New Fiction – November 2023

List     /   Adegoke, Yomi

Future     /   Alderman, Naomi

Baumgartner     /   Auster, Paul

Caught on the Book     /   Black, Laura Gail

Sugar Birds     /   Bostrom, Cheryl Grey

Girls     /   Bowen, John

Overdue or Die     /   Brook, Allison

Tom Clancy Command and Control     /   Cameron, Marc

Secret: A Jack Reacher Novel     /   Child, Lee

Last Word to the Wise     /   Claire, Ann

Butterfly Collector     /   Cooper, Tea

Twelve Days of Murder     /   Cordani, Andreina

Good Part     /   Cousens, Sophie

Clive Cussler the Corsican Shadow     /   Cussler, Dirk

Watchmaker’s Hand     /   Deaver, Jeffery

Viviana Valentine and the Ticking Clock     /   Edwards, Emily J.

Again and Again     /   Evison, Jonathan

Running Grave: A Cormoran Strike Novel     /   Galbraith, Robert

Spy Coast     /   Gerritsen, Tess

Murder Checks Out     /   Gilbert, Victoria

Socialite’s Guide to Death and Dating     /   Golden, S. K.

Last Love Note     /   Grey, Emma

Exchange: After the Firm     /   Grisham, John

Starling House     /   Harrow, Alix E.

Mantis     /   Isaka, Kotaro

Kingdom of Sweets     /   Johansen, Erika

Death of a Lesser God     /   Khan, Vaseem

Just Once     /   Kingsbury, Karen

Burnout     /   Kinsella, Sophie

Roman Stories     /   Lahiri, Jhumpa

Robert B. Parker’s Broken Trust     /   Lupica, Mike

Lilith     /   Marmery, Nikki

From a Far and Lovely Country     /   McCall Smith, Alexander

Past Lying     /   McDermid, Val

West Heart Kill     /   McDorman, Dann

Santa and Company     /   Michaels, Fern

Edge of the Grave     /   Morrison, Robbie

Mis-Arrangement of Sana Saeed     /   Mughees, Noreen

Night House     /   Nesbo, Jo

Vulnerables     /   Nunez, Sigrid

Let’s Get Quizzical     /   Ohlert, Kelly

Tom Lake     /   Patchett, Ann

Beautiful Mystery     /   Penny, Louise

Constant Soldier     /   Ryan, William

Starter Villain     /   Scalzi, John

Things We Left Behind     /   Score, Lucy

Midnight Showing     /   Shepherd, Megan

Winter in New York     /   Silver, Josie

Second ACT     /   Steel, Danielle

Five Years from Now     /   Toon, Paige

Fourth Wing     /   Yarros, Rebecca

Unmaking of June Farrow     /   Young, Adrienne



Duke Starts a Scandal     /   Jordan, Sophie

Christmas Cabin     /   Major, Michelle

Thanksgiving Blessing     /   Perry, Marta

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