New Fiction Books – December 2022

Dead Men Don’t Decorate     /   Abbott, Cordy

Santa Suit     /   Andrews, Mary Kay

Devil’s Delight: An Agatha Raisin Mystery     /   Beaton, M. C.

Light Pirate     /   Brooks-Dalton, Lily

Home of the Heart: Includes a Bonus Novel     /   Brown, Carolyn

Tom Clancy Red Winter     /   Cameron, Marc

Desert Star     /   Connelly, Michael

Night Shift     /   Cook, Robin

My Darkest Prayer     /   Cosby, S. A.

Lost Witch      /   Crutcher, Paige

Judas 62     /   Cumming, Charles

Blue Moon Haven     /   Dailey, Janet

Hunting Time     /   Deaver, Jeffery

Well Traveled     /   DeLuca, Jen

Vibrant Years     /   Dev, Sonali

History of Fear     /   Dumas, Luke

Viviana Valentine Gets Her Man     /   Edwards, Emily J.

Amok: A Dox Thriller     /   Eisler, Barry

Christmas Memory     /   Evans, Richard Paul

Sunshine Girls     /   Fader, Molly

Hands Down     /   Francis, Felix

Opportunist     /   Friedman, Elyse

Lipstick Bureau     /   Gable, Michelle

Factory Girls     /   Gallen, Michelle

Mother Would Know     /   Garza, Amber

Death in the Margins     /   Gilbert, Victoria

Come from Away     /   Graham, Genevieve

Valentine’s Hate     /   Halston, Sidney

Collector     /   Hancock, Anne Mette

We Knew All Along     /   Hardy, Mina

Fake Money, Blue Smoke     /   Haven, Josh

Book Lovers     /   Henry, Emily

Layla     /   Hoover, Colleen

So Long, Chester Wheeler     /   Hyde, Catherine Ryan

Reluctant Countess: A Would-Be Wallflower     /   James, Eloisa

Mad Honey     /   Jodi Picoult

Hard Day for a Hangover     /   Jones, Darynda

At Certain Points We Touch     /   Joseph, Lauren John

Last Invitation     /   Kane, Darby

Ingenue     /   Kapelke-Dale, Rachel

Demon Copperhead     /   Kingsolver, Barbara

W. E. B. Griffin the Devil’s Weapons     /   Kirsanow, Peter

Last Circle of Love     /   Landvik, Lorna

Three-Edged Sword     /   Lindsay, Jeff

No One Left to Come Looking for You     /   Lipsyte, Sam

Pets of Park Avenue     /   London, Stefanie

Key to My Heart     /   Louis, Lia

Book of Everlasting Things     /   Malhotra, Aanchal

Boardwalk Bookshop     /   Mallery, Susan

Apples Never Fall     /   Moriarty, Liane

Widowmaker: A Black Harbor Novel     /   Morrissey, Hannah

Circus Train     /   Parikh, Amita

One Last Secret: A Domestic Thriller     /   Parks, Adele

All the Dark Places     /   Parlato, Terri

Seamstress of Sardinia     /   Pitzorno, Bianca

Winter’s End: A Mystery     /   Shelton, Paige

Two Steps Onward     /   Simsion, Graeme

Dangerous Business     /   Smiley, Jane

Dreamland     /   Sparks, Nicholas

Death on a Deadline     /   St Anthony, Joyce

Queen of Myth and Monsters     /   St Clair, Scarlett

All That We Are     /   Stewart, Mariah

City of Fortune     /   Thompson, Victoria

Spice Master at Bistro Exotique     /   Verant, Samantha

Dressmakers of Prospect Heights     /   Zeldis, Kitty


Lady Meets Earl: A Love on Holiday Novel     /   Carlyle, Christy

In the Blood: A Thriller     /   Carr, Jack

Reluctant Countess: A Would-Be Wallflower     /   James, Eloisa

Dead Man’s Trail     /   Morgan, Nate

Flirting with the Beast     /   Porter, Jane

Snowed in at the Ranch & a Kiss on Crimson Ranch     /   Thayne, Raeanne

Outlaw     /   West, Charles G.


Long Shadows     /   Baldacci, David

Going Rogue: Rise and Shine Twenty-Nine     /   Evanovich, Janet

Demon Copperhead     /   Kingsolver, Barbara

Mad Honey     /   Picoult, Jodi

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