New Fiction – October 2023

Fire in the Flesh     /   Armentrout, Jennifer L.

Normal Rules Don’t Apply     /   Atkinson, Kate

Grave Expectations     /   Bell, Alice

Death Valley     /   Broder, Melissa

What Wild Women Do     /   Brown, Karma

Nineteen Steps     /   Brown, Millie Bobby

Waters     /   Campbell, Bonnie Jo

Edith Holler     /   Carey, Edward

Twelve Books of Christmas     /   Carlisle, Kate

Becoming the Boogeyman     /   Chizmar, Richard

Sword Catcher     /   Clare, Cassandra

Have Yourself a Deadly Little Christmas     /   Delany, Vicki

Blood Lines     /   DeMille, Nelson

Enchanters     /   Ellroy, James

Dirty Thirty     /   Evanovich, Janet

No Reserve     /   Francis, Felix

Beginning of Everything     /   Fraser, Jackie

Scenes of the Crime     /   Gagnon, Jilly

Traitor     /   Glass, Ava

Wildfire     /   Grace, Hannah

The Girl in Lifeboat Six     /   Graham, Eliza

Defector     /   Hadfield, Chris

Christmas Appeal     /   Hallett, Janice

Apology     /   Han, Jimin

Oceans and the Stars     /   Helprin, Mark

Iris Kelly Doesn’t Date     /   Herring Blake, Ashley

Wellness     /   Hill, Nathan

Paws to Remember     /   Kelly, Sofie

What We Kept to Ourselves     /   Kim, Nancy Jooyoun

Bright Young Women     /   Knoll, Jessica

Whalefall     /   Kraus, Daniel

MANIAC     /   Labatut, Benjamin

Neighbors We Want     /   Lane, Tim

Better Hate Than Never     /   Liese, Chloe

Assistant to the Villain     /   Maehrer, Hannah Nicole

Throne of the Fallen     /   Maniscalco, Kerri

North Woods     /   Mason, Daniel

Stranger Upstairs     /   Matlin, Lisa M.

Moscow X     /   McCloskey, David

Coworker     /   McFadden, Freida

My Darling Girl     /   McMahon, Jennifer

Tom Lake     /   Patchett, Ann

Traitor Among Us     /   Perry, Anne

Night Watch     /   Phillips, Jayne Anne

Death of Us     /   Rader-Day, Lori

Unfortunate Side Effects of Heartbreak and Magic     /   Randall, Breanne

Payback in Death     /   Robb, J. D.

Twelve Months of Christmas     /   Roberts, Sheila

Death by a Thousand Sips     /   Rue, Gretchen

Judgment Prey     /   Sandford, John

Murder at Midnight     /   Schellman, Katharine

Fragile Threads of Power     /   Schwab, V. E.

Sweeten the Deal     /   Shepard, Katie

Mother-Daughter Murder Night     /   Simon, Nina

Hundred Loves of Juliet     /   Skye, Evelyn

Love, Holly     /   Stone, Emily

Christmas at the Shelter Inn     /   Thayne, Raeanne

Cypress Maze     /   Valpy, Fiona

Let Us Descend     /   Ward, Jesmyn

Family Meal     /   Washington, Bryan

Black River Orchard     /   Wendig, Chuck

Obsession     /   Woods, Stuart

Mr. Texas     /   Wright, Lawrence


Sugar Plum Poisoned     /     McKinlay, Jenn


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