New Children’s & Young Adult Books – October 2022

Children’s Books

Who Was Michelangelo?     /   Anderson, Kirsten

How to Draw Adventures (Pokemon)     /   Barbo, Maria S.

Three Billy Goats Gruff     /   Barnett, Mac

Albie on His Way     /   Bauer, Jutta

Bear, a Bee, and a Honey Tree     /   Bernstrom, Daniel

I Am Ruby Bridges     /   Bridges, Ruby

Who Were the Navajo Code Talkers?     /   Buckley, James

I Am Helpful: A Positive Power Story     /   Capozzi, Suzy

I Am Smart: A Positive Power Story     /   Capozzi, Suzy

I Am Strong: A Positive Power Story     /   Capozzi, Suzy

I Am Thankful: A Positive Power Story     /   Capozzi, Suzy

This Makes Me Angry     /   Carbone, Courtney

This Makes Me Jealous     /   Carbone, Courtney

This Makes Me Scared     /   Carbone, Courtney

This Makes Me Silly     /   Carbone, Courtney

Viking in Love     /   Cenko, Doug

Skunk in My Bunk!     /   Cerf, Christopher

Dragon Noodle Party     /   Compestine, Ying Chang

Glass Slippers     /   Cypess, Leah

Patchwork     /   de la Pena, Matt

Pete the Cat Plays Hide-And-Seek     /   Dean, James

Llama Llama Back to School     /   Dewdney, Anna

Come Over to My House     /   Dr Seuss

Maybe You Should Fly a Jet!     /   Dr Seuss

What Pet Should I Get?     /   Dr Seuss

Disney: Where’s Mickey? a Look and Find     /   Drage, Emma

Who Was Georgia O’Keeffe?     /   Fabiny, Sarah

Sonic the Hedgehog, Vol. 11: Zeti Hunt!     /   Flynn, Ian

Not Yet, Yeti     /   Freitas, Bethany V.

