American Flag: Tutorials


This section of the website will consist of video tutorials of different flag procedures. These tutorials include flag folding, flag raising, flag lowering, and finally a flag retirement.

Flag Folding:

A detailed explanation of folding an American Flag, Created by Troop 344

As seen from the video above, the American flag is folded rather uniquely. The above video is a demonstration of this procedure. Additionally, the below image demonstrates this folding as well.

Image Created by VFW Post 7383

After your flag has been completely folded, it should be stored above the ground in a clean, dry area until the next time it needs to be used.

Flag Raising and Lowering

When a flag is raised and/or lowered, there is a formal and proper procedure for doing so in a group setting. The following videos will demonstrate and explain these specific procedure. The specific ceremony demonstrated is the Scouts BSA version, however, versions will differ based on the organization performing the ceremony.

A detailed explanation of raising an American Flag, Created by Troop 344
A detailed explanation of lowering an American Flag, Created by Troop 344

As seen in the videos, the primary function of those participating in the ceremony is raising or lowering the flag. If in the audience, you should stand, and be respectful and attentive. Ideally, the leader of the color guard will dictate what members of the audience should be doing. For a more in-depth look at the script behind a color-guard ceremony, please view the following script.

Flag Raising/Lowering Script: (This is a general script and can be modified as needed)

Flag Retirements

When a flag becomes tattered or unfit for use, it must be retired properly. There are two main ways of properly disposing the flag, both by burning. The following video will take an in-depth look at both of these ceremonies.

A detailed explanation of retiring an American Flag, Created by Troop 344

If you are unable to perform one of the ceremonies yourself, there are many organizations that will properly dispose of damaged flags. For example, most Scouting programs will accept flags, as well as American Legion and VFW organizations. Attached is also a script for conducting a ceremonial flag retirement on your own.

Flag Retirement Script: (This is a general script and can be modified as needed.)

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