New Children's & Young Adult Books – March 2024

Children's Books

Cactus Queen: Minerva Hoyt     /   Alexander, Lori

Only: The Bird Who Liked Being Alone     /   Anderson, Airlie

What’s New, Daniel?     /   Archer, Micha

Harriet Tells the Truth     /   Arnold, Elana K.

Across So Many Seas     /   Behar, Ruth

This Baby. That Baby.     /   Best, Cari

Bad Guys in Look Who’s Talking     /   Blabey, Aaron

Wild River and the Great Dam     /   Boughton, Simon

Big Sister, Long Coat     /   Buchet, Nelly

Juniper’s Christmas     /   Colfer, Eoin

Imposter     /   Collier, Kelly

First Day of May     /   Coser Moreira, Henrique

Maisy’s Ambulance     /   Cousins, Lucy

Arfy and the Stinky Smell     /   Cummings, Troy

I Do Not Eat Children     /   Cutler, Marcus

Green     /   Davies, Nicola

Wrong Book     /   Daywalt, Drew

Pete the Cat and the Space Chase     /   Dean, James

Pete the Cat’s Wacky Taco Tuesday     /   Dean, James

Pete the Kitty and the Three Bears     /   Dean, James

Pete the Kitty’s Outdoor Art Project     /   Dean, James

Unstuck     /   Dee, Barbara

Vivi Loves Science: Wind and Water     /   Derting, Kimberly

Ferris     /   DiCamillo, Kate

Welcome to the World     /   Donaldson, Julia

Hare-Shaped Hole     /   Dougherty, John

Og Meets Mog!     /   Dyckman, Ame

Last Stand     /   Eady, Antwan

I Did It!     /   Emberley, Michael

No Cats in the Library     /   Emmons, Lauren

Maya Plays the Part     /   Erb, Calyssa

Partition Project     /   Faruqi, Saadia

ASHA and Baz Meet Elizebeth Friedman     /   Fernandez, Caroline

ASHA and Baz Meet Hedy Lamarr     /   Fernandez, Caroline

ASHA and Baz Meet Katia Krafft     /   Fernandez, Caroline

Enigma Girls     /   Fleming, Candace

Like So     /   Forman, Ruth

Roo and the Big Garden Redo     /   Foxe, Steve

Everything Kids’ Baseball Book     /   Gergen, Joe

Quest of Danger     /   Gibbs, Stuart

Investigators: Agents of S.U.I.T.     /   Green, John Patrick

Oops! Rabbit     /   Ham, Jo

Plus One     /   Hare, John

Flicker of Hope     /   Harmony, Cynthia

I’m Just No Good at Rhyming     /   Harris, Chris

My Head Has a Bellyache     /   Harris, Chris

Sonny Says No!     /   Hart, Caryl

All Aboard the Alaska Train     /   Hartman, Brooke

My Little Pony: Izzy Comes Home     /   Hasbro

My Little Pony: Sunny’s Day     /   Hasbro

Warrior on the Mound     /   Headen, Sandra W.

Bunny Should Be Sleeping     /   Hest, Amy

Little Red     /   Hillenbrand, Will

Mabel and the Mountain     /   Hillyard, Kim

Amil and the After     /   Hiranandani, Veera

Bumps in the Night     /   Howard, Amalie

Dear Stray     /   Hubbard, Kirsten

Reckoning     /   Hudson, Wade

What’s Inside a Bird’s Nest?     /   Ignotofsky, Rachel

You’re Going to Love This Book!     /   John, Jory

Tee Time on the Moon     /   Kelly, David A.

First State of Being     /   Kelly, Erin Entrada

Slugfest     /   Korman, Gordon

Garden Called Home     /   Lee, Jessica J.

