New Fiction Books – July 2022

Harlem Sunset     /   Afia, Nekesa

Along the Shore     /   Alers, Rochelle

Littlest Library     /   Alexander, Poppy

Homewreckers     /   Andrews, Mary Kay

Dress of Violet Taffeta     /   Arlen, Tessa

Honey and Spice     /   Babalola, Bolu

The 6:20 Man: A Thriller     /   Baldacci, David

Remember Love     /   Balogh, Mary

Jackie & Me     /   Bayard, Louis

Finalists     /   Bell, David

Murder Book     /   Billingham, Mark

Book of Night     /   Black, Holly

Red Flags     /   Black, Lisa

Pignon Scorbion & the Barbershop Detectives     /   Bleiweiss, Rick

Any Other Family     /   Brown, Eleanor

Paper Caper     /   Carlisle, Kate

Hidden One     /   Castillo, Linda

Bodyguard     /   Center, Katherine

Prayer for the Crown-Shy     /   Chambers, Becky

Birdcage     /   Chase, Eve

Joan: A Novel of Joan of Arc     /   Chen, Katherine J.

Switchboard Soldiers     /   Chiaverini, Jennifer

Chrysalis: A Thriller     /   Child, Lincoln

A Pocket Full of Rye     /   Christie, Agatha

Nemesis     /   Christie, Agatha

The Mirror Crack’d from Side to Side     /   Christie, Agatha

They Do It with Mirrors     /   Christie, Agatha

Stand-In     /   Chu, Lily

New Neighbor     /   Cleveland, Karen

Edge of Dusk     /   Coble, Colleen

Island Wedding     /   Colgan, Jenny

Other Guest     /   Cooper, Helen

Half-Blown Rose     /   Cross-Smith, Leesa

Desperate Undertaking     /   Davis, Lindsey

Murder Spills the Tea     /   Delany, Vicki

In Her Boots     /   Dell’antonia, Kj

Look Closer     /   Ellis, David

Measure     /   Erlick, Nikki

Notes on Your Sudden Disappearance     /   Espach, Alison

Winter Work     /   Fesperman, Dan

Iced     /   Francis, Felix

Robert Ludlum’s the Bourne Sacrifice     /   Freeman, Brian

Just Like Home     /   Gailey, Sarah

Mrs Harris Goes to Paris & Mrs Harris Goes to New York     /   Gallico, Paul

Grace Under Fire     /   Garwood, Julie

Rizzoli & Isles: Listen to Me     /   Gerritsen, Tess

Disinvited Guest     /   Goodman, Carol

Armored     /   Greaney, Mark

Locked Room     /   Griffiths, Elly

Miss Aldridge Regrets     /   Hare, Louise

Things We Do in the Dark     /   Hillier, Jennifer

Dream on     /   Hockman, Angie

Displacements     /   Holsinger, Bruce

Always Be My Duchess     /   Howard, Amalie

Starry-Eyed Love     /   Hunting, Helena

Lady’s Guide to Fortune-Hunting     /   Irwin, Sophie

House on Blueberry Lane     /   Jackson, Brenda

Nothing But the Truth     /   James, Holly

Bloomsbury Girls     /   Jenner, Natalie

Aurora     /   Koepp, David

Latecomer     /   Korelitz, Jean Hanff

Fire Season     /   Krow, Leyna

The Best Is Yet to Come     /   Macomber, Debbie

Peril at the Exposition     /   March, Nev

Record Keeper     /   Martin, Charles

Sweet Remnants of Summer     /   McCall Smith, Alexander

Island     /   McKinty, Adrian

Death and the Conjuror     /   Mead, Tom

Confidence     /   Mina, Denise

Last to Vanish     /   Miranda, Megan

Acts of Violet     /   Montimore, Margarita

Seabreeze Shores     /   Moran, Jan

Daughter of Doctor Moreau     /   Moreno-Garcia, Silvia

Corinne     /   Morrow, Rebecca

Wedding Plot     /   Munier, Paula

Honest Living     /   Murphy, Dwyer

I Told You This Would Happen     /   Murphy, Elaine

Shattered     /   Patterson, James

Two Nights in Lisbon     /   Pavone, Chris

Beyond the Desert Sands     /   Peterson, Tracie

Dead Romantics     /   Poston, Ashley

Grave Reservations     /   Priest, Cherie

Cold, Cold Bones: Volume 21     /   Reichs, Kathy

Holy Chow: An Andy Carpenter Mystery     /   Rosenfelt, David

Elektra     /   Saint, Jennifer

Eyes of Prey     /   Sandford, John

Portrait of an Unknown Woman     /   Silva, Daniel

Bet on It     /   Slaughter, Jodie

Falcon’s Eyes     /   Stanfill, Francesca

Briefly, a Delicious Life     /   Stevens, Nell

Dark Earth     /   Stott, Rebecca

Poet’s House     /   Thompson, Jean

Rising Tiger     /   Thor, Brad

Circling Back to You     /   Tieu, Julie

Pallbearers Club     /   Tremblay, Paul

Reputation     /   Vaughan, Sarah

From the Jump     /   Waldon, Lacie

It Girl     /   Ware, Ruth

In the Middle of Hickory Lane     /   Webber, Heather

Sugar and Salt     /   Wiggs, Susan

Kaleidoscope     /   Wong, Cecily

Ruins     /   Wynne, Phoebe


Castle Deadly, Castle Deep     /   Bond, Veronica

Death by Bubble Tea     /   Chow, Jennifer J.

Second Home     /   Clancy, Christina

Heart of Splendid Lake     /   Clipston, Amy

Gone But Not Furgotten     /   Conte, Cate

Cold Nose for Murder     /   Hawkins, Jennifer

Matter of Temptation     /   Reid, Stacy

Second Chance Spring     /   Ross, Joann

Broken Bow     /   Sweazy, Larry D.

Sweet Laurel Falls     /   Thayne, Raeanne


Bodyguard     /   Center, Katherine

Bloomsbury Girls     /   Jenner, Natalie

Best Is Yet to Come     /   Macomber, Debbie

Island     /   McKinty, Adrian

It Girl     /   Ware, Ruth

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