New Children's & Young Adult Books – May 2024

Children's Books

Book That Almost Rhymed     /   Abed, Omar

Not Just the Driver!     /   Ackerman, Sara Holly

When Creature Met Creature     /   Agard, John

Swimming Into Trouble     /   Ahn, Angela

Thingamajig     /   Alexander, Rilla

Blood City Rollers     /   Anderson, V. P.

Garden     /   Archer, Charlotte

Tree     /   Archer, Charlotte

Sophie’s Monster Goes to Shul     /   Asher, Sandy

Life-Changing Magic of Chess     /   Ashley, Maurice

One Day This Tree Will Fall     /   Barnard Booth, Leslie

Glenn Burke, Game Changer     /   Bildner, Phil

Listen to This     /   Blecher, Jennifer

Zips and Eeloo Make Hummus     /   Boukarim, Leila

Hey! What’s That?     /   Boynton, Sandra

Last Comics on Earth: Too Many Villains!     /   Brallier, Max

Life-Changing Magic of Skateboarding     /   Brown, Sky

Dog vs. Strawberry     /   Buchet, Nelly

Look What I Found on the Farm     /   Butterfield, Moira

Secret Life of Bugs     /   Butterfield, Moira

Something about the Sky     /   Carson, Rachel L.

Just Like Millie     /   Castillo, Lauren

Eowulf: Of Monsters & Middle School     /   Cavallaro, Mike

Spaceman     /   Cecil, Randy

Hen in the Bed     /   Charman, Katrina

Viewfinder     /   Chung, Christine D. U.

One Big Open Sky     /   Cline-Ransome, Lesa

Nothing: John Cage and 4’33     /   Day, Nicholas

Libby Loves Science: States of Matter     /   Derting, Kimberly

Orris and Timble: The Beginning     /   DiCamillo, Kate

Eyewitness World War I     /   DK

Hello, Sun     /   Downing, Julie

Everyone Gets a Turn     /   Dubuc, Marianne

Cozy Home     /   Dyckman, Ame

Make Tracks: Building Site     /   Dyrander, Johnny

Make Tracks: Cars     /   Dyrander, Johnny

Make Tracks: Trucks     /   Dyrander, Johnny

Game of Noctis     /   Fagan, Deva

Finding Normal     /   Faris, Stephanie

Charlie Thorne and the Royal Society     /   Gibbs, Stuart

Heroes: A Novel of Pearl Harbor     /   Gratz, Alan

Club Microbe     /   Gravel, Elise

A for Effort     /   Greene, Jarad

169-Story Treehouse: Doppelganger Doom!     /   Griffiths, Andy

Friend for Eddy     /   Ha, Ann Kim

My Block Looks Like     /   Harper, Janelle

Kitty and the Vanishing ACT: Volume 11     /   Harrison, Paula

Turtle-Turtle and the Wide, Wide River     /   Hillenbrand, Jane

Cooking with the Sneetches     /   Holm, Astrid

Sunny Makes Her Case: A Graphic Novel     /   Holm, Jennifer L.

On a Summer Night     /   Hopkinson, Deborah

Plot to Kill a Queen     /   Hopkinson, Deborah

Ant Story     /   Hosler, Jay

Gigi and Ojiji: Perfect Paper Cranes     /   Iwai, Melissa

Code Name Kingfisher     /   Kessler, Liz

Behind My Doors     /   Khan, Hena

Door Is Open     /   Khan, Hena

Planet Is a Poem     /   Lewis, Amanda West

Gus and Sully Watch the Weather     /   Light, Steve

Continental Drifter     /   MacLeod, Kathy

Secret Library     /   Magoon, Kekla

Bunny and Clyde     /   McDonald, Megan

Jimmy’s Rhythm & Blues     /   Meadows, Michelle

One of a Kind: The Life of Sydney Taylor     /   Michelson, Richard

Day I Fell Into a Fairy Tale     /   Miller, Ben

Little Sisters     /   Miura, Tomo

Brave Baby Hummingbird     /   Montgomery, Sy

Not Perfect     /   Myers, Maya

Color Gallery: Introducing First Colors     /   Otter, Isabel

Double Booking: The Tail of the Mummy Cat   /   Pangburn, Chas!

Kid-Ventors: 35 Real Kids and Their Amazing Inventions   /   Pew, Kailei

Captain Underpants and the Terrifying Return of Tippy     /   Pilkey, Dav

Mission Manhattan     /   Ponti, James

Secret Elephant     /   Rankin, Ellan

Queenie Jean Is in Trouble Again     /   Read, Christine

Gifts from Georgia’s Garden     /   Robinson, Lisa

Truth about the Couch     /   Rubin, Adam

Iguanodon’s Horn     /   Rubin, Sean

Three Summers     /   Sabic-El-Rayess, Amra

Zoom! Zoom!     /   Schaefer, Lola M.

