New Fiction – December 2023

Little Liar     /   Albom, Mitch

Million Little Choices     /   Alexander, Tamera

Second Chances in New Port Stephen    /   Alexander, TJ

Leave the Lights On     /   Andersson, LIV

Bright Lights, Big Christmas     /   Andrews, Mary Kay

What You Are Looking for Is in the Library     /   Aoyama, Michiko

Love Redesigned     /   Asher, Lauren

Wreck the Halls     /   Bailey, Tessa

Edge     /   Baldacci, David

Bookshops & Bonedust     /   Baldree, Travis

Warsaw Sisters: A Novel of WWII Poland     /   Barratt, Amanda

Keep Your Friends Close     /   Berry, Lucinda

Twilight Falls     /   Black, Juneau

Dissolved     /   Blaedel, Sara

Bonfire Night     /   Bliss, Anna

New Naturals       /   Bump, Gabriel

Intern     /   Campbell, Michele

A Dish Best Served Hot     /   Cana, Natalie

Welcome Home, Stranger     /   Christensen, Kate

General and Julia     /   Clinch, Jon

Wish for Christmas     /   Cole, Courtney

Tremor     /   Cole, Teju

Resurrection Walk     /   Connelly, Michael

Manner of Death     /   Cook, Robin

Couple in the Photo     /   Cooper, Helen

Coming to Find You     /   Corry, Jane

Lace Widow     /   Cox, Mollie Ann

Madstone     /   Crook, Elizabeth

Day     /   Cunningham, Michael

Lone Oaks Crossing     /   Dailey, Janet

Christmas and Other Horrors     /   Datlow, Ellen

Road Queens     /   Davidson, Maryjanice

Playing the Witch Card     /   Dell’antonia, Kj

Reformatory     /   Due, Tananarive

Shield Maiden     /   Emmerichs, Sharon

Dirty Thirty     /   Evanovich, Janet

House for Alice     /   Evans, Diana

Christmas Cafe     /   Evans, Eliza

Saving Grayson     /   Fabry, Chris

Sun Sets in Singapore     /   Fadipe, Kehinde

Other Mothers     /   Faulkner, Katherine

Letter Tree     /   Fordham, Rachel

Invisible World     /   Fussner, Nora

One Dark Window     /   Gillig, Rachel

Two Twisted Crowns     /   Gillig, Rachel

You, Again     /   Goldbeck, Kate

One Christmas Morning     /   Greenlaw, Rachel

Exchange: After the Firm     /   Grisham, John

Beautiful Shining People     /   Grothaus, Michael

Mistress of Ashmore Castle     /   Harrod-Eagles, Cynthia

Daisy Haites: The Great Undoing     /   Hastings, Jessa

Magnolia Parks: The Long Way Home     /   Hastings, Jessa

First Day Without You     /   Hill, Melissa

Heart Bones     /   Hoover, Colleen

King of Greed     /   Huang, Ana

Different Kind of Gone     /   Hyde, Catherine Ryan

Gifts     /   Hyder, Liz

You Don’t Want to Know     /   Jackson, Lisa

Last Night at the Hollywood Canteen     /   James, Sarah

Murder of an Amish Bridegroom     /   Johns, Patricia

Pale House Devil     /   Kadrey, Richard

Rainbow     /   Kawabata, Yasunari

So Late in the Day     /   Keegan, Claire

Love Me Do     /   Kelk, Lindsey

End of the World Is a Cul de Sac     /   Kennedy, Louise

After Dark: A Thriller     /   Kent, Minka

What Moves the Dead     /   Kingfisher, T.

Housemoms     /   Lancaster, Jen

Frozen River     /   Lawhon, Ariel

Woke Up Like This     /   Lea, Amy

Wildest Sun     /   Lemmie, Asha

Fourth Rule     /   Lindsay, Jeff

Heaven & Earth Grocery Store     /   McBride, James

Absolution     /   McDermott, Alice

Operation Scarlet     /   McMillan, Rachel

Murder by Degrees     /   Mukerji, Ritu

Vengeance Is Mine     /   Ndiaye, Marie

Irish Milkshake Murder     /   O’Connor, Carlene

Some of Us Are Looking    /   O’Connor, Carlene

Please Tell Me     /   Omer, Mike

Same Bed Different Dreams     /   Park, Ed

What Waits in the Woods     /   Parlato, Terri

Alex Cross Must Die: A Thriller     /   Patterson, James

For the Last Time     /   Perks, Heidi

Christmas Vanishing     /   Perry, Anne

Berry Pickers     /   Peters, Amanda

Helsinki Affair     /   Pitoniak, Anna

Caretaker     /   Rash, Ron

Familia     /   Rico, Lauren E.

Flores and Miss Paula     /   Rivero, Melissa

This Spells Love     /   Robb, Kate

Hunt on Dark Waters     /   Robert, Katee

Inheritance: The Lost Bride Trilogy     /   Roberts, Nora

Recipe for Second Chances     /   Rosen, Ali

Narrow Road Between Desires     /   Rothfuss, Patrick

Christmas Fix     /   Score, Lucy

Things We Left Behind     /   Score, Lucy

Wishing Bridge     /   Shipman, Viola

Powerless     /   Silver, Elsie

Winter in New York     /   Silver, Josie

Ball at Versailles     /   Steel, Danielle

Hidden in Shadows     /   Sten, Viveca

Last Caretaker     /   Strawser, Jessica

Break the Glass     /   Swindler, Olivia

Caught Up     /   Tomforde, Liz

Mile High     /   Tomforde, Liz

Right Move     /   Tomforde, Liz

It Ends at Midnight     /   Tyce, Harriet

After World     /   Urbanski, Debbie

Witch of Wild Things     /   Vasquez Gilliland, Raquel

Other Half     /   Vassell, Charlotte

Garden Journal     /   Vater, Linda

All the Little Truths     /   Webb, Debra

System Collapse     /   Wells, Martha

Intuitionist     /   Whitehead, Colson

Faking Christmas     /   Winfrey, Kerry

Midnight Is the Darkest Hour     /   Winstead, Ashley

Iron Flame     /   Yarros, Rebecca

Hive and the Honey     /   Yoon, Paul



Forever Under the Mistletoe     /   Macomber, Debbie

Sweet Success     /  Mallery, Susan





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