Gigi Shin Is Not a Nerd     /   Lee, Lyla

Stone Age Beasts     /   Lerwill, Ben

Avocado Magic     /   Levi, Taltal

Change Is in the Air     /   Levy, Debbie

I Lived Inside a Whale     /   Li, Xin

Everyone Loves Lunchtime But Zia     /   Liao, Jenny

Ty’s Travels: Camp-Out     /   Lyons, Kelly Starling

Little Critter: Tricky Chickies     /   Mayer, Mercer

Paper Dragons     /   McDermott, Siobhan

Bumblebee’s Big Mission     /   Michaels, Patty

Between Two Windows     /   Morris, Keisha

Chubby Bunny     /   Murphy, Julie

Nose, Toes, and Tummy Book     /   Nicholls, Sally

Everything Kids’ Cookbook     /   Nissenberg, Sandra K.

Happy Shop     /   Olsen, Brittany Long

Don’t Trust Cats     /   Petty, Dev

Remember This     /   Polak, Monique

Book for Bear     /   Ramsey, Ellen

Aang’s Epic Adventures! (Avatar)     /   Random House

Duck and Moose: Duck Moves In!     /   Reedstrom, Kirk

Duck and Moose: Moose Blasts Off!     /   Reedstrom, Kirk

Fix-Its:Nail Needs Help     /   Reul, Sarah Lynne

Makeda Makes a Birthday Treat     /   Rhuday-Perkovich, Olugbemisola

Fastest Drummer     /   Robbins, Dean

Everything Kids’ Scratch Coding Book     /   Rukman, Jason

Dork Diaries 15: Tales From a Not-so-posh Paris Adventure  / Russell, Rachel

Tenzing Norgay     /   Sanchez Vegara, Maria Isabel

What Makes Us Human     /   Santos, Victor D. O.

Mayor Good Boy Turns Bad     /   Scheidt, Dave

Nat for Nothing     /   Scrivan, Maria

Mighty Scared     /   Silver, Erin

Million Dollar Race     /   Smith, Matthew Ross

Today     /   Snyder, Gabi

Beaky Barnes and the Devious Duck     /   Stein, David Ezra

I Will Read to You     /   Sterer, Gideon

Maribel’s Year     /   Sterling, Michelle

Everybody’s Book     /   Strauss, Linda Leopold

Winter Turning     /   Sutherland, Tui T.

Fox Versus Fox     /   Tabor, Corey R.

When Dinosaurs Walked the Earth     /   Taylor, Sean

Taxi, Go     /   Toht, Patricia

DnDoggos: Get the Party Started     /   Underhill, Scout

Sometimes I Kaploom     /   Vail, Rachel

Any Shelter Cats Left?     /   Van Oosbree, Ruthie

Counting Candy     /   Van Oosbree, Ruthie

Kara Loves Stripes     /   Van Oosbree, Ruthie

Match the Socks     /   Van Oosbree, Ruthie

Saving Up     /   Van Oosbree, Ruthie

You Wish (Book 1)     /   Victor, Jeff

Science Comics: Elephants: Living Large     /   Viola, Jason

Legend of the Star Dragon     /   West, Tracey

Hilo Book 10: Rise of the Cat     /   Winick, Judd

Detective Duck     /   Winkler, Henry

In and Out the Window     /   Yolen, Jane 


Young Adult Books

Bad Ones     /   Albert, Melissa

Fate Breaker     /   Aveyard, Victoria

Ariel Crashes a Train     /   Cole, Olivia A.

By Any Other Name     /   Cotter, Erin

Ava’s Demon, Book 1: Reborn     /   Fus, Michelle

Ghost Roast     /   Gibbs, Shawnee

Waverider: A Graphic Novel (Amulet #9)     /   Kibuishi, Kazu

Suffragist’s Guide to the Antarctic     /   Lai, Yi Shun

Clever Creatures of the Night     /   Mabry, Samantha

Yaqui Delgado Wants to Kick Your Ass     /   Medina, Meg

Girl Who Sang: A Holocaust Memoir     /   Nadel, Estelle

Breathing Underwater     /   Nash, Abbey Lee

Fangirl, Vol. 3: The Manga     /   Rowell, Rainbow

Louder Than Hunger     /   Schu, John

Daughter of the Bone Forest     /   Skye, Jasmine

Boyfriend Wish     /   Teerdhala, Swati

Into the Sunken City     /   Thiru, Dinesh

Delicates     /   Thummler, Brenna

Finally Heard     /   Yang, Kelly

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