Better Together     /   George, Kallie

Greatest Gift     /   George, Kallie

Home Again     /   George, Kallie

True Home     /   George, Kallie

Whales (New & Updated)     /   Gibbons, Gail

Who Was Ernest Hemingway?     /   Gigliotti, Jim

Who Was Johnny Cash?     /   Gigliotti, Jim

Who Were Stanley and Livingstone?     /   Gigliotti, Jim

Pokemon Journeys, Vol. 1     /   Gomi, Machito

Pokemon Journeys, Vol. 2     /   Gomi, Machito

Pokemon Journeys, Vol. 3     /   Gomi, Machito

Pokemon Journeys, Vol. 4     /   Gomi, Machito

Mr. Lemoncello’s Very First Game     /   Grabenstein, Chris

InvestiGators: Heist and Seek     /   Green, John Patrick

Who Was David Bowie?     /   Gurevich, Margaret

My Little Pony: Izzy Does It     /   Hasbro

Who Was E. B. White?     /   Herman, Gail

Who Was Charles Schulz?     /   Holub, Joan

Bunnicula: The Graphic Novel     /   Howe, James

Bravelands: Curse of the Sandtongue #3     /   Hunter, Erin

Warriors: A Shadow in Riverclan     /   Hunter, Erin

Warriors: Exile from ShadowClan     /   Hunter, Erin

Warriors: Winds of Change     /   Hunter, Erin

Witch Hazel     /   Idle, Molly

Free Kid to Good Home     /   Ito, Hiroshi

Sharks (a Day in the Life)     /   Jackson, Carlee

Sour Grape     /   John, Jory

Choosing Brave     /   Joy, Angela

Rainy Days     /   Kerbel, Deborah

Windy Days     /   Kerbel, Deborah

Notorious     /   Korman, Gordon

Unplugged     /   Korman, Gordon

Operation Do-Over     /   Korman, Gordon

Milo Is Missing Something     /   Kousky, Vern

Mushroom Lullaby     /   Kraegel, Kenneth

Uni’s Wish for Wings ( Uni the Unicorn)     /   Krouse Rosenthal, Amy

Who Is Shaquille O’Neal?     /   Labrecque, Ellen

Out of Range     /   Lang, Heidi

Rabbit Chase     /   Lapensee, Elizabeth

Playing Through the Turnaround     /   Larsen, Mylisa

Monday- Into the Cave of Thieves     /   Lazar, Ralph

Tuesday- The Curse of the Blue Spots     /   Lazar, Ralph

Wednesday- The Forest of Secrets     /   Lazar, Ralph

Thursday- War of the Waterslides     /   Lazar, Ralph

Friday- The Total Ice Cream Meltdown     /   Lazar, Ralph

Haven: A Small Cat’s Big Adventure     /   Lloyd, Megan Wagner

Horse & Buggy on Ice     /   Long, Ethan

Shut the Door!     /   Lopshire, Robert

Wayward Creatures     /   Lorentz, Dayna

Out in the Wild!     /   Lowery, Mike

Ghostcloud     /   Mann, Michael

Aisha the Sapphire Treasure Dragon     /   Mara, Maddy

Azmina the Gold Glitter Dragon     /   Mara, Maddy

Mei the Ruby Treasure Dragon     /   Mara, Maddy

Naomi the Rainbow Glitter Dragon     /   Mara, Maddy

Phoebe the Moonlight Dragon     /   Mara, Maddy

Quinn the Jade Treasure Dragon     /   Mara, Maddy

Rosie the Twilight Dragon     /   Mara, Maddy

Stella the Starlight Dragon     /   Mara, Maddy

Willa the Silver Glitter Dragon     /   Mara, Maddy

Mary Anne’s Bad Luck Mystery: A Graphic Novel     /   Martin, Ann M.

Pokemon Super Special Flip Book     /   Mayer, Helena

Let’s Play! a Book about Making Friends     /   McCardie, Amanda

Stellarlune     /   Messenger, Shannon

Strangeville School Is Totally Normal     /   Miller, Darcy

Busy Street     /   Miller, Edward

Agatha May and the Anglerfish     /   Morrison, Nora

Ultimate Dinosaur Rumble     /   Not Available

Alligator vs. Python (Who Would Win?)     /   Pallotta, Jerry

Coyote vs. Dingo (Who Would Win?)     /   Pallotta, Jerry

Falcon vs. Hawk (Who Would Win?)     /   Pallotta, Jerry

Jaguar vs. Skunk (Who Would Win?)     /   Pallotta, Jerry

Rattlesnake vs. Secretary Bird (Who Would Win?)     /   Pallotta, Jerry

Rhino vs. Hippo (Who Would Win?)     /   Pallotta, Jerry

Triceratops vs. Spinosaurus (Who Would Win?)     /   Pallotta, Jerry

Walrus vs. Elephant Seal (Who Would Win?)     /   Pallotta, Jerry

Who Would Win?: Extreme Animal Rumble     /   Pallotta, Jerry

Who Would Win?: Fiercest Feuds     /   Pallotta, Jerry

Black Bird, Blue Road     /   Pasternack, Sofiya

Big Nate: Prank You Very Much: Volume 2     /   Peirce, Lincoln

Bluey 5-Minute Stories: 6 Stories in 1     /   Penguin Young Readers Licenses

Violet and Jobie in the Wild     /   Perkins, Lynne Rae

Cat Kid Comic Club: Collaborations     /   Pilkey, Dav

Baby Shark     /   Pinkfong

Who Was Alex Trebek?     /   Pollack, Pam

Who Was Ponce de Leon?     /   Pollack, Pam

Perfect Princess Pets! (Disney Princess)     /   Random House

If I Ran Your School By the Cat in the Hat     /   Random House

Adventure Awaits! (Disney Strange World)     /   Random House Disney

Meet the Clades (Disney Strange World)     /   Random House Disney

Sylvie     /   Reidy, Jean

Pretzel and the Puppies: Construction Pups     /   Rey, Margret

Pretzel and the Puppies: Meet the Pups!     /   Rey, Margret

Jasper Rabbit’s Creepy Tales!     /   Reynolds, Aaron

Better Together!     /   Robach, Amy

Jeff Goes Wild     /   Rozelaar, Angela

Fish and Wave     /   Ruzzier, Sergio

Families Grow     /   Saks, Dan

Little Blue Truck Makes a Friend     /   Schertle, Alice

Gold!     /   Shannon, David

Antarctica! (Choose Your Own Adventure)     /   Simonson, Lily

Brooklyn Mermaid (Choose Your Own Adventure)     /   Simpson, C. E.

