New Fiction Books – June 2022

Darling Dahlias and the Red Hot Poker     /   Albert, Susan Wittig

Chef’s Kiss     /   Alexander, TJ

Bitter Orange Tree     /   Alharthi, Jokha

Out of Her Depth     /   Barber, Lizzy

Local Gone Missing     /   Barton, Fiona

Ashton Hall     /   Belfer, Lauren

Tom Clancy Zero Hour     /   Bentley, Don

Omega Factor     /   Berry, Steve

Dr. B.      /   Birnbaum, Daniel

Gilt     /   Brenner, Jamie

Horse     /   Brooks, Geraldine

Her Dying Day     /   Carlson, Mindy

Counterfeit     /   Chen, Kirstin

One of the Girls     /   Clarke, Lucy

Blue Lightning: Book Four     /   Cleeves, Ann

Raven Black: Book One     /   Cleeves, Ann

Red Bones: Book Three     /   Cleeves, Ann

Point Last Seen     /   Dodd, Christina

Hatchet Island     /   Doiron, Paul

Recruit     /   Drew, Alan

Unplanned Life of Josie Hale     /   Eding, Stephanie

Recovery Agent     /   Evanovich, Janet

Catch     /   Fairbrother, Alison

Woman of Light     /   Fajardo-Anstine, Kali

Red on the River     /   Feehan, Christine

Acts of Service     /   Fishman, Lillian

On Gin Lane      /   Foster, Brooke Lea

It All Comes Down to This     /   Fowler, Therese Anne

Time Shelter     /   Gospodinov, Georgi

More Than You’ll Ever Know     /   Gutierrez, Katie

Lifestyle     /   Hahn, Taylor

A Mirror Mended     /   Harrow, Alix E.

We Do What We Do in the Dark     /   Hart, Michelle

The Local     /   Hartstone, Joey

Caribbean Heiress in Paris     /   Herrera, Adriana

Out of the Clear Blue Sky     /   Higgins, Kristan

Hotel Nantucket     /   Hilderbrand, Elin

Flying Solo     /   Holmes, Linda

Patience Is a Subtle Thief     /   Ishola-Ayodeji, Abi

Girl Who Survived     /   Jackson, Lisa

Ballad of Perilous Graves     /   Jennings, Alex

A Face to Die For     /   Johansen, Iris

Sweet Sweet Revenge Ltd      /   Jonasson, Jonas

Snowstorm in August     /   Karp, Marshall

Foundling     /   Leary, Ann

Missing Piece (vol. 19)     /   Lescroart, John

Can’t Look Away     /   Lovering, Carola

Wild One     /   McKeegan, Colleen

Seamstress of New Orleans     /   McPhail, Diane C.

Dark Flood: A Benny Griessel Novel     /   Meyer, Deon

Nora Goes Off Script     /   Monaghan, Annabel

Nightcrawling     /   Mottley, Leila

Perfect Golden Circle     /   Myers, Benjamin

Dele Weds Destiny     /   Obaro, Tomi

Maker of Swans     /   O’Donnell, Paraic

Escape     /   Patterson, James

Tracy Flick Can’t Win     /   Perrotta, Tom

Renovated to Death     /   Polito, Frank Anthony

Iona Iverson’s Rules for Commuting     /   Pooley, Clare

Red Warning     /   Quirk, Matthew

Seaplane on Final Approach     /   Rukeyser, Rebecca

Holding Her Breath     /   Ryan, Eimear

House Across the Lake     /   Sager, Riley

Daughters of the Occupation     /   Sanders, Shelly

Elsewhere     /   Schaitkin, Alexis

What Happened to the Bennetts     /   Scottoline, Lisa

Blame It on the Brontes     /   Sereno, Annie

The Patient     /   Shemilt, Jane

Companion Piece     /   Smith, Ali

A Secret about a Secret     /   Spiegelman, Peter

Suspects     /   Steel, Danielle

Searching for Lilly     /   Stoker, Susan

Walk the Vanished Earth     /   Swan, Erin

Ghost Lover: Stories     /   Taddeo, Lisa

Poison Lilies     /   Tallo, Katie

Remarkably Bright Creatures     /   Van Pelt, Shelby

Time Is a Mother     /   Vuong, Ocean

Cherry Robbers     /   Walker, Sarai

Angel of Rome: And Other Stories     /   Walter, Jess

Cold Fear     /   Webb, Brandon

Lunar Housewife     /   Woods, Caroline


Call Me Lonesome     /   Cogburn, Brett

Forever on the Bay     /   McClain, Lee Tobin

Sand Dollar Lane     /   Roberts, Sheila

Bitter Harvest     /   Rule, Ann

If You Really Loved Me     /   Rule, Ann

Small Sacrifices     /   Rule, Ann


Local Gone Missing     /   Barton, Fiona

Book Lovers     /   Henry, Emily

Hotel Nantucket     /   Hilderbrand, Elin

22 Seconds     /   Patterson, James

Escape     /   Patterson, James

Book Woman’s Daughter     /   Richardson, Kim Michele

Summer Place     /   Weiner, Jennifer

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