New Children’s & Young Adult Books – June 2021

Children’s Books
Desert Food Webs / Anthony, William
Forest Food Webs / Anthony, William
Grassland Food Webs / Anthony, William
Mountain Food Webs / Anthony, William
Ocean Food Webs / Anthony, William
River Food Webs / Anthony, William
Doggo and Pupper / Applegate, Katherine
Cheetahs / Archer, Claire
Jaguars / Archer, Claire
Leopards / Archer, Claire
Lions / Archer, Claire
Tigers / Archer, Claire
Are You a Cheeseburger? / Arnaldo, Monica
Let’s Investigate Electricity / Bailey, Jacqui
Let’s Investigate Light / Bailey, Jacqui
Let’s Investigate Forces / Bailey, Jacqui
Let’s Investigate Magnets / Bailey, Jacqui
Let’s Investigate Materials / Bailey, Jacqui
Let’s Investigate Solids / Bailey, Jacqui
Tiny Titans: Beast Boy & Raven / Baltazar, Art
Electric Slide and Kai / Baptist, Kelly J.
Jack Gets Zapped! / Barnett, Mac
Race to the Bottom of the Earth / Barone, Rebecca E. F.
Sunshine / Bauer, Marion Dane
Stanley’s Lunch Box / Bee, William
Stanley’s Toy Box / Bee, William
Balloons for Papa / Bedia, Elizabeth Gilbert
Berenstain Bears’ School Talent Show / Berenstain, Mike
Seven Voyages / Bergreen, Laurence
I Dream of Popo / Blackburne, Livia
Ayanna Howard / Box, Stephanie Anne
Super Dweeb and the Pencil of Destiny / Bradley, Jess
Great Whipplethorp Bug Collection / Brashares, Ben
Memory Jars / Brosgol, Vera
Fred Gets Dressed / Brown, Peter
Bedtime for Bad Kitty / Bruel, Nick
Breaking Waves: Winslow Homer / Burleigh, Robert
Wilbur Wright Meets Lady Liberty / Burleigh, Robert
Cheer Up / Burnell, Heather Ayris
Fair and Square / Burnell, Heather Ayris
Friends Rock / Burnell, Heather Ayris
Good Team / Burnell, Heather Ayris
Sparkly New Friends / Burnell, Heather Ayris
Tough Like Mum / Button, Lana
Rule of Threes / Campbell, Marcy
Anita and the Dragons / Carmona, Hannah
Zuri Ray Tries Ballet / Charles, Tami
Your Place in the Universe / Chin, Jason
Bubbles / Clanton, Ben
Magic School Bus Explores Human Evolution / Cole, Joanna
Yes & No / Cooper, Elisha
Your Passport to Ecuador / Cords, Sarah
Little Ghoul Goes to School / Czekaj, Jef
Haircut for Lion / Dahl, Michael
No Worries for Whale / Dahl, Michael
Sunny-Side Up / Davis, Jacky
Oddbird / Desierto, Derek
Llama Llama Talent Show / Dewdney, Anna
Paletero Man / Diaz, Lucky
Your Passport to Argentina / Dickmann, Nancy
Your Passport to Guatemala / Dickmann, Nancy
Your Passport to Italy / Dickmann, Nancy
Your Passport to South Korea / Dickmann, Nancy
Your Passport to Sri Lanka / Dickmann, Nancy
Your Passport to Turkey / Dickmann, Nancy
Chinese New Year / Dittmer, Lori
Christmas / Dittmer, Lori
Day of the Dead / Dittmer, Lori
Diwali / Dittmer, Lori
Easter / Dittmer, Lori
Halloween / Dittmer, Lori
Hanukkah / Dittmer, Lori
Independence Day / Dittmer, Lori
Kwanzaa / Dittmer, Lori
Ramadan / Dittmer, Lori
Thanksgiving Day / Dittmer, Lori
Valentine’s Day / Dittmer, Lori
I Love You, Baby Burrito / Dominguez, Angela
Night Walk / Dorleans, Marie
Out in Space / Dubke, Karon
Science of Ice Hockey / DuFresne, Emilie
Your Passport to Kenya / Duling, Kaitlyn
Secret Starling / Eagle, Judith
Army Rangers: D-Day Rescue! / Eason, Sarah
Delta Force: Hostage in Panama! / Eason, Sarah
Green Berets: Mission Critical! / Eason, Sarah
Pararescue Jumpers: Out of a Hurricane! / Eason, Sarah
Giant Mess / Ebbeler, Jeffrey
Maryam Mirzakhani / Eboch, M. M.
Rachel Carson / Eboch, M. M.
Tu Youyou / Eboch, M. M.
