New Fiction – February 2024

2054     /   Ackerman, Elliot

Martyr!     /   Akbar, Kaveh

Warm Hands of Ghosts     /   Arden, Katherine

Visions of Flesh and Blood     /   Armentrout, Jennifer L.

Speculations in Sin     /   Ashley, Jennifer

Old Babes in the Wood     /   Atwood, Margaret

Wild Houses     /   Barrett, Colin

Divorcees     /   Beaird, Rowan

Tainted Cup     /   Bennett, Robert Jackson

Murder at La Villette     /   Black, Cara

Atlas Complex     /   Blake, Olivie

Princess of Las Vegas     /   Bohjalian, Chris

Frame-Up     /   Bond, Gwenda

In Sunshine or in Shadow     /   Bowen, Rhys

Bad Animals     /   Braunstein, Sarah

Brooklyn     /   Brown, Tracy

Galway Confidential     /   Bruen, Ken

Headshot     /   Bullwinkel, Rita

Tower     /   Carr, Flora

Best Way to Bury Your Husband     /   Casale, Alexia

Kill for Me, Kill for You     /   Cavanagh, Steve

Murder in the Tea Leaves     /   Childs, Laura

Other Side of Disappearing     /   Clayborn, Kate

Fragile Designs     /   Coble, Colleen

Studies at the School by the Sea     /   Colgan, Jenny

Finlay Donovan Rolls the Dice     /   Cosimano, Elle

Extinction of Irena Rey     /   Croft, Jennifer

Mayor of Maxwell Street     /   Cunningham, Avery

Great Expectations     /   Cunningham, Vinson

Hedging Your Bets     /   Denker, Jayne

Every Single Secret     /   Dodd, Christina

Blessed Water: A Sister Holiday Mystery     /   Douaihy, Margot

Becoming Madam Secretary     /   Dray, Stephanie

Significant Others     /   Eisenberg, Zoe

Off the Air     /   Estes, Christina

Love Remedy     /   Everett, Elizabeth

Erasure     /   Everett, Percival

Mrs. Quinn’s Rise to Fame     /   Ford, Olivia

Has Anyone Seen Charlotte Salter?     /   French, Nicci

Hunter     /   French, Tana

Still See You Everywhere     /   Gardner, Lisa

Mystery Writer     /   Gentill, Sulari

Great Country     /   Gowda, Shilpi Somaya

Trail of Lost Hearts     /   Graves, Tracey Garvis

Annie Bot     /   Greer, Sierra

Devil’s Daughter     /   Greisman, Gordon

Everyone Is Watching     /   Gudenkauf, Heather

Watch Where They Hide     /   Hall, Tamron

The Women     /   Hannah, Kristin

Black Sheep     /   Harrison, Rachel

Year of the Locust     /   Hayes, Terry

Piglet     /   Hazell, Lottie

Canadian Boyfriend     /   Holiday, Jenny

Goldenseal     /   Hummel, Maria

One Moment     /   Hunter, Becky

Fortune Seller     /   Kapelke-Dale, Rachel

Ghost Orchid     /   Kellerman, Jonathan

Maya’s Laws of Love     /   Khawaja, Alina

Kilt Trip     /   Kiley, Alexandra

Lantern’s Dance     /   King, Laurie R.

Can’t We Be Friends     /   Knight, Eliza

Memory Piece     /   Ko, Lisa

Night Island     /   Krentz, Jayne Ann

Hannah Tate, Beyond Repair     /   Lee, Laura Piper

Glorious Exploits     /   Lennon, Ferdia

Flirty Little Secret     /   Lepe, Jessica

Book of Love     /   Link, Kelly

Fervor     /   Lloyd, Toby

Bye, Baby     /   Lovering, Carola

Fruit of the Dead     /   Lyon, Rachel

Picasso’s Lovers     /   Mackin, Jeanne

Pelican Girls     /   Malye, Julia

Woman on the Ledge     /   Mancini, Ruth

Mrs. Gulliver     /   Martin, Valerie

My Friends     /   Matar, Hisham

Bird Hotel     /   Maynard, Joyce

Perfect Passion Company     /   McCall Smith, Alexander

Teacher     /   McFadden, Freida

Wild Side     /   Michaels, Fern

All Our Yesterdays     /   Morris, Joel H.

Nonfiction     /   Myerson, Julie

Fifty Beasts to Break Your Heart     /   Nethercott, Gennarose

Morningside     /   Obreht, Tea

Poor Deer     /   Oshetsky, Claire

Man Who Died Twice     /   Osman, Richard

Midnight Puzzle     /   Pandian, Gigi

Finding Margaret Fuller     /   Pataki, Allison

#1 Lawyer     /   Patterson, James

Holmes, Marple & Poe: The Greatest Crime     /   Patterson, James

How to Solve Your Own Murder     /   Perrin, Kristen

Maude Horton’s Glorious Revenge     /   Pook, Lizzie

I Am Rome: A Novel of Julius Caesar     /   Posteguillo, Santiago

After Annie     /   Quindlen, Anna

Grave Robbery     /   Raybourn, Deanna

Berlin Letters     /   Reay, Katherine

Wild and Distant Seas     /   Roberts, Tara Karr

You Shouldn’t Have Come Here     /   Rose, Jeneva

American Daughters     /   Ruffin, Maurice Carlos

Memory of Lavender and Sage     /   Runyan, Aimie K.

Done and Dusted     /   Sage, Lyla

Swift and Saddled     /   Sage, Lyla

Lost Van Gogh     /   Santlofer, Jonathan

Love, Me     /   Saunders, Jessica

Truth about the Devlins     /   Scottoline, Lisa

Murder in Hollywood     /   Sherman, Casey

Murder Marks the Page     /   Smith, Karen Rose

Murder Road     /   St James, Simone

Perris, California     /   Stark, Rachel

Never Too Late     /   Steel, Danielle

Good, the Bad, and the Aunties     /   Sutanto, Jesse Q.

Funeral Ladies of Ellerie County     /   Swinarski, Claire

Worry     /   Tanner, Alexandra

Diavola     /   Thorne, Jennifer

Listen for the Lie     /   Tintera, Amy

Road to Murder     /   Trinchieri, Camilla

Womb City     /   Tsamaase, Tlotlo

In a Not So Perfect World     /   Tubati-Alexander, Neely

New Couple in 5b     /   Unger, Lisa

Help Wanted     /   Waldman, Adelle

Unsinkable     /   Walsh, Jenni L.

Women of Good Fortune     /   Wan, Sophie

Breakup Tour     /   Wibberley, Emily

Sylvia’s Second ACT     /   Yablon, Hillary


Messy Life of Jane Tanner     /   Novak, Brenda

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