New Fiction – October 2013

New Fiction – October 2013

Alarcon, Daniel – At Night We Walk in Circles
Alem, Raja – The Dove’s Necklace
Alexander, Tasha – Behind the Shattered Glass
Andre, Bella – Kissing Under the Mistletoe
Andrews, Donna – Duck the Halls
Andrews, Mary Kay – Christmas Bliss
Anna J. – Exposed: When Good Wives Go Bad
Baker, Jo – Longbourn
Bell, David – Never Come Back
Blackstock, Terri – Night Light
Blackstone, Charles – Vintage Attraction
Boyd, William – Solo
Boyne, John – This House is Haunted
Brown, Rita Mae – The Litter of the Law
Byler, Linda – Davey’s Daughter
Cameron, W. Bruce – The Dogs of Christmas
Carey, Jacqueline – Autumn Bones
Carl, JoAnna – The Chocolate Book Bandit
Carlson, Melody – Grace Unplugged
Catton, Eleanor – The Luminaries
Chapman, Emma – How to Be a Good Wife
Chapman, Vanetta – The Christmas Quilt
Chiaverini, Jennifer – An Elm Creek Quilts Companion
Chiaverini, Jennifer – The Spymistress
Child, Lee – Inherit the Dead
Childs, Laura – Gilt Trip
Collins, Brandilyn – Dark Justice
Connolly, John – The Creeps
Conroy, Pat – The Death of Santini (Audio)
Copeland, Lori & Virginia Smith – A Bride for Noah
Dallas, Sandra – Fallen Women
Deaver, Jeffery – The October List (Audio)
Dekker, Ted – Outlaw
Dorst, Doug – S
Drabble, Margaret – The Pure Gold Baby
Dubus, Andre – Dirty Love
Duncan, Elizabeth – Never Laugh as a Hearse Goes By
Eichler, Jerry – Katie’s Forever Promise
Ellory, R.J. – City of Lies
Erickson, Carolly – The Spanish Queen
Erose, Marata – A Terrible Love
Fielding, Helen – Bridget Jones:  Mad about the Boy (Audio)
Fletcher, Jessica – Murder, She Wrote:  Close-Up on Murder
Flynn, Vince – The Survivor (Audio)
Forna, Aminatta – The Hired Man
Franklin, Tom & Beth Ann Fennelly – The Tilted World
Furnivall, Kate – Shadows on the Nile
George, Elizabeth – Just One Evil Act
Gerard, Cindy – The Way Home
Gilbert, Elizabeth – The Signature of All Things
Gornick, Lisa – Tinderbox
Goyer, Tricia – A Christmas Gift for Rose
Graham, Heather – Lucia in Love
Grant, Mira – Parasite
Greenwood, T. – Bodies of Water
Grisham, John – Sycamore Row (Audio)
Gudenkauf, Heather – The Weight of Silence
Hampton, Brenda – Hell House
Harper, Karen – The Baby Farm
Harris, Charlaine & Amanda Stevens – Dead of Night
Hart, Carolyn – Ghost Gone Wild
Hatcher, Robin Lee – Beloved
Henderson, Dee – Unspoken
Hillerman, Anne – Spider Woman’s Daughter
Hood, Ann – The Obituary Writer
Howard, Linda & Marie Force – Dangerous Games
Jagears, Melissa – A Bride for Keeps
James, Peter – Dead Man’s Time
Jenkins, Janette – Firefly
Jiles, Paulette – Lighthouse Island
Johansen, Iris – Silencing Eve (Audio)
Johnson, Craig – Spirit of Steamboat
Jong, Erica – Fear of Flying
Kane, Andrea – The Stranger You Know
Kaplan, Glenn – Poison Pill
Kauffman, Donna – The Sugar Cookie Sweetheart Swap
Kaufmann, Nicholas – Dying is My Business
Khoury, Raymond – Rasputin’s Shadow
Kingsbury, Karen – Fifteen Minutes (Audio)
Kingsbury, Kate – Mulled Murder
Kornetsky, L.A. – Fixed
Lackey, Mercedes – Bastion
Lamb, Wally – We Are Water
LaPlante, Lynda – Blacklash
Lauer, Rosalind – A Simple Faith
Laurain, Antoine – The President’s Hat
Lawhead, Stephen – The Shadow Lamp
