New Fiction Books – February 2023

Spell of Good Things     /   Adebayo, Ayobami

Not Your Ex’s Hexes     /   Asher, April

Secretly Yours     /   Bailey, Tessa

Just My Type     /   Ballard, Falon

When We Were Birds     /   Banwo, Ayanna Lloyd

Hell Bent     /   Bardugo, Leigh

Crane Husband     /   Barnhill, Kelly

Writing Retreat     /   Bartz, Julia

Death of a Traitor     /   Beaton, M. C.

Mitford Affair     /   Benedict, Marie

Last Kingdom     /   Berry, Steve

Murder in Haxford: A Pignon Scorbion Mystery     /   Bleiweiss, Rick

Storm Watch     /   Box, C. J.

Black Candle Women     /   Brown, Diane Marie

If a Poem Could Live and Breathe     /   Calvi, Mary

Groundskeeping     /   Cole, Lee

Spite House     /   Compton, Johnny

Stranger in the Mirror     /   Constantine, LIV

Killing of Innocents     /   Crombie, Deborah

Woman with the Cure     /   Cullen, Lynn

Ana Takes Manhattan     /   Decos, Lissette

Maltese Iguana     /   Dorsey, Tim

Wedding of the Season     /   Edmondson, Lauren

Best Served Hot     /   Elliot, Amanda

Bright and Deadly Things     /   Elliott, Lexie

It’s One of Us     /   Ellison, J. T.

Sanctuary     /   Engberg, Katrine

Skull Water     /   Fenkl, Heinz Insu

My Last Innocent Year     /   Florin, Daisy Alpert

Neighbor Favor     /   Forest, Kristina

Iced     /   Francis, Felix

Burner     /   Greaney, Mark

Of Manners and Murder     /   Hastings, Anastasia

Stone Blind     /   Haynes, Natalie

Time’s Undoing     /   Head, Cheryl A.

Murder Your Employer: The McMasters Guide     /   Holmes, Rupert

Hungry Ghosts     /   Hosein, Kevin Jared

Last Orphan: An Orphan X Novel     /   Hurwitz, Gregg

Empty Theatre     /   Jemc, Jac

Code Name Sapphire: A World War 2 Novel     /   Jenoff, Pam

More Than Meets the Eye     /   Johansen, Iris

House of Eve     /   Johnson, Sadeqa

Essex Dogs     /   Jones, Dan

Don’t Fear the Reaper     /   Jones, Stephen Graham

Maureen: A Harold Fry Novel     /   Joyce, Rachel

Unnatural History: An Alex Delaware Novel     /   Kellerman, Jonathan

Black Wolf     /   Kent, Kathleen

Stone Cold Fox     /   Koller Croft, Rachel

Librarian of Burned Books     /   Labuskes, Brianna

Della and Darby: A Novel of Sisters     /   Lewis, Susannah B.

Artfully Yours     /   Lowell, Joanna

Secrets of Hartwood Hall     /   Lumsden, Katie

I Have Some Questions for You     /   Makkai, Rebecca

Western Lane     /   Maroo, Chetna

Looking for Jane     /   Marshall, Heather

Private Life of Spies and the Exquisite     /   McCall Smith, Alexander

Sun Walks Down     /   McFarlane, Fiona

Baker’s Man     /   Moorman, Jennifer

Every Man a King: A King Oliver Novel     /   Mosley, Walter

Homestead     /   Moustakis, Melinda

Someone Else’s Shoes     /   Moyes, Jojo

Angel Maker     /   North, Alex

Murder at an Irish Bakery     /   O’Connor, Carlene

Shamshine Blind     /   Pardo, Paz

Magician’s Daughter     /   Parry, H. G.

House of Wolves: Bolder Than Yellowstone     /   Patterson, James

3 Days to Live     /   Patterson, James

Sweet Spot     /   Poeppel, Amy

Good Day to Pie     /   Popp, Misha

Magic, Lies, and Deadly Pies     /   Popp, Misha

Spare     /   Prince Harry the Duke of Sussex

Save the Best for Last     /   Probst, Jennifer

Woman Who Climbed Trees     /   Ravindra, Smriti

Encore in Death: An Eve Dallas Novel     /   Robb, J. D.

Radiant Sin     /   Robert, Katee

Lying Beside You     /   Robotham, Michael

Cradle of Ice     /   Rollins, James

Arch-Conspirator     /   Roth, Veronica

Playing Dead     /   Rothschild, Peggy

House Guest     /   Ryan, Hank Phillippi

Stars in an Italian Sky     /   Santopolo, Jill

Things We Hide from the Light     /   Score, Lucy

End of Story     /   Scott, Kylie

Day of Fallen Night     /   Shannon, Samantha

Sister, Maiden, Monster     /   Snyder, Lucy a.

Little Wartime Library     /   Thompson, Kate

Cliff’s Edge     /   Todd, Charles

Miss Newbury’s List     /   Walker, Megan

Bookworm     /   Yeatman, Robin


Don’t Open the Door     /   Brennan, Allison

Gone But Not for Garden     /   Collins, Kate

Four Leaf Cleaver     /   Day, Maddie

In Her Highlander’s Bed     /   Sands, Lynsay

Halfway to Heaven     /   Wiggs, Susan

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