New Children's & Young Adult Books – April 2024

Children's Books

My Mama Is a Work of Art     /   Acabado, Hana

Best Thing Ever!     /   Alemagna, Beatrice

Easter on the Farm     /   Alsdurf, Phyllis

Sky High!: A Soaring History of Aviation     /   Ambrozewski, Jacek

Our Woolly Bear     /   Arthur, Katie

Henry and the Something New     /   Bailey, Jenn

Keep Up, Duck!     /   Bates, Ivan

Last Zookeeper     /   Becker, Aaron

Sea Hides a Seahorse     /   Behrman, Sara T.

Animal Albums from A to Z     /   Bell, Cece

Berenstain Bears: We Love Our Teacher!     /   Berenstain, Mike

Ahoy!     /   Blackall, Sophie

Wonderful Wisdom of Ants     /   Bunting, Philip

Very Clumsy Click Beetle     /   Carle, Eric

You’re So Amazing!     /   Catchpole, James

Rick Riordan Presents: The Spirit Glass     /   Chokshi, Roshani

Albert’s ABCs: A Sibling Story     /   Cole, Henry

Maisy Loves Bees     /   Cousins, Lucy

Maisy Loves Trees     /   Cousins, Lucy

Sleepy Sheepy and the Sheepover     /   Cummins, Lucy Ruth

She Persisted: Maria Tallchief     /   Day, Christine

Art Club (a Graphic Novel)     /   Doucet, Rashad

Treasure of Measures     /   Downs, Mike

What’s Hiding Under There?     /   Drescher, Daniela

Survival Scout: Tsunami     /   Eaton, Maxwell

Eyes and the Impossible     /   Eggers, Dave

Beautiful Butterflies     /   Esteves, Margarida

Rain Is Wet!: An Acorn Book     /   Fang, Vicky

A Unicorn, a Dinosaur, and a Shark Were Riding a Bicycle     /   Fenske, Jonathan

Lo Simpson Starts a Revolution     /   Florence, Melanie

Next Stop: (A Graphic Novel)     /   Fong, Debbie

Alone Together     /   Fong, Petti

Meet the Mushrooms!     /   Fry, Sonali

Afikoman, Where’d You Go?     /   Gardyn Levington, Rebecca

Making Sense of Dog Senses     /   Gibeault, Stephanie

Max in the House of Spies     /   Gidwitz, Adam

Lullaby for the King     /   Grimes, Nikki

Above the Trenches (Nathan Hale’s Hazardous Tales #12)     /   Hale, Nathan

Egg Incident     /   Hanaor, Ziggy

Spider in the Well     /   Hannigan, Jess

Universal Guide to the Night Sky     /   Harvey-Smith, Lisa

Penelope Rex and the Problem with Pets     /   Higgins, Ryan T.

Metis Like Me     /   Hilderman, Tasha

How to Party Like a Snail     /   Hrab, Naseem

Baby Cactus: Finger Puppet Book     /   Huang, Yu-Hsuan

Baby Sunflower: Finger Puppet Book     /   Huang, Yu-Hsuan

Party Rex     /   Idle, Molly

Gigi and Ojiji     /   Iwai, Melissa

Gigi and Ojiji: Food for Thought     /   Iwai, Melissa

Gigi and Ojiji: What’s in a Name?     /   Iwai, Melissa

I Am the Wind: Irish Poems for Children     /   Jacob, Lucinda

Eidtale (an Abrams Trail Tale)     /   Jaleel, Aaliya

Cool Bean Makes a Splash     /   John, Jory

Lightningborn: (Storm Dragons, Book 1)     /   Kagawa, Julie

Pinkalicious: Kittens! Kittens! Kittens!     /   Kann, Victoria

While You’re Asleep     /   Kastner, Emmy

It’s Fall!     /   Kurilla, Renee

Table Titans Club     /   Kurtz, Scott

Monkey King and the World of Myths     /   Lam, Maple

Grumpy Monkey Spring Fever     /   Lang, Suzanne

All of Those Babies     /   Larsen, Mylisa

Haru: Book 1: Spring     /   Latham, Joe

Butt or Face? Volume 2: Revenge of the Butts     /   Lavelle, Kari

Daughters of the Lamp     /   Lewers, Nedda

Beautiful House for Birds     /   Lin, Grace

Blue Stars: Mission One: The Vice Principal Problem     /   Magoon, Kekla

Medusa     /   Marsh, Katherine

I Am Not the Easter Bunny!     /   McBeth, T. L.

