New Fiction – March 2024

Begin Again     /   Acton, Helly

Deadly Endeavor     /   Adams, Jenny

Twilight Garden     /   Adams, Sara Nisha

Happy Medium     /   Adler, Sarah

Cemetery of Untold Stories     /   Alvarez, Julia

What You Are Looking for Is in the Library     /   Aoyama, Michiko

Mother Doll     /  Apekina, Katya

Calamity of Souls     /   Baldacci, David

American Spirits     /   Banks, Russell

Ghost Station     /   Barnes, S. a.

Truly, Madly, Deeply     /   Bellefleur, Alexandria

Effie Olsen’s Summer Special     /   Bilow, Rochelle

Fake Flame     /   Buck, Adele

What the Mountains Remember     /   Callaway, Joy

Murder Most French     /   Cambridge, Colleen

Museum of Lost Quilts     /   Chiaverini, Jennifer

It Had to Be You     /   Clark, Mary Higgins

House on Biscayne Bay     /   Cleeton, Chanel

Maktub     /   Coelho, Paulo

One of Us Knows     /   Cole, Alyssa

Weird Black Girls: Stories     /   Cotman, Elwin

Clear     /   Davies, Carys

Unfinished Murder     /   Deveraux, Jude

Marriage Sabbatical     /   Dolan, Lian

Sweet Blue Distance     /   Donati, Sara

Kiss Countdown     /   Easton, Etta

I Cheerfully Refuse     /   Enger, Leif

James     /   Everett, Percival

Sky Was Ours     /   Fassler, Joe

Mrs. Quinn’s Rise to Fame     /   Ford, Olivia

Book of Thorns     /   Fox, Hester

Has Anyone Seen Charlotte Salter?     /   French, Nicci

Beautiful People     /   Gable, Michelle

Until August     /   Garci­a Marquez, Gabriel

Crow Talk     /   Garvin, Eileen

Anita de Monte Laughs Last     /   Gonzalez, Xochitl

Last Word     /   Griffiths, Elly

Everyone Is Watching     /   Gudenkauf, Heather

What Cannot Be Said     /   Harris, C. S.

Magnolia Parks     /   Hastings, Jessa

Magnolia Parks: Into the Dark     /   Hastings, Jessa

Better by Far     /   Hayes, Hazel

Great Divide     /   Henriquez, Cristina

Funny Story     /   Henry, Emily

Good Happy Girl     /   Higgins, Marissa

Lost Birds     /   Hillerman, Anne

Like It Never Happened     /   Hoffmann, Jeff

Old Flames and New Fortunes     /   Hogle, Sarah

Earls Trip     /   Holiday, Jenny

Enchanting Case of Spirits     /   Holtz, Melissa

Close to Death     /   Horowitz, Anthony

Alternatives     /   Hughes, Caoilinn

Whole Truth     /   Hunter, Cara

Fate Inked in Blood     /   Jensen, Danielle L.

Just for the Summer     /   Jimenez, Abby

First Light     /   Kerin, Liz

Love in Tandem     /   Kinzer, Becca

How to End a Love Story     /   Kuang, Yulin

She’s Not Sorry     /   Kubica, Mary

Days of Wonder     /   Leavitt, Caroline

Negative Space     /   Linden, Gillian

Honey     /   Lodato, Victor

Funeral Cryer     /   Lu, Wenyan

Finding Sophie     /   Mahmood, Imran

Inmate     /   McFadden, Freida

Teacher     /   McFadden, Freida

Indian Burial Ground     /   Medina, Nick

Patchwork Quilt Murder     /   Meier, Leslie

Daughter of Mine     /   Miranda, Megan

Choice     /   Mukherjee, Neel

Circle in the Water     /   Muller, Marcia

You Know What You Did     /   Nguyen, K. T.

Tourist Season     /   Novak, Brenda

My Father’s House     /   O’Connor, Joseph

Parasol Against the Axe     /   Oyeyemi, Helen

Happily Never After     /   Painter, Lynn

Pay Dirt     /   Paretsky, Sara

One Last Word     /   Park, Suzanne

#1 Lawyer     /   Patterson, James

Sicilian Inheritance     /   Piazza, Jo

Bitter Water Opera     /   Polek, Nicolette

Color of Magic     /   Pratchett, Terry

Welcome Home, Caroline Kline     /   Preiss, Courtney

After Annie     /   Quindlen, Anna

Maybe in Another Life     /   Reid, Taylor Jenkins

Mother ACT     /   Reimer, Heidi

Sweetness in the Skin     /   Robinson, Ishi

Leaving     /   Robinson, Roxana

Home Is Where the Bodies Are     /   Rose, Jeneva

Murder of Mr. Ma     /   Rozan, Sj

Underground Library     /   Ryan, Jennifer

Bless Your Heart     /   Ryan, Lindy

Last Acts     /   Sammartino, Alexander

Nosy Neighbors     /   Sampson, Freya

Toxic Prey     /   Sandford, John

Truth about the Devlins     /   Scottoline, Lisa

Poison Pen     /   Shelton, Paige

Nowhere Like Home     /   Shepard, Sara

A Spy Like Me     /   Sherwood, Kim

Mania     /   Shriver, Lionel

Hopeless     /   Silver, Elsie

Reckless     /   Silver, Elsie

Stranger I Wed     /   St George, Harper

Under the Paper Moon     /   Steinberg, Shaina

Habitations     /   Sundar, Sheila

Valley of the Dolls     /   Susann, Jacqueline

Vera Wong’s Unsolicited Advice for Murder     /   Sutanto, Jesse Q.

Wild Lavender Bookshop     /   Thomas, Jodi

Wartime Book Club     /   Thompson, Kate

Murder in Rose Hill     /   Thompson, Victoria

Death in the Details     /   Tietjen, Katie

Table for Two     /   Towles, Amor

Your Presence Is Mandatory     /   Vasilyuk, Sasha

You’d Look Better as a Ghost     /   Wallace, Joanna

Christa Comes Out of Her Shell     /   Waxman, Abbi

Butcher & Blackbird: The Ruinous Love Trilogy     /   Weaver, Brynne

Short Walk Through a Wide World     /   Westerbeke, Douglas

Unquiet Bones     /   White, Loreth Anne

House of Broken Bricks     /   Williams, Fiona

Ours     /   Williams, Phillip B.

City in Ruins     /   Winslow, Don

Butter: A Novel of Food and Murder     /   Yuzuki, Asako

Colton Gentry’s Third ACT     /   Zentner, Jeff

Happiness Blueprint     /   Zetterberg, Ally


Starlit Secrets     /   Woods, Sherryl




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