Proper American Flag Care

A flag is a symbol of a country, it represents the nation, its citizens, and what it stands for. The American Flag represents the United States of America as a nation. This website serves as a collection of information and tutorials regarding the American Flag. The purpose of this website is to better educate members of the community on the American Flag. This website is made as a Scouting Eagle Project, therefore, some information may differ from other organizations.

Did you know that there were laws regarding the American Flag? Many of these laws and/or regulations are unknown by many. Visit the Flag Laws page to learn how to properly treat the American Flag.

Learning how to properly take care of the American Flag is a crucial part of a citizen’s duty. Included on this website are video tutorials that teach important procedures regarding the American Flag. Visit the Flag Tutorials page to view these tutorials and learn these procedures.

The official American flag was decreed on June 14th, 1777, when the Continental Congress passed an act to establish an official flag for the American people. This flag is not the one we see today. Visit the History page, to learn of the past iterations of the American Flag, as well as the symbolism that comes with the American Flag.

For a collection of all scripts and documents used on this website, as well as links to other websites with more information on certain procedures, please visit the Resources page.

For a list of people who helped in creating this website, as well as contact information regarding any questions, please visit the About page

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