New Nonfiction Books - March 2024

Art History

Like Love: Essays and Conversations     /   Nelson, Maggie

Car Repair

Mechanic Shop Femme’s Guide to Car Ownership     /   Milchtein, Chaya M.


The French Ingredient: A Memoir     /   Bertch, Jane

Rulebreaker: The Life and Times of Barbara Walters     /   Page, Susan

Secret Lives of Booksellers and Librarians     /   Patterson, James

The Way You Make Me Feel     /   Sharma, Nina

Missing Persons: or, My Grandmother’s Secrets     /   Wills, Clair

Rebel Rising: A Memoir     /   Wilson, Rebel


F.I.R.E. for Dummies     /   Cummings Koski, Jackie

Women’s Small Business Start-Up Kit     /   Pakroo, Peri


Microskills: Small Actions, Big Impact     /   Landry, Adaira


Python Essentials for Dummies     /   John C Shovic

HTML & CSS Essentials for Dummies     /   McFedries, Paul

SQL All-In-One for Dummies     /   Taylor, Allen G.


Indulge: Delicious and Decadent Dishes     /   Bertinelli, Valerie

Ikaria Way: 100 Delicious Plant-Based Recipes     /   Kochilas, Diane

My Mexican Mesa, Y Listo!     /   Martinez, Jenny

My Life in Recipes     /   Nathan, Joan


Ink & Wash in the Garden     /   Brix, Camilla Damsbo

Watercolor with Me in the Forest     /   Fox, Dana


K-Drama School     /   Jung, Grace


Mind Your Manners     /   Ho, Sara Jane

Did I Ever Tell You?: A Memoir     /   Kingston, Genevieve

Other People’s Words     /   Soep, Lissa


New Plant Collector     /   Cheng, Darryl

Flowering: Easygoing Floral Design     /   Jaime, Elizabeth


All in Her Head     /   Comen, Elizabeth

Postdiabetic     /   Edmeades, Eric

Magnificent Minds     /   Goh, Suzanne

Profiles in Mental Health Courage     /   Kennedy, Patrick J.

Big Book of Pregnancy Nutrition     /   Middleberg, Stephanie

The Unexpected: Navigating Pregnancy     /   Oster, Emily


Women Money Power     /   Cox, Josie

Unfinished Love Story     /   Goodwin, Doris Kearns

Art of Running: Learning to Run Like a Greek     /   Marcolongo, Andrea

Freaks Came Out to Write     /   Romano, Tricia


Good Housekeeping Organize Your Life     /   Good Housekeeping


Arabic for Dummies     /   Bouchentouf, Amine

Korean Stories for Language Learners     /   Damron, Julie

Greek Phrasebook & Dictionary     /   Lonely Planet

Japanese Phrasebook & Dictionary     /   Lonely Planet

Vietnamese Phrasebook & Dictionary     /   Lonely Planet

Short Stories in German for Beginners     /   Richards, Olly

Short Stories in Arabic for Beginners     /   Saleh, Taslim

Japanese Folktales for Language Learners     /   Sato, Eriko


Reading the Constitution     /   Breyer, Stephen


Letters of Emily Dickinson     /   Dickinson, Emily

You Are Here: Poetry in the Natural World     /   Limon, Ada


Gravity of Math: How Geometry Rules     /   Nadis, Steve


All You Need Is Love: The Beatles     /   Brown, Peter

What a Fool Believes: A Memoir     /   McDonald, Michael

Not That Fancy     /   McEntire, Reba

My Black Country     /   Randall, Alice


Psilocybin Therapy     /   Pursell, JJ


Underestimated     /   Goodan, Chelsey

Dad Truths     /   Julianelle, Mike

Love, Mom: Inspiring Stories     /   Saphier, Nicole

There Are Dads Way Worse Than You     /   Boozan, Glenn


Dogland     /   Tomlinson, Tommy


All Things Are Too Small     /   Rothfeld, Becca

Stoic Mindset: Living the Ten Principles of Stoicism     /   Tuitert, Mark

Political Science

Minority Rule     /   Berman, Ari

Age of Grievance     /   Bruni, Frank

Blood Money     /   Schweizer, Peter


The Weight of Nature     /   Aldern, Clayton Page

Secret Mind of Bertha Pappenheim     /   Brownstein, Gabriel

Twentysomething Treatment     /   Jay, Meg

Borderline     /   Kriss, Alexander

Secure Relating     /   Marriott, Sue

Age of Magical Overthinking     /   Montell, Amanda

You’re Not the Problem     /   Villiers, Helen


Interior Life of St. Thomas Aquinas     /   Grabmann, Martin

Hypotheses about Jesus     /   Messori, Vittorio

Grace, Period.     /   Morris, Robert

The Well-Watered Woman     /   Saffles, Gretchen

Now and Not Yet     /   Simons, Ruth Chou

When Strivings Cease     /   Simons, Ruth Chou

False White Gospel     /   Wallis, Jim


Conservative Environmentalist     /   Backer, Benji

Total Garbage     /   Humes, Edward

Alien Earths     /   Kaltenegger, Lisa

Silk: A World History     /   Prasad, Aarathi

Every Living Thing     /   Roberts, Jason

Before It’s Gone     /   Vigliotti, Jonathan

Life as We Know It (Can Be)     /   Weir, Bill


All That Happiness Is     /   Gopnik, Adam

Ritual Effect     /   Norton, Michael

Genius of Empathy     /   Orloff, Judith


Complete Book of Pickleball     /   Brungardt, Kurt

Pickleball for Dummies     /   Nard, Mo


Rick Steves Best of Europe     /   Steves, Rick

Rick Steves Iceland     /   Steves, Rick


Big Ideas, Little Pictures     /   Hey, Jono

True Crime

Shooter at Midnight     /   Cooper, Sean Patrick

Art Thief: A True Story     /   Finkel, Michael

Serial Killer’s Apprentice     /   Ramsland, Katherine




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