Faraway Things / Eggers, Dave
Survival Mode! / Eliopulos, Nick
Hide-And-Seek with Little Hippo / Elschner, Géraldine
Best Worst Summer / Eulberg, Elizabeth
Three Water Drop Brothers / Eun-Hee, Lee
Nightingale / Fagan, Deva
Grace Hopper / Fields, Jan
We All Play / Flett, Julie
Big Bad Wolf in My House / Fontaine, Valérie
Early One Morning / Fox, Mem
Worm Family Has Its Picture Taken / Frank, Jennifer
Your Passport to Ethiopia / Gale, Ryan
Your Passport to Peru / Gale, Ryan
Be a Tree! / Gianferrari, Maria
Spy School Revolution / Gibbs, Stuart
Starboy / Gigot, Jami
Last Bear / Gold, Hannah
Not-So-Happy Camper, 4 / Granted, Trish
Just Being Dalí / Guglielmo, Amy
Nothing Ever Happens Here / Hagger-Holt, Sarah
Your Passport to France / Haley, Charly
Patrick’s Polka-Dot Tights / Haley, MacKenzie
13 Ways to Eat a Fly / Heavenrich, Sue
No! Said Rabbit / Henrichs, Marjoke
Spot Goes to the Fire Station / Hill, Eric
Brave in the Woods / Holczer, Tracy
Balers / Holmes, Kirsty
Combines / Holmes, Kirsty
Planters / Holmes, Kirsty
Plows / Holmes, Kirsty
Spreaders / Holmes, Kirsty
Tractors / Holmes, Kirsty
This Little Artist / Holub, Joan
This Little Dreamer / Holub, Joan
This Little Explorer / Holub, Joan
This Little Scientist / Holub, Joan
What about X? an Alphabet Adventure / Houppert, Anne Marie
Houndsley and Catina at the Library / Howe, James
Studying Climate Change / Huddleston, Emma
Bravelands: Oathkeeper / Hunter, Erin
Bravelands: The Spirit-Eaters / Hunter, Erin
My Monster and Me / Hussain, Nadiya
Your Passport to China / Hustad, Douglas
Your Passport to Russia / Hustad, Douglas
Your Passport to Spain / Hustad, Douglas
Ophie’s Ghosts / Ireland, Justina
Star Wars the High Republic: A Test of Courage / Ireland, Justina
Can I Sit with You? / Jacoby, Sarah
Blue, Barry & Pancakes / Jason
Blue, Barry & Pancakes: Escape from Ball / Jason
Saucy / Kadohata, Cynthia
Kiyoshi’s Walk / Karlins, Mark
Maybe Maybe Marisol Rainey / Kelly, Erin Entrada
Last Fallen Star / Kim, Graci
Megan Smith / Koontz, Robin Michal
Pawcasso / Lai, Remy
Paper Boat: A Refugee Story / Lam, Thao
Red, White, and Whole / Larocca, Rajani
Book’s Big Adventure / Lehrhaupt, Adam
Dusk Explorers / Leslie, Lindsay
Meet Me by the Sea / Levi, Taltal
Becoming Brianna / Libenson, Terri
Truly Tyler / Libenson, Terri
Ducks on the Road / Lobel, Anita
Effects of Climate Change / London, Martha
How Climate Change Works / London, Martha
Stopping Climate Change / London, Martha
Fortnite / Lowe, Alexander
Minecraft / Lowe, Alexander
Pokémon Go! / Lowe, Alexander
Lego / Lowe, Alexander
Too Bright to See / Lukoff, Kyle
View from Pagoda Hill / MacColl, Michaela
Stem in Hockey / Martin, Brett S.
We Wait for the Sun / McCabe, Katie
Happy Springtime! / McMullan, Kate
Little Library / McNamara, Margaret
Lost Little Bird / McPhail, David M.
She Persisted: Sonia Sotomayor / Medina, Meg
New Day / Meltzer, Brad
Hatmakers / Merchant, Tamzin
How to Become a Planet / Melleby, Nicole
Legacy / Messenger, Shannon
Unlocked Book 8.5 / Messenger, Shannon
Hide and Seek / Mlynowski, Sarah
Da Vinci’s Cat / Murdock, Catherine Gilbert
Sleep Like Me / Nadareishvili, Tatia
Clothing Eco Activities / Nelson, Louise
Metal Eco Activities / Nelson, Louise
Plastic Eco Activities / Nelson, Louise
Dear DC Super-Villains / Northrop, Michael
Finding Junie Kim / Oh, Ellen
Get Crafting for Your Cool Cat / Owen, Ruth
Get Crafting for Your Delightful Dog / Owen, Ruth
One Thing You’d Save / Park, Linda Sue
To Carnival!: A Celebration in St Lucia / Paul, Baptiste
Beyond: Discoveries from the Outer Reach / Paul, Miranda
America, My Love, America, My Heart / Peoples-Riley, Daria
Museum of Everything / Perkins, Lynne Rae
Jasmine Green Rescues: A Collie Called Sky / Peters, Helen
Jasmine Green Rescues: A Duckling Called Button / Peters, Helen
Jasmine Green Rescues: A Goat Called Willow / Peters, Helen
Jasmine Green Rescues: A Kitten Called Holly / Peters, Helen
Jasmine Green Rescues: A Lamb Called Lucky / Peters, Helen
Jasmine Green Rescues: A Piglet Called Truffle / Peters, Helen
Your Passport to Iran / Petersohn, Sara
Mae C. Jemison / Pincus, Meeg
Baloney and Friends: Going Up! / Pizzoli, Greg
Who Is Neil Degrasse Tyson? / Pollack, Pam
Strange Planet / Pyle, Nathan W.
