New Fiction Books – October 2022

Kismet: A Thriller     /   Akhtar, Amina

To Capture His Heart     /   Allen, Nancy Campbell

When We Were Sisters     /   Asghar, Fatimah

A Man Called Ove     /   Backman, Fredrik

Long Shadows     /   Baldacci, David

The Singularities     /   Banville, John

Bound by Murder     /   Black, Laura Gail

Photo Finished     /   Brecher, Christin

Dewey Decimated     /   Brook, Allison

Dead Man’s Hand     /   Butcher, James J.

Trace of Poison     /   Cambridge, Colleen

Holidays in Virgin River: Romance Stories     /   Carr, Robyn

No Plan B: A Jack Reacher Novel     /   Child, Lee

Gallows Hill     /   Coates, Darcy

Black Ice     /   Connelly, Michael

Livid     /   Cornwell, Patricia

Before I Do     /   Cousens, Sophie

How Not to Drown in a Glass of Water     /   Cruz, Angie

Thief of Fate     /   Deveraux, Jude

Dark Whisper     /   Feehan, Christine

Daisy Darker     /   Feeney, Alice

Anything But Plain     /   Fisher, Suzanne Woods

Peanut Butter Panic     /   Flower, Amanda

Favor     /   French, Nicci

Ink Black Heart     /   Galbraith, Robert

Very Typical Family     /   Godfrey, Sierra

Happily Ever Amish     /   Gray, Shelley Shepard

Such a Pretty Girl     /   Greenwood, T.

Empress     /   Griffis, Gigi

Boys from Biloxi: A Legal Thriller     /   Grisham, John

Husband Material     /   Hall, Alexis

Confessions of the Other Sister     /   Harbison, Beth

A Hundred Other Girls     /   Hariri-Kia, Iman

Such Sharp Teeth     /   Harrison, Rachel

Endless Summer: Stories     /   Hilderbrand, Elin

Just Like Magic     /   Hogle, Sarah

So This Is Christmas     /   Holiday, Jenny

It Starts with Us     /   Hoover, Colleen

Last Chairlift     /   Irving, John

Always the First to Die     /   Jacobs, R. J.

Demon Copperhead     /   Kingsolver, Barbara

A Strange Habit of Mind: A Cameron Winter     /   Klavan, Andrew

All I Want for Christmas     /   Knox, Maggie

Complete Arrows Trilogy     /   Lackey, Mercedes

The Namesake     /   Lahiri, Jhumpa

When We Had Wings     /   Lawhon, Ariel

Christmas Spirit     /   Macomber, Debbie

Friendship List     /  Mallery, Susan

Home Sweet Christmas     /   Mallery, Susan

Blackmail and Bibingka     /   Manansala, Mia P.

Shadow Sister     /   Marcott, Lindsay

Mercury Pictures Presents     /   Marra, Anthony

Wrong Place Wrong Time     /   McAllister, Gillian

Passenger     /   McCarthy, Cormac

Hero of This Book     /   McCracken, Elizabeth

Murder at Balmoral     /   McGeorge, Chris

Plot and the Pendulum     /   McKinlay, Jenn

Ways We Hide     /   McMorris, Kristina

Peyton Place     /   Metalious, Grace

Dinosaurs     /   Millet, Lydia

Guest House     /   Morgan-Bentley, Robin

Anywhere You Run     /   Morris, Wanda M.

Our Missing Hearts     /   Ng, Celeste

No Strangers Here     /   O’Connor, Carlene

Touch     /   Olafsson, Olaf

Everything the Light Touches     /   Pariat, Janice

Heresy: An Elizabethan Thriller     /   Parris, S. J.

Holiday Trap     /   Parrish, Roan

Magician’s Assistant     /   Patchett, Ann

Triple Cross     /   Patterson, James

Twelve Topsy-Turvy, Very Messy Days of Christmas     /   Patterson, James

The Retreat     /   Pearse, Sarah

High Spirits     /   Perry, Carol J.

Mad Honey     /   Picoult, Jodi

Whalebone Theatre     /   Quinn, Joanna

Partners in Crime     /   Rai, Alisha

A Heart Full of Headstones     /   Rankin, Ian

Once Upon a December     /   Reichert, Amy E.

Naked in Death     /   Robb, J. D.

Court of the Vampire Queen     /   Robert, Katee

Poster Girl     /   Roth, Veronica

Steeped to Death     /   Rue, Gretchen

Winter Guest: A Mystery     /   Ryan, W. C.

Righteous Prey     /   Sandford, John

Baptism of Fire     /   Sapkowski, Andrzej

Light Perpetual     /   Sapkowski, Andrzej

Tower of Swallows     /   Sapkowski, Andrzej

Liberation Day: Stories     /   Saunders, George

On the Rooftop     /   Sexton, Margaret Wilkerson

Signal Fires     /   Shapiro, Dani

Malice House     /   Shepherd, Megan

White Teeth     /   Smith, Zadie

Boxing Baroness     /   Spencer, Minerva

High Notes     /   Steel, Danielle

One Last Gift     /   Stone, Emily

Fer-De-Lance/The League of Frightened Men     /   Stout, Rex

The League of Frightened Men     /   Stout, Rex

The Rubber Band/The Red Box  (2-In-1)     /   Stout, Rex

Olive Kitteridge     /   Strout, Elizabeth

Daughters of the New Year     /   Tran, E. M.

Murder on the Vine     /   Trinchieri, Camilla

Infinite Jest     /   Wallace, David Foster

One Woman’s War: A Novel of the Real Miss Moneypenny    /  Wells, Christine

Thank You for Listening     /   Whelan, Julia

Properties of Thirst     /   Wiggins, Marianne

Mrs. Morris and the Pot of Gold     /   Wilton, Traci

Which Side Are You On     /   Wong, Ryan Lee

Stealing Home     /   Woods, Sherryl

Distant Thunder     /   Woods, Stuart

Cosmic Kind of Love     /   Young, Samantha


Murder on the Poet’s Walk     /   Adams, Ellery

Crime That Binds     /   Cass, Laurie

A Good Dog’s Guide to Murder     /   Davis, Krista

Murder in a Cape Cottage     /   Day, Maddie

Voice of Fear     /   Graham, Heather

Treacherous Tale: The Cambridge Bookshop     /   Penney, Elizabeth

Axle Bust Creek     /   Shirley, John

Where Azaleas Bloom     /   Woods, Sherryl

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