New Fiction Books – April 2022

Vanishing Type     /   Adams, Ellery

Boss Witch        /   Aguirre, Ann

Witch Please    /   Aguirre, Ann

Pay Dirt Road   /   Allen, Samantha Jayne

Dream Town    /   Baldacci, David

Atomic Anna    /   Barenbaum, Rachel

Woman on Fire    /   Barr, Lisa

Hope and Glory   /   Benson, Jendella

Caretakers              /   Bestor-Siegal, Amanda

Probably Ruby      /   Bird-Wilson, Lisa

Murder at the Porte de Versailles   /   Black, Cara

Cold Clay            /   Black, Juneau

Mirror Lake       /   Black, Juneau

Paris Showroom        /   Blackwell, Juliet

Harmless Lie       /   Blaedel, Sara

Mary Jane           /   Blau, Jessica Anya

The Wrong Victim   /   Brennan, Allison

Bluebonnet Battle       /   Brown, Carolyn

I’ll Be You      /   Brown, Janelle

Surviving Savannah      /   Callahan, Patti

Family Affair      /   Carr, Robyn

Tiny Upward Shove       /   Chadburn, Melissa

Marrying the Ketchups     /   Close, Jennifer

Groundskeeping      /   Cole, Lee

Betrayals     /   Collins, Bridget

Theatre of Marvels      /   Dillsworth, Lianne

Lost and Found in Paris   /   Dolan, Lian

Shadow House     /   Downes, Anna

Brush with Love    /   Eddings, Mazey

Candy House      /   Egan, Jennifer

Sadie on a Plate      /   Elliot, Amanda

Art of the Decoy     /   Esden, Trish

Lifeguards      /   Eyre Ward, Amanda

Honest Lie    /   Fisher, Tarryn

Portrait of an Unknown Lady     /   Gainza, Maria

Lessons in Chemistry     /   Garmus, Bonnie

Drop Dead Gorgeous      /   Gibson, Rachel

Let’s Not Do That Again    /   Ginder, Grant

The Wild Life    /   Gordon, David

Crimson Summer     /   Graham, Heather

Sister Stardust    /   Green, Jane

Traitor     /   Hagberg, David

Mrs. England     /   Halls, Stacey

When Blood Lies         /   Harris, C. S.

Unlikely Animals       /   Hartnett, Annie

The Younger Wife     /   Hepworth, Sally

Secrets We Share    /   Hill, Edwin

Sacred Bridge      /   Hillerman, Anne

Shadow in the Glass     /   Hilliard, M. E.

Echo Man      /   Holland, Sam

League of Gentlewomen Witches    /   Holton, India

Reminders of Him      /   Hoover, Colleen

Verity        /   Hoover, Colleen

Perilous Perspective    /   Huber, Anna Lee

Part of Your World      /   Jimenez, Abby

Again, Rachel           /   Keyes, Marian

Baxters: A Prequel      /   Kingsbury, Karen

Club        /   Lloyd, Ellery

Sea of Tranquility      /   Mandel, Emily St John

No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency     /   McCall Smith, Alexander

Savvy Sheldon Feels Good as Hell     /   McCoy, Taj

Children on the Hill      /   McMahon, Jennifer

Country Born    /   Miller, Linda Lael

Danger on the Atlantic    /   Neubauer, Erica Ruth

Little Fires Everywhere    /   Ng, Celeste

Summer on the Island    /   Novak, Brenda

True Biz        /   Novic, Sara

No-Show     /   O’Leary, Beth

Kaikeyi        /   Patel, Vaishnavi

Death of the Black Widow     /   Patterson, James

Take My Hand       /   Perkins-Valdez, Dolen

Three Debts Paid    /   Perry, Anne

One-Shot Harry     /   Phillips, Gary

Insomnia                /   Pinborough, Sarah

Our American Friend      /   Pitoniak, Anna

Bloodless         /   Preston, Douglas

Once a Thief        /   Reich, Christopher

Cover Story        /   Rigetti, Susan

Mad Girls of New York     /   Rodale, Maya

Welcome to the Neighborhood      /   Roe, Lisa

Kingdom of Bones     /   Rollins, James

Chevy in the Hole       /   Ronan, Kelsey

One of Us Is Dead       /   Rose, Jeneva

The Perfect Marriage     /   Rose, Jeneva

Investigator      /   Sandford, John

Dating Dr. Dil     /   Sharma, Nisha

Burning Pages    /   Shelton, Paige

Cartographers     /   Shepherd, Peng

Patron Saint of Second Chances     /   Simon, Christine

Sari, Not Sari       /   Singh, Sonya

Wedding Crasher    /   Sosa, Mia

Happy for You      /   Stanford, Claire

Beautiful        /   Steel, Danielle

Funny You Should Ask     /   Sussman, Elissa

Kind Worth Killing      /   Swanson, Peter

Summer at the Cape     /   Thayne, Raeanne

Sunday at the Sunflower Inn     /   Thomas, Jodi

Murder on Madison Square     /   Thompson, Victoria

Good Left Undone     /   Trigiani, Adriana

Home or Away      /   West, Kathleen

Things Past Telling     /   Williams, Sheila

Fool Me Once     /   Winstead, Ashley

In My Dreams I Hold a Knife    /   Winstead, Ashley

Feels Like Family    /   Woods, Sherryl


Accidentally Perfect    /   Clarke, Marissa

Savage Road     /   Feehan, Christine

Get a Life, Chloe Brown   /   Hibbert, Talia

How to Be a Wallflower   /   James, Eloisa

Rake Gets Ravished      /   Jordan, Sophie

Good Girl’s Guide to Rakes   /   Leigh, Eva

Kiss Me, Cowboy     /   Palmer, Diana

Lady Tempts an Heir     /   St George, Harper

When the Crow’s Away    /   Wallace, Auralee


Dream Town         /   Baldacci, David

Candy House        /   Egan, Jennifer

Christie Affair      /  Gramont, Nina De

Sister Stardust    /   Green, Jane

Younger Wife     /   Hepworth, Sally

Sea of Tranquility     /  Mandel, Emily St John

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