New Fiction Books – March 2022

Good Intentions       /   Ali, Kasim

Arsonists’ City         /   Alyan, Hala

Hook, Line, and Sinker     /   Bailey, Tessa

When We Were Birds      /   Banwo, Ayanna Lloyd

Novel Obsession       /   Barasch, Caitlin

All the Queen’s Men      /   Bennett, Sj

Murder at the Porte de Versailles     /   Black, Cara

Atlas Six          /   Blake, Olivie

Wild Irish Rose     /   Bowen, Rhys

Shadows Reel      /   Box, C. J.

Defenestrate      /   Branum, Renee

Glory         /   Bulawayo, Noviolet

World Cannot Give       /   Burton, Tara Isabella

Heights        /   Candlish, Louise

Match         /   Coben, Harlan

Groundskeeping        /   Cole, Lee

Welcome to the School by the Sea    /   Colgan, Jenny

Element of Love        /   Connealy, Mary

A Relative Murder   /   Deveraux, Jude

Suite Spot            /   Doller, Trish

Women of Chateau Lafayette     /   Dray, Stephanie

Night Shift       /   Finlay, Alex

Booth         /   Fowler, Karen Joy

Chase         /   Fox, Candice

Peach Blossom Spring     /   Fu, Melissa

Portrait of an Unknown Lady     /   Gainza, Maria

Death by Chocolate Chip Cupcake    /   Graves, Sarah

Listening Still         /   Griffin, Anne

Tell Me an Ending       /   Harkin, Jo

Wedding Veil         /   Harvey, Kristy Woodson

Golden Couple      /   Hendricks, Greer

Kamila Knows Best     /   Heron, Farah

Change of Circumstance      /   Hill, Susan

League of Gentlewomen Witches      /   Holton, India

Angels of the Pacific      /   Hooper, Elise

Too Late      /   Hoover, C.

Hopeless        /   Hoover, Colleen

Losing Hope     /   Hoover, Colleen

Maybe Not: A Novella    /   Hoover, Colleen

Maybe Someday           /   Hoover, Colleen

November 9     /   Hoover, Colleen

Disorientation      /   Hsieh Chou, Elaine

If You Ask Me        /   Hubscher, Libby

Girls in the Garden     /   Jewell, Lisa

Vladimir         /   Jonas, Julia May

By Any Other Name       /   Kate, Lauren

Chorus          /   Kauffman, Rebecca

Summer Proposal     /   Keeland, VI

Valet’s Secret          /   Kilpack, Josi S.

Last Confessions of Sylvia P.     /   Kravetz, Lee

Notes on an Execution       /   Kukafka, Danya

Impossible Us         /   Lotz, Sarah

Hideout: An Alice Vega Novel      /   Luna, Louisa

Hostage         /   Mackintosh, Clare

Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a Rake     /   MacLean, Sarah

Long Weekend       /   MacMillan, Gilly

Argyles and Arsenic     /   MacRae, Molly

Summer Getaway       /   Mallery, Susan

Darkest Place     /   Margolin, Phillip

Tiny Tales       /   McCall Smith, Alexander

The Wonders       /   Medel, Elena

Drowning Practice      /   Meginnis, Mike

Lightning Rod: A Zig & Nola Novel     /   Meltzer, Brad

Fear Thy Neighbor       /   Michaels, Fern

Empty Vows      /   Monroe, Mary

Echoes         /   Montgomery, Jess

Scarlet in Blue      /   Murphy, Jennifer

Ocean State        /   O’Nan, Stewart

Goliath       /   Onyebuchi, Tochi

Vagabonds!     /   Osunde, Eloghosa

Mr. Wrong Number       /   Painter, Lynn

Under Lock & Skeleton Key     /   Pandian, Gigi

Along the Rio Grande      /   Peterson, Tracie

Men in My Situation       /   Petterson, Per

Secret Love Letters of Olivia Moretti      /   Probst, Jennifer

Diamond Eye        /   Quinn, Kate

Duke, the Spy, an Artist, and a Lie       /   Riley, Vanessa

Glory in Death      /   Robb, J. D.

Citizen K-9       /   Rosenfelt, David

Great Passion       /   Runcie, James

Quantum Girl Theory     /   Ryan, Erin Kate

Kaiju Preservation Society   /   Scalzi, John

House Between Earth and the Moon   /   Scherm, Rebecca

Her Last Affair         /   Searles, John

One Italian Summer      /   Serle, Rebecca

Unsinkable Greta James   /   Smith, Jennifer E.

When I Sing, Mountains Dance   /   Sola, Irene

In a New York Minute    /   Spencer, Kate

Front Page Murder       /   St Anthony, Joyce

Book of Cold Cases      /   St James, Simone

High Stakes        /   Steel, Danielle

The Resting Place      /   Sten, Camilla

Mecca       /   Straight, Susan

Next Thing You Know     /   Strawser, Jessica

Memphis            /   Stringfellow, Tara M.

Four Aunties and a Wedding   /   Sutanto, Jesse Q.

French Braid       /   Tyler, Anne

Oceanography of the Moon   /   Vanderah, Glendy

Love of My Life       /   Walsh, Rosie

Lying Club    /   Ward, Annie

Sundial      /   Ward, Catriona

Shop on Royal Street    /   White, Karen

Patient’s Secret       /   White, Loreth Anne

Lighthouse on Moonglow Bay    /   Wilde, Lori

Sunlit Weapon      /   Winspear, Jacqueline

Safe House    /   Woods, Stuart


Deadly Director’s Cut    /   Delany, Vicki

Death of a Knit Wit     /   Ehrhart, Peggy

Afraid: Three Riveting Stories of Suspense    /   Jackson, Lisa

Batten Down the Belfrey     Kelly, Diane

Last Duke Standing: A Historical Romance    /   London, Julia

Peril on the Page      /   Loudon, Margaret


Match      /   Coben, Harlan

Golden Couple      /   Hendricks, Greer

Finding Perfect: A Novella   /   Hoover, Colleen

November 9    /   Hoover, Colleen

Reminders of Him     /   Hoover, Colleen

Ocean State      /   O’Nan, Stewart

Diamond Eye     /   Quinn, Kate

What Happened to the Bennetts   /   Scottoline, Lisa

Nine Lives      /   Swanson, Peter

French Braid      /   Tyler, Anne

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