New Nonfiction Books - August 2023


Barbie and Ruth     /   Gerber, Robin

Elon Musk     /   Isaacson, Walter

Leslie F*cking Jones     /   Jones, Leslie

Number One Is Walking     /   Martin, Steve

Red Sapphire: The Woman Who Beat the Blacklist     /   Bricklin, Julia

Son of the Old West     /   Ward, Nathan

Thicker Than Water: A Memoir     /   Washington, Kerry

Uneducated: A Memoir     /   Zara, Christopher

We Were Dreamers: An Immigrant Superhero     /   Liu, Simu

Weight of Beautiful     /   Goldschneider, Jackie 


How Trust Works     /   Kim, Peter H.


Chromebook for Dummies     /   Gregory, Peter H.

HTML, CSS, & JavaScript All-in-one for Dummies     /   McFedries, Paul

Microsoft Excel in Easy Steps     /   McGrath, Mike

Windows 11 Tips, Tricks & Shortcuts     /   Vandome, Nick


Cook and the Rabbi: Recipes and Stories     /   Simon, Susan

No Meat Required     /   Kennedy, Alicia


Fellowship of the Knits: Lord of the Rings     /   Gray, Tanis

Guide Book of Barber Silver Coins 3rd Ed     /   Bowers, Q. David

Guide Book of Liberty Seated Coins     /   Bowers, Q. David

Guide Book of Lincoln Cents 4th Edition     /   Bowers, Q. David

Hands of Time: A Watchmaker’s History     /   Struthers, Rebecca

Official Red Book: a Guide Book of US Coins     /   Garrett, Jeff


Crushed     /   Linton, David E.

What Great Teachers Do Differently     /   Whitaker, Todd


No Crying in Baseball     /   Carlson, Erin


Pockets     /   Carlson, Hannah

Graphic Novels

We Are Not Strangers     /   Tuininga, Josh


Breaking Through Depression     /   Gold, Philip William

Chronic Pain Reset     /   Hassett, Afton L.

Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine     /   Chevallier, Andrew

Functional Core for Women     /   Williams, Kia

In Defense of Love     /   Rosenbaum, Ron

Muscle: The Gripping Story of Strength and Movement     /   Meals, Roy A.

Outlive: The Science and Art of Longevity     /   Attia, Peter

Owning Our Struggles: A Path to Healing     /   B, Minaa

Proof of Life After Life     /   Moody, Raymond

Recovery: The Lost Art of Convalescence     /   Francis, Gavin

Song of the Cell     /   Mukherjee, Siddhartha

Tyranny of the Gene     /   Tabery, James 


Amerikan Family: The Shakurs     /   Holley, Santi Elijah

Anansi’s Gold     /   Yeebo, Yepoka

Black Angels     /   Smilios, Maria

Girl Who Survived Auschwitz     /   Elboim, Eti

How to Make a Killing     /   Mueller, Tom

Rome and Persia: The Seven Hundred Year     /   Goldsworthy, Adrian

Stuff Mom Never Told You     /   Reese, Anney

Subversive Seventies     /   Hardt, Michael


Art of Home: A Designer Guide     /   McGee, Shea

White and Faded: Restoring Beauty     /   Parrella-Van Den Berg, Janet


Sure, I’ll Join Your Cult: A Memoir     /   Bamford, Maria


Book of (More) Delights: Essays     /   Gay, Ross

Tolkien in the Twenty-First Century     /   Groom, Nick

Wonder of Small Things: Poems of Peace and Renewal     /   Crews, James


Is Math Real?     /   Cheng, Eugenia


Celtic Music and Dance in Cornwall     /   Hagmann, Lea

David Bowie Rainbowman: 1967-1980     /   Soligny, Jerome

We Could Be: Bowie and His Heroes     /   Hagler, Tom


Snakes of the Eastern United States     /   Gibbons, Whit

Ten Birds That Changed the World     /   Moss, Stephen


Never Enough     /   Breheny Wallace, Jennifer

Stay Sane in an Insane World     /   Harden, Greg


Angels     /   Heiser, Michael S.

Blessed in the Mess     /   Meyer, Joyce

Demons     /   Heiser, Michael S.

God Never Gives Up on You     /   Lucado, Max

Signs and Secrets of the Messiah     /   Sobel, Rabbi Jason

Supernatural     /   Heiser, Michael S.


1001 Crystals: The Complete Book of Crystals     /   Eason, Cassandra

Crossings     /   Goldfarb, Ben

Earth Transformed: An Untold History     /   Frankopan, Peter

Foraging: An Illustrated Guide to Edible Wild Plants     /   Cider Mill Press

From One Cell     /   Stanger, Ben

Master Builder: How the New Science of the Cell     /   Martinez Arias, Alfonso

Move Like Water: My Story of the Sea     /   Stowe, Hannah

Secret Life of Corals     /   Vaughan, David E.

The Good Virus     /   Ireland, Tom


Build the Life You Want     /   Brooks, Arthur C.

Master of Change     /   Stulberg, Brad

Moving on Doesn’t Mean Letting Go     /   Moffa, Gina

Please Unsubscribe, Thanks!     /   Gambuto, Julio Vincent

Well at Work     /   Sternberg MD, Esther M.

You Will Find Your People     /   Moore, Lane


Breaking Free     /   Bianco, Marcie

Seeing Others     /   Lamont, Michele


Book of Outdoor Games     /   Cider Mill Press


Exploring Turkey 2023     /   Hall, George

Fodor’s Essential Great Britain     /   Fodor’s Travel Guides

Lonely Planet Chicago 10     /   Lemer, Ali

Lonely Planet Great Britain 15     /   Walker, Kerry

True Crime

Down the Hill     /   Hendricks, Susan

Tangled Vines     /   Glatt, John

Trail of the Lost     /   Lankford, Andrea

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