Roy Is Not a Dog     /   Shapiro, Esmé

City Sings Green & Other Poems     /   Silverman, Erica

Black History Heroes: Chadwick Boseman     /   Singleton, Chris

My Thoughts Have Wings     /   Smith, Maggie

Weird Sisters: A Coop, Some Goop, and a Sandwich     /   Smith, Mark David

Weird Sisters: A Note, a Goat, and a Casserole     /   Smith, Mark David

Weird Sisters: A Robin, a Ribbon, and a Lawnmower     /   Smith, Mark David

Juniper Mae: Knight of Tykotech City     /   Soh, Sarah

Dodo Dodgeball     /   Stemple, Heidi E. Y.

Gaga Mistake Day     /   Straub, Emma

Sleeping Spells and Dragon Scales     /   Swore, Wendy S.

Maleta Full of Treasures     /   Sylvester, Natalia

My Lost Freedom     /   Takei, George

Better Best Friend     /   Tallec, Olivier

I Survived the Great Alaska Earthquake     /   Tarshis, Lauren

Olivette Is You     /   Tortorella, Nico

Cranky     /   Tran, Phuc

Comet Chaser: The True Cinderella Story     /   Turner, Pamela S.

You Can Be … Story Collection (Barbie)     /   Various

What a Rock Can Reveal     /   Wei-Haas, Maya

Two Together     /   Wenzel, Brendan

Mid-Air     /   Williams, Alicia D.

Go! Go! Dino!     /   Windness, Kaz

Rock in My Throat     /   Yang, Kao Kalia

Avatar: The Last Airbender: Heart of a Hero     /   Zhang, Kat

Little Snail’s Book of Bugs     /   Zommer, Yuval

Little Turtle’s Book of the Blue     /   Zommer, Yuval


Young Adult Books

Hearts Still Beating     /   Archer, Brooke

Here I Am, I Am Me     /   Bean, Cara

King Cheer     /   Booth, Molly Horton

Hedgewitch of Foxhall     /   Bright, Anna

Plain Jane and the Mermaid     /   Brosgol, Vera

Infinity Alchemist     /   Callender, Kacen

Draw Down the Moon     /   Cast, P. C.

Boy Lost in the Maze     /   Coelho, Joseph

So Let Them Burn     /   Cole, Kamilah

Puzzled: A Memoir     /   Cooke, Pan

Shackled     /   Cooper, Candy J.

Beastly Beauty     /   Donnelly, Jennifer

Born a Girl: It Takes Courage     /   Dussutour, Alice

Made Glorious     /   Eagar, Lindsay

Merciless Saviors     /   Edgmon, H. E.

Bright Red Fruit     /   Elhillo, Safia

Vanishing Station     /   Ellickson, Ana

Meet Me in the Fourth Dimension     /   Feinstein, Rita

Trajectory     /   Gordon, Cambria

Hotelitor: Luxury-Class Defense and Hospitality Unit     /   Hicks, Josh

I Run to Make My Heart Beat     /   Khan, Rachel

49 Days     /   Lee, Agnes

Bad Like Us     /   Lepore, Gabriella

Rebel Skies     /   Lin, Ann Sei

Song of the Six Realms     /   Lin, Judy I.

Sheine Lende: A Prequel to Elatsoe     /   Little Badger, Darcie

One That Got Away with Murder     /   Lundy, Trish

Freshman Year (Graphic Novel)     /   Mai, Sarah

Dark Parts of the Universe     /   Miller, Samuel

Someday Daughter     /   O’Clover, Ellen

ASAP     /   Oh, Axie

Kill Factor     /   Oliver, Ben

Snowglobe     /   Park, Soyoung

We Built This City     /   Patrick, Cat

You’re Breaking My Heart     /   Rhuday-Perkovich, Olugbemisola

Queen of Thieves     /   Rundberg, Johan

Ultraviolet     /   Salazar, Aida

Renaissance of Gwen Hathaway     /   Schumacher, Ashley

Maybe It’s a Sign     /   Shen, E. L.

If I Promise You Wings     /   Small, A. K.

Karate Prom     /   Starks, Kyle

Rainbow! Volume 1 (Graphic Novel)     /   Sunny

Roaming     /   Tamaki, Jillian

This Day Changes Everything     /   Underhill, Edward

Dead Things Are Closer Than They Appear     /   Wasley, Robin

Deep Is the Fen     /   Wilkinson, Lili

Punk Rock Karaoke     /   Xunise, Bianca


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