New Children's & Young Adult Books – September 2023

Children's Books

Dogtown     /   Applegate, Katherine

Magnificent Mischief of Tad Lincoln     /   Arroyo, Raymond

First Cat in Space and the Soup of Doom     /   Barnett, Mac

How Does Santa Go Down the Chimney?     /   Barnett, Mac

I Am Cat!     /   Bently, Peter

If I Was a Horse     /   Blackall, Sophie

Minecraft: The Island     /   Brooks, Max

Bluey: Sleepytime     /   Brumm, Joe

She Persisted: Rachel Levine     /   Bunker, Lisa

Baller Ina     /   Casal, Liz

Gray Wolf (Young Zoologist)     /   Cassidy, Brenna

Goblin Twins     /   Cha, Frances

Fall of the School for Good and Evil     /   Chainani, Soman

First Words with Cute Quilted Friends     /   Chow, Wendy

Super Scary Narwhalloween     /   Clanton, Ben

She Persisted: Bethany Hamilton     /   Cocca-Leffler, Maryann

Cornbread & Poppy at the Museum     /   Cordell, Matthew

Otto the Ornament     /   Cummings, Troy

Minecraft: Mob Squad     /   Dawson, Delilah S.

Minecraft: Mob Squad: Don’t Fear the Creeper     /   Dawson, Delilah S.

Carina Felina     /   Deedy, Carmen Agra

You Can Find the Class Pet, Pout-Pout Fish     /   Diesen, Deborah

Vlad, the Fabulous Vampire     /   Drago, Flavia Z.

Crack in the Code!     /   Eliopulos, Nick

Dungeon Crawl!     /   Eliopulos, Nick

Ghast in the Machine!     /   Eliopulos, Nick

Golem’s Game! (Minecraft Stonesword Saga)     /   Eliopulos, Nick

Last Block Standing!     /   Eliopulos, Nick

Mobs Rule! (Minecraft Stonesword Saga #2)     /   Eliopulos, Nick

To Bee, or Not to Bee!     /   Eliopulos, Nick

Christmassy Cactus     /   Ferry, Beth

My Piano     /   Fier Jasinski, Jen

Something, Someday     /   Gorman, Amanda

Rewind     /   Graff, Lisa

I’m from     /   Gray Jr, Gary R.

Secret Society of Aunts & Uncles     /   Gyllenhaal, Jake

Brand-New, Never-Used Perfect Crayons     /   Hatch, Leanne

Things in the Basement     /   Hatke, Ben

Indigenous Ingenuity     /   Havrelock, Deidre

Natural History of Magical Beasts     /   Hawkins, Emily

Voice in the Hollow     /   Hillenbrand, Will

When Moon Became the Moon     /   Hodgson, Rob

Antiracist Kitchen: 21 Stories     /   Hohn, Nadia L.

Flora and Friends ABC     /   Idle, Molly

What’s Inside a Caterpillar Cocoon?     /   Ignotofsky, Rachel

What’s Inside a Flower?     /   Ignotofsky, Rachel

Not a Pumpkin!     /   Jin, Susie Lee

She Persisted: Florence Nightingale     /   Johannes, Shelli R.

Good Books for Bad Children: The Genius     /   Kephart, Beth

Mixed Up     /   Korman, Gordon

Carrot Seed: 75th Anniversary     /   Krauss, Ruth

Minecraft: The Lost Journals     /   Lafferty, Mur

Flat Cat     /   Lazar, Tara

Enlighten Me (a Graphic Novel)     /   Le, Minh

Lolo’s Sari-Sari Store     /   Lee, Sophia N.

Truth about Dragons     /   Leung, Julie

Chinese Menu     /   Lin, Grace

Autumn Peltier, Water Warrior     /   Lindstrom, Carole

Grace the Cove Dragon (Dragon Girls #10)     /   Mara, Maddy

Sofia the Lagoon Dragon (Dragon Girls #1)     /   Mara, Maddy

Zoe the Beach Dragon (Dragon Girls #11)     /   Mara, Maddy

Stacey’s Mistake: A Graphic Novel     /   Martin, Ann M.

