistakes We Never Made     /   Brown, Hannah

Feline Fatale     /   Brown, Rita Mae

Fellowship of Puzzlemakers     /   Burr, Samuel

Lost Letters from Martha’s Vineyard     /   Callahan, Michael

People in Glass Houses     /   Castle, Jayne

One Last Shot     /   Cayouette, Betty

888 Love and the Divine Burden of Number     /   Chang, Abraham

Miss Morgan’s Book Brigade     /   Charles, Janet Skeslien

Their Divine Fires     /   Chen, Wendy

Swiped     /   Chilton, L. M.

Daughters of Shandong     /   Chung, Eve J.

Cyclist’s Guide to Crime & Croissants     /   Claire, Ann

Think Twice     /   Coben, Harlan

Bad Men     /   Cohen, Julie Mae

Instruments of Darkness     /   Connolly, John

Five Broken Blades     /   Corland, Mai

Summertime Punchline     /   Corrello, Betty

Early Sobrieties     /   Deagler, Michael

Lady He Lost     /   Delacour, Faye

Long Time Gone     /   Donlea, Charlie

Clive Cussler the Heist     /   Du Brul, Jack

Red Side Story     /   Fforde, Jasper

If Something Happens to Me     /   Finlay, Alex

Joe Nuthin’s Guide to Life     /   Fisher, Helen

Love on a Whim     /   Fisher, Suzanne Woods

Red Grove     /   Fontaine, Tessa

This Summer Will Be Different     /   Fortune, Carley

Limits     /   Freudenberger, Nell

Love You, Mean It     /   Gagnon, Jilly

Malibu Summer     /   Gill, Libby

Library of Borrowed Hearts     /   Gilmore, Lucy

Main Character     /   Goldis, Jaclyn

Women and Children First     /   Grabowski, Alina

Husbands     /   Gramazio, Holly

She Left     /   Grey, Stacie

Camino Ghosts     /   Grisham, John

Lights, Camera, Bones     /   Haines, Carolyn

All’s Fair in Love and War     /   Heath, Virginia

House That Horror Built     /   Henry, Christina

Funny Story     /   Henry, Emily

Look on the Bright Side     /   Higgins, Kristan

King of Sloth     /   Huang, Ana

Southern Man     /   Iles, Greg

Return of Ellie Black     /   Jean, Emiko

Every Time We Say Goodbye     /   Jenner, Natalie

First Frost: A Longmire Mystery     /   Johnson, Craig

Witches of Bellinas     /   Jones, J. Nicole

All Fours     /   July, Miranda

Dixon Rule     /   Kennedy, Elle

Graham Effect     /   Kennedy, Elle

Real Americans     /   Khong, Rachel

You Like It Darker     /   King, Stephen

Liquid, Fragile, Perishable     /   Kuebler, Carolyn

Lies and Weddings     /   Kwan, Kevin

All We Were Promised     /   Lattimore, Ashton

Love, Lies, and Cherry Pie     /   Lau, Jackie

Paradise Problem     /   Lauren, Christina

My First Book     /   Levy, Honor

Better Left Unsent     /   Louis, Lia

Every Time I Go on Vacation, Someone Dies     /   Mack, Catherine

Game of Lies     /   Mackintosh, Clare

Devil Wears Scrubs     /   McFadden, Freida

Never Lie     /   McFadden, Freida

One by One     /   McFadden, Freida

Safe and Sound     /   McHugh, Laura

Love at First Book     /   McKinlay, Jenn

When We Were Silent     /   McPhillips, Fiona

Summer Swap     /   Morgan, Sarah

Hunted     /   Mukherjee, Abir

Nest of Vipers     /   Nagendra, Harini

Inconvenient Wife     /   Olson, Karen E.

Bullet That Missed     /   Osman, Richard

Last Devil to Die     /   Osman, Richard

Man Who Died Twice     /   Osman, Richard

Thursday Murder Club     /   Osman, Richard

24th Hour: Is This the End?     /   Patterson, James

A Wedding in Lake Como     /   Probst, Jennifer

Bridesmaid for Hire     /   Quinn, Meghan

Paris Novel     /   Reichl, Ruth

Summer Fridays     /   Rindell, Suzanne

Blood on the Tide     /   Robert, Katee

Mind Games     /   Roberts, Nora

Very Bad Company     /   Rosenblum, Emma

Guncle Abroad     /   Rowley, Steven

Blast from the Past     /   Score, Lucy

Corpse in the Closet     /   Score, Lucy

Shadow of War     /   Shaara, Jeff

Last House     /   Shattuck, Jessica

Wild Love     /   Silver, Elsie

Lucky     /   Smiley, Jane

Only the Brave     /   Steel, Danielle

I Hope This Finds You Well     /   Sue, Natalie

Wives Like Us     /   Sykes, Plum

Road Trip Rewind     /   Tamberelli, Kate

Summer We Started Over     /   Thayer, Nancy

Long Island     /   Toibin, Colm

Last Murder at the End of the World     /   Turton, Stuart

One Perfect Couple     /   Ware, Ruth

Locked in Pursuit     /   Weaver, Ashley

Last Time She Saw Him     /   White, Kate

Lost Bookshop     /   Woods, Evie

Beyond What Is Given     /   Yarros, Rebecca

Eyes Turned Skyward     /   Yarros, Rebecca

Full Measures     /   Yarros, Rebecca

Hallowed Ground     /   Yarros, Rebecca

Reality of Everything     /   Yarros, Rebecca



Backup Bride Proposal     /   Burton, Jaci

Lady Plays with Fire     /   Craig, Susanna

Wake Me Most Wickedly     /   Grossman, Felicia

Four-Alarm Homicide     /   Kelly, Diane

Tiny Blessings     /   Michaels, Fern

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