Boy Who Failed Dodgeball     /   Sonnenblick, Jordan

Little Owl’s Love     /   Srinivasan, Divya

Who Is Dale Earnhardt Jr.?     /   Stabler, David

Who Is Jimmy Carter?     /   Stabler, David

Tree Hole Homes: Daytime Dens and Night     /   Stewart, Melissa

Who Was Queen Elizabeth II?     /   Stine, Megan

Moon Rising: A Graphic Novel     /   Sutherland, Tui T.

Dear Student     /   Swartz, Elly

I Survived Hurricane Katrina, 2005     /   Tarshis, Lauren

I Survived the American Revolution, 1776     /   Tarshis, Lauren

I Survived the Attack of the Grizzlies     /   Tarshis, Lauren

I Survived the Attacks of September 11th     /   Tarshis, Lauren

I Survived the Bombing of Pearl Harbor     /   Tarshis, Lauren

I Survived the Children’s Blizzard, 1888     /   Tarshis, Lauren

I Survived the Eruption of Mount St. Helens     /   Tarshis, Lauren

I Survived the Great Molasses Flood     /   Tarshis, Lauren

I Survived the Hindenburg Disaster, 1937     /   Tarshis, Lauren

I Survived the Joplin Tornado, 2011     /   Tarshis, Lauren

I Survived the San Francisco Earthquake     /   Tarshis, Lauren

I Survived the Shark Attacks of 1916     /   Tarshis, Lauren

I Survived the Sinking of the Titanic     /   Tarshis, Lauren

I Survived the Battle of D-Day, 1944     /   Tarshis, Lauren

Circus Ship     /   Van Dusen, Chris

I Am Me: A Book of Authenticity     /   Verde, Susan

We Are Better Together     /   Wan, Joyce

Harold and the Purple Crayon     /   West, Alexandra

Harold and the Purple Crayon: Meet Harold     /   West, Alexandra

Ash’s Quest: The Essential Guidebook     /   Whitehill, Simcha

Battle with the Ultra Beast     /   Whitehill, Simcha

Grand Trial Showdown Pokemon: Graphic     /   Whitehill, Simcha

Pokemon Primers: Types Book     /   Whitehill, Simcha

Best Friends, Bikinis, and Other Summer     /   Wientge, Kristi

Elephant & Piggie: The Complete Collection     /   Willems, Mo

Busy Betty     /   Witherspoon, Reese

Unteachables     /   Wyman, Oliver

New from Here     /   Yang, Kelly

Bright     /   Young, Brigit

Song Called Home     /   Zarr, Sara

Young Adult Books

Phalaina     /   Brie`re-Haquet, Alice

Thousand Heartbeats     /   Cass, Kiera

Somniphobia: An Afk Book     /   Cawthon, Scott

Runestone Saga: Children of Ragnarok     /   Chima, Cinda Williams

Small Favors     /   Craig, Erin A.

Blood Scion     /   Falaye, Deborah

Belladonna     /   Grace, Adalyn

Everyone Hates Kelsie Miller     /   Ireland, Meredith

Five Survive     /   Jackson, Holly

White Smoke     /   Jackson, Tiffany D.

Loophole     /   Kutub, Naz

Sparrows in the Wind     /   Levine, Gail Carson

Undead Truth of Us     /   Lewis, Britney

When You Get the Chance     /   Lord, Emma

Tell Me My Name     /   Reed, Amy

Castles in Their Bones     /   Sebastian, Laura

Peace Is a Chain Reaction     /   Stone, Tanya Lee

Restless Dark     /   Waters, Erica

Love, Decoded     /   Yen, Jennifer

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