New Children’s & Young Adult Books – April 2022

Children’s Books

Pumpkin and Me          /   Acosta, Alicia

Sun in My Tummy         /   Alary, Laura

Maddie and Mabel        /   Allen, Kari

Doggo and Pupper Save the World   /   Applegate, Katherine

Hidden Powers: Lise Meitner     /   Atkins, Jeannine

Consider the Octopus    /   Baskin, Nora Raleigh

Soul Food Sunday        /   Bingham, Winsome

Brown Baby Lullaby      /   Brown, Tameka Fryer

Serengeti: Plains of Grass   /   Bulion, Leslie

Fresh Air, Clean Water     /   Clendenan, Megan

She Persisted in Science: Brilliant Women   /   Clinton, Chelsea

Oh My Gods! 2: The Forgotten Maze   /   Cooke, Stephanie

Grandmas Are Lovely     /   Costain, Meredith

Parker Dresses Up      /   Curry, Parker

Little Owl Rescue       /   Delahaye, Rachel

Humongous Fungus        /   DK

Louisa June and the Nazis in the Waves   /   Elliott, L. M.

Little Homesteader     /   Ferraro-Fanning, Angela

Forest Fighter: The Story of Chico Mende    /   Ganeri, Anita

Dead End in Norvelt     /   Gantos, Jack

Once Upon a Tim: Volume 1   /   Gibbs, Stuart

Dress Up Day     /    Gomez, Blanca

I Don’t Want to Read This Book    /   Greenfield, Max

Legend of the Dream Giants   /   Hansen, Dustin

Field Trip to Volcano Island   /   Hare, John

I’m a Virus!            /   Heos, Bridget

Lola Loves Animals      /   Imapla

What’s Inside the Easter Egg?     /   Jin, Cindy

Those Kids from Fawn Creek     /   Kelly, Erin Entrada

Ear Worm!               /   Knowles, Jo

Digger and the Duckling   /   Kuefler, Joseph

First Notes of Spring   /   Kulekjian, Jessica

This Is Your Brain on Stereotypes     /   Kyi, Tanya Lloyd

Happy Easter!: A Touch and Feel Playbook     /   Ladybird

Surviving the Wild: Rainbow the Koala     /   Lai, Remy

Surviving the Wild: Star the Elephant    /   Lai, Remy

Nature and Me     /   Life of School

Wingbearer              /   Liu, Marjorie

Waiting for Mama        /   Marino, Gianna

Where Butterflies Fill the Sky     /   Marwan, Zahra

Lucero                  /   Morales, Yuyi

Puffin Keeper           /   Morpurgo, Michael

We Are Wolves           /   Nannestad, Katrina

Field Guide to the Supernatural Universe    /   Noel, Alyson

Songs for Singin’       /   Okee Dokee Brothers

Meg and Greg: A Duck in a Sock    /   Rae, Elspeth

Meg and Greg: Frank and the Skunk    /   Rae, Elspeth

Meg and Greg: The Bake Sale    /   Rae, Elspeth

My Party, Mi Fiesta: A Coco Rocho Book    /   Raul the Third

Wild Life               /   Roberts, Justin

One Busy Bunny          /   Rogge, Robie

Harry Houdini           /   Sanchez Vegara, Maria Isabel

Storm of Horses         /   Sanderson, Ruth

About Habitats: Polar Regions    /   Sill, Cathryn

Flames of Hope (Wings of Fire, Book 15)    /   Sutherland, Tui T.

Mushroom Rain           /   Zimmermann, Laura K.

Young Adult Books

Complete Cookbook for Teen Chefs     /   America’s Test Kitchen Kids

Diamond Park            /   Diederich, Phillippe

Bitter                  /   Emezi, Akwaeke

Upper World             /   Fadugba, Femi

Teen Titans: Beast Boy Loves Raven   /   Garcia, Kami

Million Quiet Revolutions   /   Gow, Robin

Moth Girl               /   Kamins, Heather

Secret Passages         /   Lenoir, Axelle

No Filter and Other Lies   /   Maldonado, Crystal

Forgery of Roses     /   Olson, Jessica S.

Button Pusher           /   Page, Tyler

Northwind               /   Paulsen, Gary

Ain’t Burned All the Bright    /   Reynolds, Jason

Storyteller             /   Williams, Kathryn

Most Dazzling Girl in Berlin   /   Wilson, Kip

Nothing Burns as Bright as You   /   Woodfolk, Ashley

Star Child: A Biographical Constellation   /   Zoboi, Ibi

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