Girl Who Loves Bugs     /   Murray, Lily

This Book Is Full of Holes     /   Nickum, Nora

Asgardians: Odin     /   O’Connor, George

Let’s Be Brave     /   Osakwe, Leah

Afternoon on the Amazon     /   Osborne, Mary Pope

Big Nate: This Means War!     /   Peirce, Lincoln

Adventures of Captain Underpants     /   Pilkey, Dav

Dog Man: The Scarlet Shedder     /   Pilkey, Dav

Unicorn Boy     /   Roman, Dave

Great Lakes: Our Freshwater Treasure     /   Rosenstock, Barb

A to Z Animal Mysteries #1: The Absent Alpacas     /   Roy, Ron

A to Z Animal Mysteries #2: Bats in the Castle     /   Roy, Ron

A to Z Animal Mysteries #3: Cougar Clues     /   Roy, Ron

Buzzing (a Graphic Novel)     /   Sattin, Samuel

Pretty Ugly     /   Sedaris, David

Peekaboo Who?     /   Selena, Elena

First Night of Howlergarten     /   Shum, Benson

Look     /   Snyder, Gabi

Wings of Fire #1-#4:A Graphic Novel Box     /   Sutherland, Tui T.

Wings of Fire: The Brightest Night: A Graphic Novel     /   Sutherland, Tui T.

Most Exciting Eid     /   Talkhani, Zeba

Invasion of the Pugs: A Branches Book     /   Tan, Susan

I Survived the Battle of D-Day, 1944     /   Tarshis, Lauren

Baby Faces: Little Lamb, Where Are You?     /   Trukhan, Ekaterina

Let’s Play!: Board Book Edition     /   Tullet, Herve

Illusions in Art: Animals     /   Urban, Chieu Anh

Illusions in Art: Food     /   Urban, Chieu Anh

Gravity Is Bringing Me Down     /   Van Draanen, Wendelin

Rose Wolves (Book 1)     /   Warner, Natalie

Amazing Immortals     /   Williams, Dinah Dunn

All That Grows     /   Wong, Jack

Top Story     /   Yang, Kelly

Where Is My Nose?     /   Zanotto, Lucas


Young Adult Books

Where Sleeping Girls Lie     /   Àbíké-Íyímídé. Faridah

Stay with My Heart     /   Bhuiyan, Tashie

Prisoner’s Throne     /   Black, Holly

Stolen Heir     /   Black, Holly

Kindling     /   Chee, Traci

Encanto’s Daughter     /   de la Cruz, Melissa

Atlas of Us     /   Dwyer, Kristin

Revenant Games     /   Fuston, Margie

Girl, the Ring, & the Baseball Bat     /   Gomera-Tavarez, Camille

Perfect Guy Doesn’t Exist     /   Gonzales, Sophie

Baker and the Bard     /   Haught, Fern

Forest Demands Its Due     /   Jackson, Kosoko

Everything I Learned about Racism I Learned in School     /   Jewell, Tiffany

This Dark Descent     /   Josephson, Kalyn

Curious Tides     /   Lacelle, Pascale

Last Bloodcarver     /   Le, Vanessa

All This Twisted Glory     /   Mafi, Tahereh

Adventure Zone: Here There Be Gerblins     /   McElroy, Clint

Adventure Zone: Murder on the Rockport Limited!     /   McElroy, Clint

Adventure Zone: Petals to the Metal     /   McElroy, Clint

Adventure Zone: The Crystal Kingdom     /   McElroy, Clint

Adventure Zone: The Eleventh Hour     /   McElroy, Clint

With a Little Luck     /   Meyer, Marissa

Last One to Die     /   Murphy, Cynthia

Safe Passage      /   Neri, G.

Yours from the Tower     /   Nicholls, Sally

Where the Dark Stands Still     /   Poranek, A. B.

No-Girlfriend Rule     /   Randall, Christen

Ellie Haycock Is Totally Normal     /   Schreiber, Gretchen

These Deadly Prophecies     /   Tang, Andrea

Brooms     /   Walls, Jasmine

Karma of the Sun     /   Ying Kit Boey, Brandon


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