Rick Riordan Presents: Tristan Strong     /   Mbalia, Kwame

She Persisted: Pura Belpre     /   Medina, Meg

Scariest Kitten in the World     /   Messner, Kate

It’s Optimus Prime Time!     /   Michaels, Patty

I Am Stuck     /   Mills, Julia

She Persisted: Kalpana Chawla     /   Mirchandani, Raakhee

Minecraft: Amazing Bite-Size Builds     /   Mojang Ab

Minecraft: Super Bite-Size Builds     /   Mojang Ab

Minecraft: The Official Joke Book     /   Morgan, Dan

Saving H’Non: Chang and the Elephant     /   Nguyen, Trang

Mina Belongs Here     /   Niebuhr-Siebert, Sandra

Challah Day!     /   Offsay, Charlotte

Night of the Ninjas Graphic Novel     /   Osborne, Mary Pope

Mysterious Glowing Mammals     /   Parrott-Ryan, Maria

She Persisted: Ella Fitzgerald     /   Pinkney, Andrea Davis

Pokemon Black Version and Pokemon White     /   Pokemon Co. International

Pokemon HeartGold & SoulSilver Versions     /   Pokemon Co. International

Pokemon Sword & Pokemon Shield     /   Pokemon Co. International

Pokemon Ultra Sun & Pokemon Ultra Moon     /   Pokemon Co. International

Truth about Max     /   Provensen, Alice

¡Vamos! Let’s Go Read     /   Raul the Third

Tacos Today: El Toro & Friends     /   Raul the Third

Hardware Helper!     /   Regan, Dana

There Was a Party for Langston     /   Reynolds, Jason

Back to School, Backpack!     /   Rich, Simon

Construction Site: Taking Flight!     /   Rinker, Sherri Duskey

How to Get Your Octopus to School     /   Scharnhorst, Becky

Real Dada Mother Goose     /   Scieszka, Jon

Unicorn for a Day     /   Simpson, Dana

Once, a Bird     /   Singh, Rina

Practical Present for Philippa Pheasant     /   Smith, Briony May

Stickler Loves the World     /   Smith, Lane

Papa’s Home     /   Soman, David

She Persisted: Wilma Mankiller     /   Sorell, Traci

Lost Library     /   Stead, Rebecca

Rewilding: Bringing Wildlife Back Where It Belongs     /   Steen, David A.

Nell of Gumbling: My Extremely Normal Fairy-Tale Life    /  Steinkellner, Emma

Eagles in the End Zone     /   Stemple, Heidi E. Y.

Greenwild: The World Behind the Door     /   Thomson, Pari

Sometimes I Cry     /   Townes, Jess

Minecraft: The End     /   Valente, Catherynne M.

National Monuments of the USA     /   Walker, Cameron

Little Boo’s Halloween Party     /   Watkins, Lala

Go-Go Guys     /   Watkins, Rowboat

Scaredy Squirrel Gets Festive     /   Watt, Melanie

Hanukkah Upside Down     /   Weissman, Elissa Brent

Every Dreaming Creature     /   Wenzel, Brendan

Elves Are the Worst!     /   Willan, Alex

Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Sleigh!     /   Willems, Mo

Hurricane Girls     /   Willis Holt, Kimberly

Bitsy Bat, School Star     /   Windness, Kaz

Hex Americana     /   Wolf, Bree D.

My Aunt Is a Monster: (A Graphic Novel)     /   Yee, Reimena

Is This . . . Winter?     /   Yoon, Helen

I Can Open It for You     /   Yoshitake, Shinsuke

Slowly Slowly     /   Yuly, Toni

Young Adult Books

Love from Mecca to Medina     /   Ali, S. K.

Cooking with Monsters (Book One)     /   Alsaqa, Jordan

Nightbirds     /   Armstrong, Kate J.

When You Wish Upon a Lantern     /   Chao, Gloria

All Alone with You     /   Coombs, Amelia Diane

This Delicious Death     /   Cottingham, Kayla

Tilly in Technicolor     /   Eddings, Mazey

Those Pink Mountain Nights     /   Ferguson, Jen

Where You See Yourself     /   Forrest, Claire

Highly Suspicious and Unfairly Cute     /   Hibbert, Talia

Guardians of Dawn: Zhara Jae     /Jones, S.

Isles of the Gods     /   Kaufman, Amie

Be That Way     /   Larson, Hope

Mall Goth     /   Leth, Kate

All That’s Left to Say     /   Lord, Emery

Killing Code     /   Marney, Ellie

I’ll Tell You No Lies     /   McCrina, Amanda

One of Us Is Back     /   McManus, Karen M.

Your Plantation Prom Is Not Okay     /   McWilliams, Kelly

Guide to the Dark     /   Metoui, Meriam

Something Close to Magic     /   Mills, Emma

Period.: The Quick Guide to Every Uterus     /   Redford, Ruth

Ellen Outside the Lines     /   Sass, A. J.

All the Fighting Parts     /   Sawyerr, Hannah V.

Impossible Escape     /   Sheinkin, Steve

Accountable: The True Story of a Racist     /   Slater, Dashka

Deadendia: The Watcher’s Test: Volume 1     /   Steele, Hamish

Deadendia: The Broken Halo: Volume 2     /   Steele, Hamish

Society for Soulless Girls     /   Steven, Laura

Nimona: A Netflix Film     /   Stevenson, ND

Lights     /   Thummler, Brenna

Their Vicious Games     /   Wellington, Joelle

Paper Planes     /   Wood, Jennie


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