New Nonfiction Books – July/August 2022


Diana, William, and Harry     /   Patterson, James

Dispatches from the Gilded Age     /   Reed, Julia

Great Tales Never End     /   Ovenden, Richard

I’m Glad My Mom Died     /   McCurdy, Jennette

Invisible Storm: A Soldier’s Memoir     /   Kander, Jason

Knocking Myself Up: A Memoir of My (In)Fertility     /   Tea, Michelle

Listening Well: Bringing Stories of Hope to Life     /   Morris, Heather

Not My First Rodeo: Lessons from the Heartland     /   Noem, Kristi

Scenes from My Life: A Memoir     /   Williams, Michael K.


After Steve     /   Mickle, Tripp


All the Living and the Dead     /   Campbell, Hayley

So You Want to Work in a Museum?     /   Young, Tara


Murach’s PHP and MySQL (4th Edition)     /   Murach, Joel


Bake: My Best Ever Recipes for the Classics     /   Hollywood, Paul

Baked to Perfection: Delicious Gluten-Free Recipes     /   Cermelj, Katarina

Baking with Dorie: Sweet, Salty & Simple     /   Greenspan, Dorie

Indian Vegan & Vegetarian     /   Baljekar, Mridula

Rise and Run: Recipes, Rituals and Runs     /   Flanagan, Shalane

Workweek Lunch Cookbook     /   Koren, Talia


Brioche Knitting for Beginners and Beyond     /   Robinson, Lesley Anne

Crochet Cafe: Recipes for Amigurumi Crochet Patterns     /   Espy, Lauren

Embroidery: Modern Guide to Botanical Embroidery     /   Khounnoraj, Arounna

How to Spin     /   Smith, Beth

Instaknits     /   Leapman, Melissa

Log Cabin Improv: Quilts with a Twist on Tradition     /   Hogan, Mary M.

Maryanne Moodie’s Modern Weaver     /   Moodie, Maryanne

Pet Portrait Embroidery     /   Staub, Michelle

Radical Sewing: Pattern-Free     /   Weiss, Kate

Weaving on a Little Loom     /   Daly, Fiona


Battle for the American Mind     /   Hegseth, Pete

Student Mental Health     /   Dikel, William

Visible Maths     /   Mattock, Peter


Tanqueray     /   Stanton, Brandon


Be Not Afraid of Love     /   Zhu, Mimi

Swaddle Me Up     /   Ekstrand, Meleah

Very Intentional Parenting     /   Davis, Destini Ann

Wild and Free Family     /   Arment, Ainsley


Cosplay Foundations     /   Welsch, Casey

Worn: A People’s History of Clothing     /   Thanhauser, Sofi


Dr. Sonia’s Guide to Navigating Pelvic Pain     /   Bahlani, Sonia

How to Eat More Plants     /   Rossi, Megan

Love Your Gut     /   Rossi, Megan

Psychedelic Handbook     /   Strassman, Rick

Reclaiming Body Trust: A Path to Healing     /   Kinavey, Hilary

Urban Prepper’s Guide     /   Cobb, Jim


All the Frequent Troubles of Our Days     /   Donner, Rebecca

Asian American Histories of the United States     /   Choy, Catherine Ceniza

In Search of a Kingdom: Francis Drake     /   Bergreen, Laurence

Sisters in Resistance     /   Mazzeo, Tilar J.


Cottage Fairy Companion     /   Merrill, Paola


Please Don’t Sit on My Bed in Your Outside Clothes     /   Robinson, Phoebe


Raising Lazarus     /   Macy, Beth


Magnolia: Poems     /   Mingya Powles, Nina

Poet Warrior: A Memoir     /   Harjo, Joy


All-American Dogs: A History of Presidential Pets     /   Hager, Andrew

Good Grief: On Loving Pets, Here and Hereafter     /   Bartels, E. B.

If Nietzsche Were a Narwhal: Animal Intelligence Reveals     /   Gregg, Justin

Love Immortal     /   Cavo, Anthony


How to Be Authentic: Simone de Beauvoir    /   Cleary, Skye C.

Political Science

Destructionists     /   Milbank, Dana

Man Behind the Curtain: Secret Network of George Soros     /   Palumbo, Matt

Thank You for Your Servitude     /   Leibovich, Mark

Why We Did It     /   Miller, Tim


Giving Hope: Conversations with Children     /   Lister, Elena


Between the Listening and the Telling/   Yaconelli, Mark

Modern New Testament from Aramaic   /   Lamsa, George M.

Zen Teaching of Huang-Po/   Calthorpe Blofeld, John Eaton


Dancing Cockatoos and the Dead Man Test   /   Zuk, Marlene

Pyrocene/   Pyne, Stephen J.

Regenesis: Feeding the World/   Monbiot, George


Anti-Time Management: Reclaim Your Time     /   Norton, Richie

Both/And Thinking     /   Smith, Wendy


Last Rites: The Evolution of the America Funeral     /   Harra, Todd


Illuminated by Water: Fly Fishing     /   Tallack, Malachy

Poker Strategy     /   McCloud, Ace

Take Back the Game     /   Flanagan, Linda


Art of the National Parks     /   Weldon Owen

True Crime

Boundless: The Rise, Fall, and Escape of Carlos Ghosn     /   Kostov, Nick

Dangerous Rhythms: Jazz and the Underworld     /   English, T. J.

Deer Creek Drive     /   Lowry, Beverly

Retail Gangster     /   Weiss, Gary

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