Jo Jo Makoons / Quigley, Dawn
Tag Team / Raúl the Third
Training Day / Raúl the Third
Any Day with You / Respicio, Mae
Facts vs. Opinions vs. Robots / Rex, Michael
Fart Quest / Reynolds, Aaron
Fart Quest: The Barf of the Bedazzler / Reynolds, Aaron
Floating Field / Riley, Scott
How to Put an Octopus to Bed / Rinker, Sherri Duskey
Carpenter’s Helper / Rosen, Sybil
I’m a Hare, So There! / Rowan-Zoch, Julie
Fox & Chick: The Sleepover / Ruzzier, Sergio
One Summer Night / Salzano, Tammi
My Life with ADHD / Schuh, Mari C.
My Life with Autism / Schuh, Mari C.
My Life with Blindness / Schuh, Mari C.
My Life with Deafness / Schuh, Mari C.
My Life with Dyslexia / Schuh, Mari C.
Let’s Go to the Library! / Schulz, Charles M.
Cardboard Kingdom #2: Roar of the Beast / Sell, Chad
Class Clown Fish / Sherry, Kevin
Fish Feud! / Sherry, Kevin
Dear Treefrog / Sidman, Joyce
Anti-Book / Simon, Raphael
Nicky & Vera / Sís, Peter
Capybaras / Soderguit, Alfredo
Ramble Shamble Children / Soontornvat, Christina
Stem in the Stanley Cup / Stark M. a. Ed, Kristy
Summertime Sleepers / Stewart, Melissa
One and Only Sparkella / Tatum, Channing
Wizerd Vol. 1 / Sweater, Michael
Last Rabbit / Thomas, Shelley Moore
On the Farm / Thompson, Heidi E.
Seaside Stroll / Trevino, Charles
Big House and the Little House / Ueno, Yoshi
Dawn Raid / Vaeluaga Smith, Pauline
Pet / Van Fleet, Matthew
Q and U Call It Quits / Wade, Stef
Hello, Jimmy! / Walker, Anna
Watercress / Wang, Andrea
Shape of Thunder / Warga, Jasmine
Ways to Grow Love / Watson, Renée
Heat of the Lava Dragon / West, Tracey
Someone Builds the Dream / Wheeler, Lisa
What Are Little Girls Made Of? / Willis, Jeanne
Dessert Island / Zhu, Ben

Young Adult Books
Perfectly Parvin / Abtahi, Olivia
Realm Breaker / Aveyard, Victoria (& Audio)
Rule of Wolves / Bardugo, Leigh
Good Girls / Bartlett, Claire Eliza
How the King of Elfhame Learned to Hate / Black, Holly
Bruised / Boteju, Tanya
Firekeeper’s Daughter / Boulley, Angeline
Yolk / Choi, Mary H. K.
My Last Summer with Cass / Crilley, Mark
Ivies / Donne, Alexa
Witch King / Edgmon, H. E.
Parenthesis / Durand, Élodie
10 Truths and a Dare / Elston, Ashley
Off the Record / Garrett, Camryn
You Were Made for Me / Guillaume, Jenna
Kind of a Big Deal / Hale, Shannon
Ones We’re Meant to Find / He, Joan
Blue Flag, Vol. 8 / Kaito
Switch / King, A. S.
Extraordinaries / Klune, TJ
Disability Experience / Leavitt, Hannalora
Meet Cute Diary / Lee, Emery
Luck of the Titanic / Lee, Stacey
Mirror Season / McLemore, Anna-Marie
Immortal Boy / Montaña Ibáñez, Francisco
Middletown / Moon, Sarah
Pumpkin / Murphy, Julie
Prison Healer / Noni, Lynette
Strange Creatures / North, Phoebe
Among the Beasts & Briars / Poston, Ashley
Last Chance Books / Rodkey, Kelsey
(Un)Popular Vote / Sanchez, Jasper
Awakening of Malcolm X / Shabazz, Ilyasah
Influence / Shepard, Sara
Game Changer / Shusterman, Neal
Descent / Smith, Roland
Not My Problem / Smyth, Ciara
Don’t Breathe a Word / Taylor, Jordyn
All These Monsters / Tintera, Amy
Race Against Time / Wallace, Sandra Neil
Sitting in St. James / Williams-Garcia, Rita
From a Whisper to a Rallying Cry / Yoo, Paula

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