New Fiction Books – August 2022

Codebreaker’s Secret: A WWII Novel     /   Ackerman, Sara

Round Up the Usual Peacocks     /   Andrews, Donna

War Librarian     /   Armstrong, Addison

Secret of Bow Lane     /   Ashley, Jennifer

My Killer Vacation     /   Bailey, Tessa

Elizabeth Finch     /   Barnes, Julian

Mutual Friend     /   Bays, Carter

Small Town, Big Magic     /   Beck, Hazel

Where the Sky Begins     /   Bowen, Rhys

Here for the Drama     /   Bromley, Kate

Overkill     /   Brown, Sandra

Lies I Told     /   Burton, Mary

Tidy Ending     /   Cannon, Joanna

How to Fall Out of Love Madly     /   Casale, Jana

Mary: An Awakening of Terror     /   Cassidy, Nat

Dark and Stormy Tea     /   Childs, Laura

Big Four: A Hercule Poirot Mystery     /   Christie, Agatha

Island Time     /   Clark, Georgia

Good Morning, Love     /   Coleman, Ashley M.

Rules at the School by the Sea     /   Colgan, Jenny

Bookish People     /   Coll, Susan

Reckoning: An FBI Thriller     /   Coulter, Catherine

Upgrade     /   Crouch, Blake

Quicksand     /   Dailey, Janet

Fellowship Point     /   Dark, Alice Elliott

With Love from Wish & Co.     /   Darke, Minnie

Colorful Scheme     /   Davis, Krista

Book Eaters     /   Dean, Sunyi

Setup     /   Dent, Lizzy

The Last Paladin     /   Deutermann, P. T.

Bend Toward the Sun     /   Devon, Jen

Haven     /   Donoghue, Emma

What She Found     /   Dugoni, Robert

Shutter     /   Emerson, Ramona

Winter Work     /   Fesperman, Dan

Housekeeper     /   Fielding, Joy

All Good People Here     /   Flowers, Ashley

Many Daughters of Afong Moy     /   Ford, Jamie

Fixer Upper     /   Forsythe, Lauren

Pawleys Island     /   Frank, Dorothea Benton

Return to Sullivans Island     /   Frank, Dorothea Benton

I Remember You     /   Freeman, Brian

Ink Black Heart     /   Galbraith, Robert

The Last Karankawas     /   Garza, Kimberly

The Women Could Fly     /   Giddings, Megan

Alias Emma     /   Glass, Ava

Stay Awake     /   Goldin, Megan

What Jonah Knew     /   Graham, Barbara

Kingdoms of Savannah     /   Green, George Dawes

Rabbit Hutch     /   Gunty, Tess

Hawk Mountain     /   Habib, Conner

As the Wicked Watch     /   Hall, Tamron

The Last White Man     /   Hamid, Mohsin

Love on the Brain     /   Hazelwood, Ali

Hotel Nantucket     /   Hilderbrand, Elin

Lucie Yi Is Not a Romantic     /   Ho, Lauren

Gangland     /   Hogan, Chuck

Certain Darkness     /   Huber, Anna Lee

Thread Collectors     /   J. Edwards, Shaunna

Mika in Real Life     /   Jean, Emiko

Carrie Soto Is Back     /   Jenkins Reid, Taylor

Family Remains     /   Jewell, Lisa

Amy & LAN     /   Jones, Sadie

Blame Game     /   Jones, Sandie

Hunt: A Decker/Lazarus Novel     /   Kellerman, Faye

Salem’s Lot     /   King, Stephen

Big Dark Sky     /   Koontz, Dean

Fox Creek     /   Krueger, William Kent

Dark Music     /   Lagercrantz, David

Are You Sara?     /   Lalli, S. C.

Cyclorama     /   Langer, Adam

Booked on a Feeling     /   Lee, Jayci

Dead Against Her     /   Leigh, Melinda

Four Ways to Wear a Dress     /   Libby, Gillian

Magic of Lemon Drop Pie     /   Linden, Rachel

Very Secret Society of Irregular Witches     /   Mandanna, Sangu

Witches of Moonshyne Manor     /   Marais, Bianca

For the Love of the Bard     /   Martin, Jessica

Murder at Beacon Rock     /   Maxwell, Alyssa

Mad about You     /   McFarlane, Mhairi

When We Were Bright and Beautiful     /   Medoff, Jillian

Sizzle Paradox     /   Menon, Lily

Tick Tock     /   Michaels, Fern

City of Likes     /   Mollen, Jenny

Firestorm     /   Moore, Taylor

Lapvona     /   Moshfegh, Ottessa

On Rotation     /   Obuobi, Shirlene

Meant to Be Mine     /   Orenstein, Hannah

Ninth Month     /   Patterson, James

Manhattan Girls     /   Paul, Gill

Old Country     /   Query, Matt

Bark to the Future: A Chet & Bernie Mystery     /   Quinn, Spencer

Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo     /   Reid, Taylor Jenkins

Hidden Pictures     /   Rekulak, Jason

The Swell     /   Reynolds, Allie

Murder in Westminster     /   Riley, Vanessa

Sister Friends Forever     /   Roby, Kimberla Lawson

Mermaid of Black Conch     /   Roffey, Monique

Quarter to Midnight     /   Rose, Karen

Luck and Last Resorts     /   Ruiz, Sarah Grunder

One You Want     /   Ryan, Jennifer

Glacier’s Edge     /   Salvatore, R. A.

Lost Ticket     /   Sampson, Freya

Dissolution: A Matthew Shardlake Tudor Mystery     /   Sansom, C. J.

Long Gone     /   Schaffhausen, Joanna

As Seen on TV     /   Schorr, Meredith

Maggie Moves on     /   Score, Lucy

Things We Never Got Over     /   Score, Lucy

Dirt Creek     /   Scrivenor, Hayley

House of Spies     /   Silva, Daniel

Girl, Forgotten     /   Slaughter, Karin

The Challenge     /   Steel, Danielle

Dark Objects     /   Toyne, Simon

To Kill a Troubadour     /   Walker, Martin

Hide     /   White, Kiersten

How to Fake It in Hollywood     /   Wilder, Ava

Orphans of Mersea House     /   Wingate, Marty

City on Fire     /   Winslow, Don

Black Dog     /   Woods, Stuart


Mint Chocolate Murder     /   Allen, Meri

Accidental Newlywed Game     /   Burton, Jaci

Five Belles Too Many     /   Goldstein, Debra H.

Murder at the Blueberry Festival     /   Hannah, Darci

Weddings in Orchard Valley     /   Macomber, Debbie

Disturbing the Peace     /   McCauley, Terrence

Gunslinger’s Guide to Avoiding Matrimony     /   McLean, Michelle

Witch and Famous     /   Sanders, Angela M.

Catching Fireflies     /   Woods, Sherryl

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