Lehrer, Jim – Top Down
Lindqvist, John Ajvide – Let the Old Dreams Die
Lundgren, Eric – The Facades
Macomber, Debbie – Starry Night: A Christmas Novel (Audio)
Magson, Adrian – Execution
Mallery, Susan – Christmas on 4th Street
Malliet, G.M. – Pagan Spring
Mayor, Archer – Three Can Keep a Secret
McCall Smith, Alexander – Bertie Plays the Blues
McDermid, Val – Cross and Burn
McFarland, Dennis – Nostalgia
McFarlane, Fiona – The Night Guest
Meier, Leslie – Christmas Carol Murder
Michaels, Fern – Classified
Michaels, Fern – Nightstar
Moody, Susan – A Final Reckoning
Mullins, Debra – Prodigal Son
Nikki-Michelle – Tell Me No Lies
Ochse, Weston – Age of Blood
Palmer, Diana – White Christmas
Paretsky, Sara – Critical Mass
Parker, Robert & Helen Brann – Silent Night:  A Spenser Holiday Novel
Pelecanos, George – The Double
Phillips, Jayne Ann – Quiet Dell
Quinn, Peter – Dry Bones
Ragen, Naomi – The Sisters Weiss
Rawles, John Wesley – Expatriates
Rice, Anne – The Wolves of Midwinter
Rice, Christopher – The Heavens Rise
Roberts, Nora – Dark Witch (Audio)
Sala, Sharon – The Curl Up & Dye
Sandford, John – Storm Front (Audio)
Scottoline, Lisa – Accused (Audio)
Scottoline, Lisa – Best American Mystery Stories 2013
Simsion, Graeme – The Rosie Project
Small, Bertrice – Lucianna
Smith, Lee – Guests on Earth
Smith, Wilbur – Vicious Circle
Snelling, Lauraine – An Untamed Heart
Steel, Danielle – Winners (Audio)
Tartt, Donna – The Goldfinch
Taylor, Patrick – Fingal O’Reilly, Irish Doctor
Thayer, Nancy – A Nantucket Christmas
Trollope, Joanna – Sense & Sensibility
Turano, Jen – A Talent for Trouble
Turow, Scott – Identical (Audio)
Van Heugten, Antoinette – The Tulip Eaters
Verhulst, Dimitri – The Misfortunates
Viner, P.D. – The Last Winter of Dani Lancing
Warner, Peter – The Mole
Wiehl, Lis – Fatal Tide
Wiggs, Susan – Candlelight Christmas
Wilson, F. Paul – Dark City
Wong, David – This Book is Full of Spiders
Woods, Sherryl – A Seaside Christmas
Woods, Stuart – Doing Hard Time (Audio)
Woodsmall, Cindy – The Dawn of Christmas
Younts, Elizabeth Byler – Promise to Return
Large Print
 Conroy, Pat – The Death of Santini
Deaver, Jeffery – The October List
Grisham, John – Sycamore Row
Kingsbury, Karen – Fifteen Minutes
Lamb, Wally – We Are Water
Macomber, Debbie – Starry Night: A Christmas Novel
Scottoline, Lisa – Accused
Steel, Danielle – Winners
Turow, Scott – Identical
Woods, Stuart – Doing Hard Time
 Andre, Bella – I Only Have Eyes for You
Connolly, Sheila – Golden Malicious
Curtis, Waverly – The Big Chihuahua
Dahl, Victoria – So Tough to Tame
Foster, Lori – Getting Rowdy
Graham, Heather – The Night is Forever
Grant, Donna – Midnight’s Temptation
Hunter, Madeline – The Counterfeit Mistress
Kelly, Diane – Death, Taxes, and Green Tea Ice Cream
Kelly, Sofie – Final Catcall
Robb, J.D. – Mirror, Mirror
Roberts, Nora – Whispered Promises
Rosett, Sara – Milkshakes, Mermaids, and Murder
Sala, Sharon – Going Once
Sands, Lynsay – One Lucky Vampire
Shalvis, Jill – Always on My Mind
Staub, Wendy Corsi – The Good Sister
Shayne, Maggie – Sleep with the Lights On
Wiggs, Susan – The Drifter

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