New Fiction – August 2023

Family Lore     /   Acevedo, Elizabeth

Art of Love and Lies     /   Anderson, Rebecca

Year of Second Chances     /   Avery, Lara

Chase Me: A Broke and Beautiful Novel     /   Bailey, Tessa

Make Me: A Broke and Beautiful Novel     /   Bailey, Tessa

Need Me: A Broke and Beautiful Novel     /   Bailey, Tessa

Remember Me: Phillippa’s Story     /   Balogh, Mary

Kit McBride Gets a Wife     /   Barry, Amy

Spare Room     /   Bartz, Andrea

Medusa’s Sisters     /   Bear, Lauren J. a.

Big Little Spells     /   Beck, Hazel

California Golden     /   Benjamin, Melanie

Masters of Death     /   Blake, Olivie

Paris Assignment     /   Bowen, Rhys

North of Nowhere     /   Brennan, Allison

Mrs. Jeffries Aims to Win     /   Brightwell, Emily

Lucky Shamrock     /   Brown, Carolyn

Out of Nowhere     /   Brown, Sandra

Vampires of El Norte     /   Canas, Isabel

Canary Girls     /   Chiaverini, Jennifer

Honey Drop Dead     /   Childs, Laura

Haunting in Venice     /   Christie, Agatha

Hike     /   Clarke, Lucy

Board to Death     /   Connor, CJ

Lucky Red     /   Cravens, Claudia

Under the Influence     /   Crooks, Noelle

Learned by Heart     /   Donoghue, Emma

Perfect Vintage     /   Fagan, Chelsea

Good Bad Girl     /   Feeney, Alice

Book of Silver Linings     /   Fischer, Nan

Blueberry Blunder     /   Flower, Amanda

Dealbreakers     /   Forsythe, Lauren

In a Quiet Town (   /   Garza, Amber

Icebreaker     /   Grace, Hannah

Hula     /   Hakes, Jasmin Iolani

In Charm’s Way     /   Harper, Lana

Hotel Laguna     /   Harrison, Nicola

Secret Recipe of Ella Dove     /   Hawkins, Karen

Last Ranger     /   Heller, Peter

Happy Place     /   Henry, Emily

Five-Star Weekend     /   Hilderbrand, Elin

Trap     /   Howard, Catherine Ryan

What Never Happened     /   Howzell Hall, Rachel

Queen of the Valley     /   Hughes, Lorena

Murder in the Family     /   Hunter, Cara

Heiress Bride     /   Hunter, Madeline

Deja Glitch     /   James, Holly

Small Town Sins     /   Jaworowski, Ken

None of This Is True     /   Jewell, Lisa

Peach Seed     /   Jones, Anita Gail

Trade Off     /   Jones, Sandie

Wild Things     /   Kay, Laura

Thornhedge     /   Kingfisher, T.

Connellys of County Down     /   Lange, Tracey

Everyone Here Is Lying     /   Lapena, Shari

Terrace Story     /   Leichter, Hilary

Miss Morton and the Spirits of the Underworld     /   Lloyd, Catherine

Paris Mystery     /   Manning, Kirsty

Keeper of Hidden Books     /   Martin, Madeline

Murder at the Elms     /   Maxwell, Alyssa

Just Another Missing Person     /   McAllister, Gillian

Heaven & Earth Grocery Store     /   McBride, James

Discreet Charm of the Big Bad Wolf     /   McCall Smith, Alexander

Between Us     /   McFarlane, Mhairi

Detective Up Late     /   McKinty, Adrian

Kissing Kosher     /   Meltzer, Jean

Rock Bottom     /   Michaels, Fern

Ricochet     /   Moore, Taylor

Witch Is Back     /   Morgan, Sophie H.

Bee Sting     /   Murray, Paul

Still Born     /   Nettel, Guadalupe

Drowning: The Rescue of Flight 1421     /   Newman, T. J.

Change of Plans     /   Newton, Dylan

Talulah’s Back in Town     /   Novak, Brenda

He Who Drowned the World     /   Parker-Chan, Shelley

Tom Lake     /   Patchett, Ann

Lion & Lamb     /   Patterson, James

Gone Tonight     /   Pekkanen, Sarah

In the Lobby of the Dream Hotel     /   Plunkett, Genevieve

Seven Year Slip     /   Poston, Ashley

Dead Mountain     /   Preston, Douglas

Bone Hacker     /   Reichs, Kathy

One That Got Away     /   Rixon, Charlotte

Tides of Fire     /   Rollins, James

On Fire Island     /   Rosen, Jane L.

Someone You Trust     /   Ryan, Rachel

Lolth’s Warrior     /   Salvatore, R. A.

Witch Upon a Star     /   Sanders, Angela M.

Las Madres     /   Santiago, Esmeralda

Dead and Gone     /   Schaffhausen, Joanna

Sweetheart List     /   Shalvis, Jill

One Night on the Island     /   Silver, Josie

After That Night     /   Slaughter, Karin

Girl in the Eagle’s Talons     /   Smirnoff, Karin

Murder with Earl Grey Tea     /   Smith, Karen Rose

Happiness     /   Steel, Danielle

With Love, from Cold World     /   Thompson, Alicia

American Immigrant        Vann, Johanna Rojas

Chateau Under Siege     /   Walker, Martin

Zero Days     /   Ware, Ruth

Breakaway     /   Weiner, Jennifer

Mister Magic     /   White, Kiersten

Will They or Won’t They     /   Wilder, Ava

Bookbinder     /   Williams, Pip

Lost Believers     /   Zhorov, Irina


Clause of Death     /   Barrett, Lorna

Hot Pot Murder    /   Chow, Jennifer J.

Getaway     /   March, Emily

Duchess Takes a Husband     /   St George, Harper

Sand Castle Bay     /   Woods, Sherryl




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