New Children’s & Young Adult Books – September 2022 (pt. 1)

Children’s Books

Laxmi’s Mooch     /   Anand, Shelly

Odder     /   Applegate, Katherine

Curious Creatures Working with Tools     /   Armstrong, Zoe

Pip and Zip     /   Arnold, Elana K.

Cranky Chicken     /   Battersby, Katherine

Farmhouse     /   Blackall, Sophie

Puppy Bus     /   Brockington, Drew

Who Is Dwayne the Rock Johnson?     /   Buckley, James

Drawing Outdoors     /   Buitrago, Jairo

Speak Up!     /   Burgess, Rebecca

Tayra’s Not Talking     /   Button, Lana

Mister Rogers’ Gift of Music     /   Cangelosi, Donna

Remixed: A Blended Family     /   Chung, Arree

Little Naturalists: Ansel Adams     /   Coombs, Kate

Little Naturalists: Georgia O’Keeffe     /   Coombs, Kate

Little Naturalists: Rachel Carson     /   Coombs, Kate

Little Good Wolf     /   Crummel, Susan Stevens

Crayons Trick or Treat     /   Daywalt, Drew

I’m Hungry! / ¡Tengo Hambre! (Spanish)     /   Dominguez, Angela

Leila, the Perfect Witch     /   Drago, Flavia Z.

Yellow Dog Blues     /   Duncan, Alice Faye

Asha and Baz Meet Mary Sherman Morgan     /   Fernandez, Caroline

Stop and Smell the Cookies     /   Frazier, Gibson

Fast and Slow: Fish (Wild World)     /   Geron, Eric

Fast and Slow: Mammals (Wild World)     /   Geron, Eric

If You Read This     /   Getten, Kereen

Library     /   Giovanni, Nikki

Invisible: A Graphic Novel     /   Gonzalez, Christina Diaz

Jigsaw: Mystery in the Mail     /   Graham, Bob

Killer Underwear Invasion!     /   Gravel, Elise

Manatee Summer     /   Griffith, Evan

Mysteries of Trash and Treasure     /   Haddix, Margaret Peterson

Sonny Says Sorry!     /   Hart, Caryl

Lumberjackula     /   Heagerty, Mat

Oh, Sal     /   Henkes, Kevin

Granny and Bean     /   Hesse, Karen

How to Find What You’re Not Looking For     /   Hiranandani, Veera

I Like Trains     /   Hirst, Daisy

Big Adventures of Babymouse:Once Upon a Messy Whisker     /  Holm, Jennifer

Rissy No Kissies     /   Howes, Katey

Lego Ideas Book New Edition: You Can Build     /   Hugo, Simon

Christmas Is Coming! (Paw Patrol)     /   James, Hollis

Playing the Cards You’re Dealt     /   Johnson, Varian

Scary Stories     /   Johnston, Tony

Giant Island     /   Keith, Doug

Monster Is Eating This Book     /   Kilpatrick, Karen

Attack of the Black Rectangles     /   King, A. S.

Spoonful of Frogs: A Halloween Book     /   Lyall, Casey

My Life Begins!     /   MacLachlan, Patricia

More the Merrier     /   Martin, David

Blood! Not Just a Vampire Drink     /   McAnulty, Stacy

Brains! Not Just a Zombie Snack     /   McAnulty, Stacy

Save the People!: Halting Human Extinction     /   McAnulty, Stacy

Merci Suarez Plays It Cool     /   Medina, Meg

My Diwali Light     /   Mirchandani, Raakhee

Civil Rights Movement     /   Ohlin, Nancy

Salem Witch Trials     /   Ohlin, Nancy

Space Race     /   Ohlin, Nancy

Statue of Liberty     /   Ohlin, Nancy

Pirates Past Noon (Graphic Novel)     /   Osborne, Mary Pope

Tumble     /   Perez, Celia C.

Splash!     /   Patricelli, Leslie

Twin Cities (Graphic Novel)     /   Pimienta, Jose

Windswept     /   Preus, Margi

Mapmaker     /   Ramee, Lisa Moore

Creepy Crayon!     /   Reynolds, Aaron

Fart Quest: The Troll’s Toe Cheese     /   Reynolds, Aaron

Queen in the Cave     /   Sarda, Julia

Mayor Good Boy Goes Hollywood (Graphic Novel)     /   Scheidt, Dave

It Began with Lemonade     /   Sterer, Gideon

Stinetinglers: All New Stories     /   Stine, R. L.

Fatima’s Great Outdoors     /   Tariq, Ambreen

King Kong’s Cousin     /   Teague, Mark

Concrete: From the Ground Up     /   Theule, Larissa

Hello, Moon     /   Turk, Evan

Vampiric Vacation     /   White, Kiersten

Pigeon Will Ride the Roller Coaster!     /   Willems, Mo

Play Like a Girl     /   Wilson, Misty

So Not Ghoul     /   Yin, Karen

Young Adult Books

Charmed List     /   Abe, Julie

Door of No Return     /   Alexander, Kwame

Thieves     /   Bryon, Lucie

Epic Story of Every Living Thing     /   Caletti, Deb

Rave     /   Campbell, Jessica

Enemies     /   Chmakova, Svetlana

Long Live the Pumpkin Queen     /   Ernshaw, Shea

How Moon Fuentez Fell in Love with the Universe   /  Gilliland, Raquel Vasquez

Boys I Know     /   Gracia, Anna

What We Saw: A Thriller     /   Hahn, Mary Downing

Underground Abductor     /   Hale, Nathan

Duet: Our Journey in Song with the North     /   Hoose, Phillip

Rust in the Root     /   Ireland, Justina

American Murderer     /   Jarrow, Gail

Magic Steeped in Poison     /   Lin, Judy I.

Venom Dark and Sweet     /   Lin, Judy I.

Drowned Woods     /   Lloyd-Jones, Emily

Heartstopper Yearbook     /   Oseman, Alice

Liar’s Crown     /   Owen, Abigail

Sea Knows My Name     /   Robson, Laura Brooke

Secret Battle of Evan Pao     /   Shang, Wendy Wan-Long

Lore Olympus: Volume Three     /   Smythe, Rachel

I’m the Girl     /   Summers, Courtney

Breathe and Count Back from Ten     /   Sylvester, Natalia

Language of Seabirds     /   Taylor, Will

This Place Is Still Beautiful     /   Tian, XIXI

Ralph Azham #2: The Land of the Blue Demons     /   Trondheim, Lewis

How to Survive Your Murder     /   Valentine, Danielle

Book Thief (Anniversary)     /   Zusak, Markus

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