New Fiction – December 2023 Part II

Expectant Detectives: A Mystery     /   Ailes, Kat

Good Material     /   Alderton, Dolly

Sanctuary of the Shadow     /   Ascher, Aurora

Holiday Country     /   Atrek

Longest Autumn     /   Avery, Amy

Anna O     /   Blake, Matthew

Missing Witness: A Quinn & Costa Novel     /   Brennan, Allison

Rabbit Hole     /   Brody, Kate

Harbor Lights     /   Burke, James Lee

Answered Prayers     /   Capote, Truman

Ilium     /   Carpenter, Lea

Last Tale of the Flower Bride     /   Chokshi, Roshani

Death at a Scottish Wedding     /   Connelly, Lucy

Argylle     /   Conway, Elly

Silence in Her Eyes     /   Correa, Armando Lucas

One in a Million     /   Dailey, Janet

Mountain King     /   De La Motte, Anders

Sign of Four Spirits     /   Delany, Vicki

Hedging Your Bets     /   Denker, Jayne

Busy Body     /   Donovan, Kemper

Scorched Grace: A Sister Holiday Mystery     /   Douaihy, Margot

First Lie Wins     /   Elston, Ashley

When the Jessamine Grows     /   Everhart, Donna

Emily Wilde’s Map of the Otherlands     /   Fawcett, Heather

London Bookshop Affair     /   Fein, Louise

Family Family     /   Frankel, Laurie

Wharton Plot     /   Fredericks, Mariah

Finding Mr. Purrfect     /   Gary, Codi

House of Last Resort     /   Golden, Christopher

Bullet Swallower     /   Gonzalez James, Elizabeth

Diva     /   Goodwin, Daisy

Goodbye Girl: A Jack Swyteck Novel     /   Grippando, James

We Must Not Think of Ourselves     /   Grodstein, Lauren

Deep Freeze     /   Grumley, Michael C.

One of the Good Guys     /   Hall, Araminta

Mysterious Case of the Alperton Angels     /   Hallett, Janice

Of Hoaxes and Homicide     /   Hastings, Anastasia

Heiress     /   Hawkins, Rachel

House of Plain Truth     /   Hemans, Donna

Who to Believe     /   Hill, Edwin

Front Sight: Three Swagger Novellas     /   Hunter, Stephen

Wolves of Winter     /   Jones, Dan

Where You End     /   Kahler, Abbott

Bad Weather Friend     /   Koontz, Dean

Say You’ll Be Mine     /   Kumar, Naina

Red String Theory     /   Kung Jessen, Lauren

Dark Rooms     /   La Plante, Lynda

Book of Fire     /   Lefteri, Christy

Disappearance of Astrid Bricard     /   Lester, Natasha

Invisible Woman     /   Lief, Katia

With You Forever     /   Liese, Chloe

Recipe for a Charmed Life     /   Linden, Rachel

Never Blow a Kiss     /   Lovise, Lindsay

Prophet Song     /   Lynch, Paul

House of Flame and Shadow     /   Maas, Sarah J.

Forgottenness     /   Maljartschuk, Tanja

Cold Victory     /   Marlantes, Karl

No One Can Know     /   Marshall, Kate Alice

Next-Door Nemesis     /   Martin, Alexa

Midnight: A Thriller     /   McCulloch, Amy

Easter Basket Murder     /   Meier, Leslie

Fury     /   Michaelides, Alex

Curse of Pietro Houdini     /   Miller, Derek B.

Clover Hendry’s Day Off     /   Morrey, Beth

Behind You Is the Sea     /   Muaddi Darraj, Susan

Night of the Storm     /   Parekh, Nishita

Missing Persons: A Private Novel     /   Patterson, James

Diamond of London     /   Penrose, Andrea

Hero     /   Perry, Thomas

Ascent     /   Plantinga, Adam

Come and Get It     /   Reid, Kiley

River East, River West     /   Rey Lescure, Aube

Search Party     /   Richell, Hannah

Random in Death: An Eve Dallas Novel     /   Robb, J. D.

Inheritance     /   Roberts, Nora

Bright Spot     /   Shalvis, Jill

Upside Down     /   Steel, Danielle

Everyone on This Train Is a Suspect     /   Stevenson, Benjamin

Love, Naturally     /   Sullivan, Sophie

Queen of Sugar Hill     /   Tate, Reshonda

Dead Man’s Hand: A Pike Logan Novel     /   Taylor, Brad

Hard by a Great Forest     /   Vardiashvili, Leo

Only If You’re Lucky     /   Willingham, Stacy

Excitements     /   Wray, Cj



Deep Fried Death     /   Day, Maddie

First Day of Eternity     /   West, Charles G.

To locate a book, please ask a librarian at 724-449-2665, Ext. 25