Remake Learning Days – Dye & Spin: Centrifugal Forces and Color Mixing

Pinwheel Galaxy

Saturday May 14, 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Join us to learn how to use centrifugal force and dyes to make great creations: we will dye a frisbee using polymer dyes, we will explore different dying techniques and make a t-shirt using fabric dyes and we’ll learn about centrifugal force and color when making spin art.

Participants will learn about the different types of dyes and how they interact with their specific media. We will talk about polymer dyes and use shaving cream to dye a plastic frisbee. We will also discuss dyeing techniques for fabrics and make our own T-Shirt. We will learn about color theory and how centrifugal forces can change a few drops of paint into a masterpiece. Participants will receive a free T-Shirt and frisbee to dye. 

For all ages, registration is required.

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